Roid Raging Serbian Beats Man Lifeless and Then Breaks His Arms

Roid Raging Serbian Beats Man to Death and Then Breaks His Arms

Roid Raging Serbian Beats Man Lifeless and Then Breaks His Arms

According to the backinfo I got, this incident happened in front of a bar on Bulevar Oslobođenja in the city of Novi Sad in Serbia. In the CCTV footage, a roid raging meathead is seen savagely beating a non-responsive guy by punching him square in the face. Once completely lifeless, the attacker breaks both victim’s arms.

Some people try to interfere, but the rage fuming out of the assailant was too much for anyone to challenge.

As of this post, the identities of the involved as well as the reason for the beating remain unknown. No arrests have been made thus far. Likewise, I don’t know the condition of the victim, but when his arms are being snapped, he doesn’t flinch. If not beaten to death, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was left with permanent brain damage.


The victim is 28 year old. He was identified only as MM. He survived the beating and is expected to recover. The assailant is one 30 year old Ivan Kontić. He is on the run, wanted by the Serbian police, who suspect he my have fled to Montenegro. They are working on issuing an international Interpol warrant. Meanwhile, the victim has been released from hospital and is recovering at home.

Props to Best Gore members @stic023 and @ping98 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I thought that Brazilian one where they waved his arms like an inflatable guy on a used car lot was bad, but we got a new leader in he clubhouse with his one. Jesus who the fuck does shit like this? Beats a dude into a coma then starts working him over? The 2nd arm break was fun. I’d love to talk to the guy standing over this with his hands in his pockets just watching.

  1. Was pummeled asking about Kosovo? Did he ask he spoke Russian?

    Congrats! You’re on the new game show, Serbia or Suburbia!
    Contestant #1, who drinks vodka immediately when they get off work, because their country is falling apart?

  2. >.< go’lee oh man how brutal ..smh… this world wide situation is getting out of hand and I don’t mean that as a joke btw in reality it’s getting people angry by the millisecond .. and sometimes annoying and annoyed … I mean what happened his girlfriend said no that one time or instigation at work ? Mate you got to cut it out and I don’t mean peoples arms for that matter !

  3. I guess this is what happens when people find out that wrestling is just a hoax and staged … ay ay ayyy -_-# shame on ‘em dude was out cold in the first two mma ground and pound … guy has no Ora or spirit … he figured fuck it all yeah … :/

  4. @VincitOmniaVeritas
    First-Off,,, Great-Job & Thank-You Mark For Fighting those Evil Dirty Jews, and for keeping them At Bay, especiaaly during these already troubling times. And the fact that you managed to keep our beloved Best-Gore up, and running throughout (what must be for Yourself) lots extra work, i mean,,, extra “hard-work” seeing that you already have enough duties on your plate with running the site Alone that is. 🙂 SO KUDOS BRO,,, KUDOS! 🙂

    Now, for the video-post above.
    This guy as you stated i’m sure is dead, or worse. Having Both Arms snap like twigs with no automatic body reaction, and zero flinch when snapped,,, He is gone upstairs or gone altogether,, Sad-Man! 🙁

    This looks like a mafia-style beating, or warning, if he lived that is. Cause the way that he makes sure to break both his arm are staples of the a Mafia hit,,, or semi hit. If he had a steel bar, or a 2×4 he probably would have broke both his legs too, or instead. I Have seen stuff like this done lots by Russian Mafia Online.

    1. security was hopeless, best put the guy in a sleeper hold or kick him in the jaw,its not their remit but to stand and watch that display of thuggery .least guy at 26 sec mark gassed the bully, but bully boy had a wingman..i guess they are local miscreants..sad weak men..

    2. He must have missed the sign on the wall.

      1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.
      2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.

      3rd RULE: If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.

      4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight.

      5th RULE: One fight at a time.

      6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.

      7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.

      8th RULE: If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight.

      1. @I-program-myself
        Thanks-Man, i appreciate the info my good B G Bro! 🙂 Just when i saw Mark write the update i got your comment & reply, and checked it out. I am surprised that he lived after getting so many knock-out punched after already being completely knocked-out. Do you know if he has brain damage?? Cause it says that he is now at home recovering.

      1. @KannedKittens
        Exactly,,, that’s what i figured. But after Mark’s & @iprogrammyself update, i looked at the video again. And only then did i notice his right leg move, or twitch after breaking his second arm, or the right one.

        But he must be suffering from some form of brain damage after being hit so fucking hard, and so many times. I mean that poor guy was already knocked, and completely out, before receiving so many other hard blows to the head.

  5. First rule : you lost your conches in a fight? Better for you to never wake up.
    Do everything to stay on , no matter even if you will loose in the fight..
    A chance that you will get into situation that your back in the wall will make you frantic fighting and reducing damages or depending on mercy from guys like this ….
    You want to pass out?? Keep it for later..
    Seems by the way the attacer not interested to hurt those who try to stop him , leads to conclusion that victim did somthing that pissed him off, like hurting someone who connected to attacker somehow…
    That attack is seems very nasty.
    But back info aint muck to understand real reason to incident,…


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  7. If this guy was Roid Raging I’d suggest he find some better roids and also consider doing some squats to improve his legs…..He should have plenty of time for working out when he gets sent to prison.
    Also….As a man who has fought another man and ultimately ended my opponents life I can say….Sometimes the only thing people will respect is violence. Some people are so block headed that they must be compelled through sheer pain and fear of death to find common sense. That said who knows what the victim here really did…..Maybe he fingered the guys kids asshole or diddled his sister or maybe he just gave the guy a wrong stare. For myself….it was a punch in the face from my victim that led me to just beat him to death many years ago. And yes I went to prison for it.

