Rude Awakening – Male Stabbed, Female Shot in Salvador, Brazil

Rude Awakening - Male Stabbed, Female Shot in Salvador, Brazil

Sleeping teenagers in a home in São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, Brazil are rudely awakened by gang members claiming to be the police. What better way to catch your targets off guard than out of a dead sleep and told to get on the ground?

A notorious favela gang storm a squalor in the dead of night as young woman and young man are singled out. The male is beaten and stabbed in a corner room, the female is shot multiple times with a gun that jams. She is also stomped by flip-flops and clubbed by a stick.

Lying on the ground cold and bleeding from an entry wound, she is called a slut and shot again in face. The group consensus is that “she will die!”

A popular phrase goes: if you sleep with a dog, you will catch fleas. In Brazil, the saying goes: if you piss off a member of a favela gang, you will be tracked down and murdered.

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      2. @hopingfornemesis These people are so fucking cruel and evil. I know that there are people in America who are also evil and cruel, but it’s just out of hand in Brazil.. obviously.

        I’m no hero but I served this country and would gladly (if paid and given provisions/training) deploy to these areas as a mercenary and fight these motherfuckers.

      3. I was a member of SEAL Team 4 for 11 years in Puerto Rico . I would love to send a dozen operators to face off with these fucking cowards . See how bad ass they are then as they’re crying for mommy ! Disgusting pricks !

      4. Actually Jair Bolsonaro promised to do just that… Let’s see what happens when he takes office.

        One thing is for sure. If he really does, we the great “civilized” west will be first to condemn it under the pretext of “human rights” violations, as if we have better ideas. That’s the same way we criticized Duterte when he started. He had to ignored us and forged closer ties with China to push on with his policies. And now the PH is much safer than it was 2 years ago.

        If only we can learn to shut up and understand the problems in other countries are different from ours, and let other people handle their business in their own way. If only we can leave others alone for once, This world would surely be a better place

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        Two more environmental liabilities off the planet. Works fer me.

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        1. WTF @thedre … all one needs to point is “He is a lair, …because he insists the world is flat”. Stop being mean to those around you for simply disagreeing! I won’t go further since you are apologizing… But learn to lose @thedre You should be used to that!

    1. @SrbijaBgd I personally struggle with my spiritual fitness and belief system, I’m just a confused guy overall trying to live his life.. but holy shit these people make me truly wish for a burning pit to exist and that their ‘souls’ will go to that foulest of places for all eternity.

      1. There is no way that human being with by default imprinted empathy is capable of doing this, if they don’t do it under demonic influence.
        Anyhow, they(demons) are in them because this people accepted suggested evil from them.

  2. Listen to that puta-madre trying to fire off his dirty weapon, while it misfires again, & again,,,while all you here is click, click, click, click, lol. The Poor kid is saying in Portuguese off me will ya,,, for fuck-sake, my gut hurts ,,, off me already, click,,, click,,, click,,, so i think the dude was calling his Gun A Puta-Madre.

  3. Every damn video that comes outta Brazil is the same BS. The cameraman is horrible & almost makes you sick at your stomach with all the moving around. There gun is sure to jam. There’s always torture by flip-flop

  4. Hard to see what’s going on but a couple of observations, if I was in danger of being attacked in the night by these thugs, I’d padlock the front door, use wire booby traps in the doorway and hallway, also build a quick escape route even a tunnel I could jump into and get out.

  5. I know what I will do if I get bored with life – I’ll go to Brazil, and fuck a Brazilian women. My son, being half-human and half-brazilian, will become a brazilian gang hunter, killing them off and teabagging them in the dead of the night.

    There’s your idea for a movie.

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