Rooftop Murders During Protests in Alexandria, Egypt

Rooftop Murders During Protests in Alexandria, Egypt

Action happens toward the end of the video.

Egypt is so messed up it’s hard to make sense of it. Two people appear to get murdered in this video, but who they were and why they were targeted is not very clear.

Small group of men appears to have sought refuge atop a rooftop pier. Larger group of men on the roof appear to throw things at them and at around 4:39 somebody climbs up and pushes one of the men off. After the hard landing on the concrete, he’s beaten in the head. A few seconds later, another man is subjected to the same fate. Both victims appears to have died or were severely injured by the fall.

You can see a bearded Islamist carry an Al Qaeda flag at 2:55 in the video.

Props to Best Gore member Manofwar for the vid:

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          1. My own country gets stereotyped enough. Especially on this thing called the internet. So, it feels good to throw it back in foreigners faces like that.

          1. Yea, jeeze! I wouldn’t want to take a chance on that! You borrow something from them and forget to return it!, and they cut your head off and shove things up your tookus!! Shame shame!

      1. The news channels in the US are very confusing when it comes to labeling groups of people. It seems like many news anchors or reporters, lump all middle eastern people together as Arabs. I think it’s because certain “bumpkin” type banjo strummers, can’t absorb mass amounts of information. Some news is delivered to us, as if we Americans are all stupid. It can be insulting. I am Ng defending anyone here, or putting anyone down, but if we aren’t familiar with middle eastern ways of life, clumping them all together and making them all seem brutal, doesn’t help. Many people think that Japanese, Chinese, korean, etc. are all the same too. I guess whe people don’t care for a group if people, they clump Em all together? :/


        1. yeah, learning via mass media is a complicated if not impossible task because you have to cater to all types of people and mental levels at the same time. that’s why a lot of news is retardedly dumbed down.
          I rarely watch television anymore.

          1. Yea isn’t that the truth @ obli- they insult intelligent individuals, by delivering news at a third grade comprehension level. There is a new show on ABC called “whodunnit?”. It is a mystery murder type show/fake reality show. The contestants die and the others have to solve the crimes. Thousands of Americans were confused by the fact that humans were dying. They couldn’t comprehend it was acting. The people who died even gave interviews later on in the show! People still were upset because they thought ABC was barbaric for killing contestants! OMG! Fucking dumb asses!!

  1. ive been keeping up with what the news has been saying, skeptical of everything of course, and from what i can deduce, the guys stuck on the roof were probably anti-morsi protesters surrounded by pro-morse protesters, who support the muslim brotherhood, which probably explains the al-qaeda flag

    1. It looked as if the men at the ground floor entrance were charging admissions / acting as ‘bouncers’ for some f*cked up nightmare night club where you get to murder people who just happen to not agree with your own personal religious or political views.

      I visited Egypt in 1981; it was a half-decent country, then.

        1. FUCK! Lmao! Nice 🙂 got my bedtime chuckle for this evening, and I got hush puppies too. All in all, not too bad of an evening, now if the Hondurans next door would stop lighting fireworks, or shooting, who knows, I may just get a few hours sleep. Love how every American holiday is an excuse for the Hondurans to party it up down the block.

          1. Call the immigration office, ah wait, they just bring new ones to your neighbourhood. Collect the failed crackers, and tinker a huge one to blow the party.
            Btw, would you put on an astronaut suit for me today? 😛

  2. Oh my fucking gosh, here we have agine example of what NOT to do while recording somthing worth recording. Every fucking time right whe the most importance 1-2 deconds of the 5-10 min. video, the dumbass camera man get scared and points the camera to the ground. Or like thing obliviouse jackass did, he tryed to zoom in last min and shaked the cameras aim all the roof but not at the intended object(s). …sigh…..frusterating.

  3. Egypt,,the country that created such wonderfull art,architecture,writing,culture.They were more civilised 5000 years ago when Khufu built the great pyramid.More countries need to embrace the wonderfull peacefull religion so we can all shout snackbar snackbar as we murder children.women,strangers,next doors cat etc etc.Filth

    1. Yes Egypt houses some of the wonders of the world. The people who live ther should not drench it all in blood. It’s fucked up, that they do this shit. Such beautiful scenery and history, tarnished by this BS.

    1. A horde of Egyptian zombies kill 2 humans on the rooftop. The view of all the zombies in the street is epic. I call them zombies because if any Westerner were to find himself in that crowd, they might as well be comparable to a human in a crowd of zombies. Only these are the scary zombies that can wield weapons and RUN.

      1. @reef, your avatar… It’s bleeding. And one of your eyes is swollen, you want me to even those up for ya? Oh and indeed, and these are no bath salt zombies either, they need no refreshments, to chew off your face, or throw you to your death. Fun times 🙂

  4. Ouch, the sound of a bag of meat hitting concrete at then end was pretty brutal.

    Hard to imagine what would it feel like to be in their position but seeing it from here it kinda pisses me off. For all I know those guys just were on the wrong side of the protests or maybe even someone just accused them of supporting the wrong person. And now you get a hundred retards trying to kill a few guys over something like that.

