Russian Cops Take Slew of Fire from AK-47 After Car Chase in Makhachkala

Russian Cops Take Slew of Fire from AK-47 After Car Chase in Makhachkala

Although this video was caught on a dashcam in Russia, it’s somewhat different from your usual Russian dashcam videos.

Russian traffic police from the city of Makhachkala in the Caucasus took a slew of fire after a gunman unloads an AK-47 onto them following a chase. The cops returned fire and killed one of the assailants. The other one got away.

Oddly bizarre moment takes place at around 0:53 when someone, presumably the person filming, chuckles over the video.

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        1. When I log on via Firefox , no video’s appear at all . Been having problems like that with Firefox for a few weeks . No problems when logging on via Google browser . Annoying cos I’d much prefer to use ff .

          1. well NOW it fucking works for no reason what so ever, as not a FUCKING THING was any different then what it was from last night. Juts about every element of “law enforcement” these days needs to be fucking shot….so good job, fleshy virus!

    1. hell yeah, thats some scary shit. although the fact that the assailant was only feet away and didn’t kill anyone instantly is testament to how little effort and training people put into their firearms. probably a high point WASR or some shit. most criminals arent going to be running around with Yugos or PolyTechs.

      1. I always get super smiley whenever I see I ha a new comment from you, hehehe. I wrote to you on one of the more recent posts but I can’t remember which one it was so go find it reply to me sweet pea. Muah! Blowing you big kisses to you, you stud you! ;hearts;

  1. Must be low level Mafiosi , driving a Lada ! . Put the wind up the guy , well I think it was a a guy , in the car that got sprayed , not surprised , scary indeed .

    Always seems that guys with auto rifles / machine guns , just hold the darn thing at waist height and pull the trigger in the hope that at least one of those hundred bullets hits the target !!

  2. Sorry, off post but news has just come through that a student flipped out in a high school in pennsylvania and stabbed up to 20 students. What is with American high schools and why did he use a knife and not a gun, you think he’s Amish?

    1. Why the fuck would twenty people allow themselves to be stabbed? No dumb kid is that fast or good. Should have been one person stabbed, nineteen beating the asshole unconscious. Its a fucking knife against twenty people! Idiot fv’s.

          1. Non Gorians unaware of the potential dangers that constantly surround us. I would of stabbed him in the eye with my #2 pencil or at the very least pounded two erasers together. Temporarily blinding the assailant in a cloud of chalk dust and allowing everyones escape.

        1. Don’t get me wrong , it is very sad . But if people stuck together and acted as a unit instead of being focused on the self , they surely could have overpowered the attacker long before 20 got injured . Just my opinion .

          1. ok, apparently the kid had two knives and started slashing and stabbing people in the middle of the hallway when everyone was between classes. security guard was stabbed but the 16 year old assailant was not shot down by police. he was apprehended and is being charged as an adult. so far, no fatalities.

  3. Only in Russia, They once had a game show on Russian TV where the contestants had to drive a car and outrun the police for about an hour that the show was on, if they did it they got some prizes but if they were caught they actually went to prison for years. Must be something about the Russian mentality as they had contestants queuing up to take part

  4. Chechens, Ingush and Degestanis should be nuked by the Russian government. They Russians should eradicate them all and send the kossaks to breed on their place just like in the Czarist days. I have never met a person from the three prior ethnic backgrounds that was half a decent human being. Absolute trash.

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