Rotting Corpse Sunbathing in the Land of Smiles

Rotting Corpse Sunbathing in the Land of Smiles

Greetings friends. I have a Bloated, partially decomposed Thai to share with you. How many dead Thais and foreigners have we seen rotting on the beach? More than a couple, I’d say. However, it’s usually a question as to what killed them. Usually drowning factors into the discussion as the ultimate, accidental fate of our dearly departed, but this time there was at least one bullet hole discovered in the victims rotting corpse. You can see it clearly in the second photo. So our man here was shot and then dumped in the ocean only to resurface later as this grisly, pasty, ghoulish minion of the great Cthulu himself. The man has not yet been identified but not to worry, our crack team of Thai investigators are on the case!

Corpse floating sea !!

At approximately 06.35 hrs. On 14 Nov 2014. Radio Center “under the Teck Tung. Kanon” notified bodies, the death toll mounted coastline Bang Pow (Old Ferry Landing.) M. 2, the smooth area of responsibility and duty. Nakhon Si Thammarat.

By South Tek Tung volunteers in the area. With mobile units to check on the scene said.

Opening scene Found a deceased male, 1 upper body does not wear clothes. Lower wear blue trousers. In a state of decay Write a face unrecognizable And can not be assumed that it was the Lord.

And monitoring The autopsy of the deceased Initially the body was wound up like a bullet hole. It may be assumed that the deceased may have been tricked into killing. And thrown into the sea at a later time.

Police officers. Kanon has ordered the Tek Tung volunteers. Recording With fingerprinting the deceased. Prior to moving body Autopsy at the Institute of Forensic Surat.

If anyone has ever seen the deceased are usually familiar face. The steel base was For more information please contact the police. Khanom to contact the relatives.

And cannot be assumed that it was the Lord. I have to admit, that line had my sides splitting. At first the translation seemed a little hoo hum but then I read that and lost it.

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  1. I know it would be impossible to get an exact figure but i’ve always wondered how many bodies have sunk down to Davey Jones locker. How many vessels in human bodies have rotted and eaten by fish who might end up on the dinner plate.

    1. ***?should we burry it in a cave and wait 3 days for it to ressurect as a zombie?

      …good question DK

      I know if you put one in a cave in Afghanistan, he’ll be resurrected as a terrorist

      …beyond that, it’s anybody’s belief I reckon’

  2. Unlike other bloaters we’ve seen here this guy looks lean and not bloated at all. He looks to have been in great shape and still has a very defined six pack. I’m sure there are some ladies out there that still find him attractive.

  3. You know that fucker reeked!! There’s no big smiles on any of these peoples faces, except the corpse of course, he’s just chilling, catching fly’s, oozing fluids everywhere!! 🙂

    The lord thing is guts Obli!!.. Guess this guy missed the rainbow too!!..

    By the way, I wanna know what that tattoo on his chest looked like before it became that beautiful decomp color!! 😛

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