    Wish they could drag some of the bastards with them to the ground.

  5. These sand monkeys will never learn how to live. They are always gonna fight for power, Dominant like dogs.
    To many chiefs not enough in-gins. How ever you want to put it, they are a bunch of Gringo cowboy’s. With a you don’t tell me attitude. Thats why I appreciate Asian people, they really know how to work together a team and accomplish more for society. Look at the Japanese and Chinese. They are really booming. Look at the Germans. These are the role model society’s. America is too much greed.

    1. Whites need to emulate Niger, or rather, emulate their birth-rate :D.

      Germany has the lowest birth-rate of a White Country at around 8 newborns per 1000. Niger has over 50.

      So, while the Blacks, Muslims etc. populations explode – the White population regresses – probably by almost 50%.

      That’s why the US is turning into a shithole, and will turn into a 3rd world Country.

      1. yea agree, and wile the rest of the world bust stuff up, the US, keeps sending billions in foreign aid. And the common American middle class, soon to be low class, pays for it.
        I love the politicians who say. embrace multiculturalism. live with your neighbor, enjoy different cultures, in the meantime they move to a compound with private security.

      2. I just read a news article on how in the US, white babies are less frequent than black babies! More black men are impregnating black women ad shit loads of babies are not into the welfare system. That’s sad! When the black women were asked why they feel the need to have 6-7 kids, they say that they don’t believe in abortions. Like white people do! They believe whites use abortion as a birth contro method! I think there needs to be a law on how many kids one can have! It’s not right that others need to support these large families, when they struggle to care for their 1-2 children! More income can mean you can have more kids! It makes sense!

        1. It’s the same in the UK, if you’re single or a married couple you are subsidising the profligate; essentially, we are creating a massive of lower intellect individuals who procreate simply to increase the income from the ‘state’.

          As a single professional, mY marginal rate of tax is 63% (i.e. the government allows me to keep 37 pence out of every
          ?1.00 that I earn) and that’s before an additional 20% if you buy anything other than some foods.

        2. I didn’t read that. I read that White babies are a minority, with over-half the newborns being of minority ethnicity.

          Same situation in other White countries.

          Our Birth-rates are simply way too low to contend with massive immigration/multiculturalism.

          Things like paying people money to have children is a good policy to fix birthrates – but it’s stupid if you have that in conjunction with massive-immigration, because all you’re doing is creating a strain on the economy by encouraging immigrants to breed like crazy.

          The end result is Whites becoming minorities in all our Countries.

          I think we have the lowest overall birthrate in the world. Just so happens we are massively importing the people with the highest.

          You’ll notice a White female with a Black male will also have on average more children than a White female with a White male.

          There are multiple variables to this issue – none of which are being looked at or fixed.

          Their fix is basically ‘MORE IMMIGRANTS!!”.

      3. Silenced
        on July
        That?s why the US is turning into a shithole, and will turn into a 3rd world Country.

        Yea thats why i would be up for segregated states,
        Each culture gets 1 state, that is all of that culture.
        as for example in the Native american state, only native american’s can live there, and work there. You can travel thru, but in order to live or work there you must be native american.
        I think this would create grate competition to, because when the blacks see how nice the white state is. They will try to better theirs. Then the rest of the states can be mixed. So if you want to embrace Multicultural-rapism, your welcome to live there.

        1. I really like Jessie Ventura.
          Check him at He’s wanting to run for presedent as a no polictical party.
          He calls the rebloodlicans, and the demicryps, saying that those parties are the 2 biggest gangs in america. But if you want to see cool video, and stuff i can really get behind, just google jessie ventura video. I hope more people get behind him, i thnk he could turn america around.

          1. In a country full of religious fanatics, we’re a long way off of ever electing an openly atheist candidate. A long way off.

  6. Problem with america is that they have a crush the competition attitude. (invented by the Irish) So instead of all doing well, they run around sabotaging each other and setting each other back. IN the end society gets no where. Cause they all got a want to see somebody fall attitude. An attitude of ( i can, but you can’t ) Even the government is like that in the world. with N Korea, and Iran, (we can have nukes, but not you) this is why america is turning into the shit hole. They are like Poland in the 30’s. they where so busy screwing each other over, that they failed to advance. So this is how they get the dumb Pollock nickname. When the Germans who where working as a team attacked. The Pollocks where going against Tiger tanks, on Horseback.

  7. Not at all impressed. If they were trying to imitate “the foreigners who go to Thailand only to commit suicide by being thrown out of a high rise hotel window” then they failed miserably

  8. What this video didn’t show was them being beheaded afterwards! I have a friend who’s from Egypt but had to leave after most of his family was murdered because they are Christian. He showed me the remaining part of the video where the Al Qada flag bearer cuts the heads off of those two boys they were 12 and 14

    1. That’s why Mark and BestGore are so important; the site posts the unpleasant stuff that goes on all around the world and is usually way ahead of the mainstream media, if they bother publishing it at all.

      Mexico, Thailand, Brazil and Indonesia; all wonderful holiday destinations, unless you’ve been informed by BestGore that they, really, aren’t.

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