      1. Well…..I don’t really know.
        It felt right at the time because I was injured and angry. I haven’t much in the way of a life previously or now as evidenced by all my leisure time admiring Gore from around the globe so it’s not like I missed out on much in the world while inside prison.
        Well it looks like you have all the details about this culprit it will prove interesting to hear his explanation for such callous violence. He will fit into prison quite well I suppose.

  8. Patient, M.M. (28) was admitted to the Emergency Center on August 24 in the evening with severe bodily injuries: a broken forearm, multiple injuries to the soft tissues of the head and face, chest and pelvis. After an urgent, timely diagnostic protocol and care, the patient was released for further home treatment after the necessary hospital care – it is stated in the announcement of KCV.

    The Ministry of the Interior announced today that it is intensively searching for Kontić, suspected of beating a 28-year-old man in Jevrejska Street in Novi Sad and inflicting severe bodily injuries on him, and called on citizens to call the Novi Sad Police Department at 064-892-3876 or to the number in the Ministry 011-362-7223 if they have information about this case.

  9. Without any actual information the discussion really makes everything a hot bed of conspiracies and all the same here.

    The guy beating ( Ivan Kontic, security incharge of the Casiono )
    The guy receiving ( employee of the same Casino )

    Reason for this trouble a argument and personal beef. The person not dead yet still hospitalized and Ivan Kontic still at large.

  10. That is just straight up over kill. This is more brutal than watching those beaners cut their enemies limbs off one by one because us white people usually have some type of fairness and ethics in our blood when it comes to fighting etc

    1. 30 years of animalisation man, not sure for how long we can hold it.
      Now, after humiliations in Washington and charade of that piece of shit president of Serbia, we are burned by official Occupation.

      As people reaching point of complete snap-expect more on BG.

    2. Novi Sad natives will always tell you that it was a peaceful town until cavemen from Montenegro and Bosnia started occupying the city 30 years ago. They are arrogant,rude and disrespectful,constantly refusing to adopt city manners over their primitive hillbilly shit. It would be much more peacful without them.

  11. If you ever find yourself a witness to a situation like this one and you feel an urge to interfere don’t do so without a weapon and not just any weapon, try a bat for instance… Swing one time with all you got to the guy’s legs somewhere round the knees and hope to inflict pain to the point this guy stays down but be ready and expectant of a possible second blow to the other knee that should put most people down given that you know how to swing and land a solid hit.

  12. Few facts from Zio occupied Serbia:

    This is normality now in Serbia as Colonial Manager, Aleksandar Vučić, along with logistic support of IsraHell, United Snakes and Britanny, creating CONTROLLED CHAOS to keep people in fear and obedience.
    Serb are under full force psy ops attack through enforcing cultural destruction through reality’s, gruesome anti Serbian movies, Feminacism, aggressive promotion of homosexuality…

    Our economy is viped out, goodness is laughable matter while evil is praised openly on suptle ways, live on and written media. Everything is diverse(lie is truth, hate is love, etc. Like in Orwell’s 1984 book(witch he plagiarized by Zamjatin’s “Ми” book)…
    Hordes of government bully’s without neck appearing in anti government protests to beat people with police. etc…etc.

    This scumbag from video is connected with gov on some form and he’s helped to vanish from Serbia as he is Montenegro citizen to, he has double citizenship so he’s ass probably flee to Montenegro.
    They are known to be loud, with very aggressive mentality. Nobody really likes them so i am happy we are separated now but they have good state status here in Serbia, we have shit in return-this.

    Anyway, real manhunt here, people are pissed off, they want his head asap. Hopefully he will be cached soon.

  13. Those two guys could’ve stopped that mad man, but they Chickened out. That’s disgusting. Two guys couldn’t stop a crazy, out of control motherfucker? Fucking bullsbit. You just don’t give up trying a d walk away so nonchalant. It makes me to be very proud of myself. Why? In 1986 I was working as a carrier delivering parcel to different business. One day, I was doing the delivery on Cumberland street in Toronto Canada. Suddenly I saw a. Asswhole beating up this woman on the next street. I couldn’t stomach that. I dropped my backpack a d ran as fast as I possibly could. I grabbed that young punk by the neck and choked the motherfucmer to unconsciousness. Then I beat the motherfucker so bad, that I broke his cup king jaw. And yes, the police were already called. I waited for the police to come. And when police came, the officer asked, who roughed up this guy like this, a guy point the finger toward me, and said, he did. I was handcuffed, but when the police realized that I. came to the aid of that young girl, they immediately took off the handcuff and told me that I was a good citizen.

  14. It’s too bad this poor dude wasn’t carrying, although I assume concealed carry is a big no no in that country, because a few holes in that motherfucker would make the world a better place. It looks like dude did a few too cc’s of those horse hormones and couldn’t handle it.

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