Rowdy Chav Kills a Cop in La Plata, Argentina

Rowdy Chav Kills a Cop in La Plata, Argentina

This CCTV video from Argentina shows poor handling on behalf of the police which cost one of the officer’s life. I’ll let Best Gore member Tulio_Hermil explain what’s going on as Argentina is his homeland:

This crazy shit happened in Banana Republic earlier this year, but sadly no real gore was captured by the security cam. What the video does show is some stoned chav owning 4 large cops and killing one.

Drunk/high guy was making trouble in a nightclub in the shitty city of La Plata so the infamous Policia Bonaerense (Buenos Aires “state troopers”) were called in. The human right violations record of the Policia Bonaerense in the last 40 years makes NYPD and even the Mexican police look like Amnesty International in comparison.

So the guys are just too macho to unholster their weapons to deal with this wasted loser. At min 1:15 they try to grab and subdue him, but chav not only manages to evade the 4 huge cops, but also emerges from the mess with one of the cop’s guns (probably the back up gun that the Policia Bonaerense coppers sometimes carry hidden in their bulletproof vests).

At 1:34 you can see him brandishing the gun and mocking the cops. Now the Patas Negras can’t shoot the asshole right away (they would have to fill the report stating that they had to shoot him because he managed to steal a gun from a group of 4 cops), so they discreetly cover and try to talk him to reason, but that’s to no avail.

The punk tries to run away, one cop follows him and at the 2:06 mark, the punk fires and hits subinspector Daniel Lujan in the tight. The cop later died from the wound (probably a femoral artery hit).

Chav was not satisfied with his adventure night so he returned to the nightclub from where he was expelled earlier to continue partying. He was arrested when exiting the club. Pretty humiliating owning for the coppers.

Thanks Tulio for the video and story:

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40 thoughts on “Rowdy Chav Kills a Cop in La Plata, Argentina”

  1. This probably would not have happened if people didn’t bitch so much about cops using excessive force (even though it happens quite a bit). Its a two way street. This is just one of the scenarios where the cops lost, pretty emberassing though.

    1. @Hayseuss
      The only thing that I can praise about South American is… they housed many Germans who fled the post WWII Era of Germany where men were being murdered by the hundreds andWomen were getting raped left and right and humiliation was the order of the day.

      They gave freedom and escape to the prisoners of defeated Germany. Those Germans who fled to South America, prehap live a better saner life than those remaining in Germany.

      Some say that Hitler Escaped to SOuth America… I personal believe the story that Hitler himself commited suicide, only a Brainwashed Sheep could think that suicide in that situation was a bad and dishonourable thing. Just imgine the Jews putting Hitler up as the Kangaroo Court of the Nuremburg Trials.

      Many historical figure commited suicde to preserve there honor. Hitler perserve his honor and dignity by avoiding the Jews Courts… just look at what they did to Saddam, look at what they did to Gaddafi… they stuck a stick up his ass, beat the shit out of him and Al-Queda dupes executed him.

      Heil der Fuhrer.

        1. Thanks for the link man….i love reading about what really happens and laugh when i compare to the bs they put on tv and how people are melodramatic over something that never happened….and personally I think Saddam was a pretty good guy….”he killed people” but hey what leader of a country hasn’t?….o well im going to burn some sour

  2. Those cops seemed pretty incompetent letting that guy walk around like that. This is something that could have been handled quickly and efficiently with an old fashion billy club or black jack. But then the cameras would of caught it and the cops screwed. Damn you can’t win for losing.

    1. What do you mean the cameras would have caught it and the cops screwed? Screwed for what?
      What they allowed to happen here, they are are MORE screwed my friend.
      I think these banana cops don’t shoot enough juice or take enough testosterone supplement & amphetamines as much as American cops do.

  3. Has this been the US, that loser would have been shot by the cops at the 2 second mark. Because you know our cops don’t play!

    Those cops waited too long, but it is a bit odd that 4 of them couldn’t take his ass down. Do they carry clubs? A swing upside the head would have been good too.

  4. “liberal” politicians favourite sport in the last 20 years has been to sack or mess with the BA province police cops for every alleged happy trigger/police brutality event it happens, tough, it is hard to say what was the real reason of them for not shooting him right away. I’d go with they just say “let this asshole go, its too embarrasing to report that we had to shoot because he stole a gun from us”. Usually, the backup gun that they carry in their vest is an illegal weapon with its numeration erased with a lime, so that in the event they shoot someone, they can always plant the backup gun in the corpse and say it was self defense.
    On the other hand, liberal pussy politicians have some point in dealing harshly with those guys, the policia bonaerense has almost a century of experience in torturing, exhorting, racketeering, “dissaperaing” people, etc in a way that would make LOS ZETAS look like mere students. They were already playing “picana” and “pinata” with detainees in the 30s, so figure it out…

  5. Huh? What? These guys make nypd look like amnesty international? Nypd would have beat that mans ass down the first sign of being belligerent. Besides that, if he ever got to taking one of the officers guns they would have aired that guy out for sure, then plant a random gun on him to avoid an embarrassment. These officers looked more like Obama koolaid drinking social workers trying to figure out what happened in this guys childhood that makes him so upset.

    1. its very weird, the buenos aires provincial police is actually more known for shooting first and asking questions later, executing crooks and throwing them into putrid streams and inventing worlwide blockbuster torture methods.
      I can’t sort out if this kind of behaviour is a product of the excessive liberal (and not so liberal) political attention that their corruption and brutality brought upon them, or they just didnt wanted to kill the guy and be forced to report their own assholeness

  6. What the fuck is the deal with the security camera being screwed around right in the middle of it all. Need to have a little talk with who runs that should just let the damn thing sit there in one spot,,,couldn’t even finish watching THAT WAS THE GOREY PART!!

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