Russian Father Kills and Eats Heart of 3 Months Old Daughter

Russian Father Kills and Eats Heart of 3 Months Old Daughter

In the village of Zabaikalsk, near Ulan-Ude, a capital city of the Republic of Buryatia in Russia, an otherwise loving father of a 3 months old daughter went complete nuts after taking a drug known as “spice”, and murdered his little girl because he thought she was possessed by a demon and he was performing exorcism.

To drive out her demons, the 31 year old father picked the girl up, bashed her against the wall, stabbed her with a shard of a broken mirror, then cut her chest open, ripped out her heart and ate it raw.

When his wife tried to stop him, he beat her, and tried to shove the dead girl’s body back in her belly from when she recently came out. The woman somehow managed to escape and ran into a neighbor’s house from where she called police. When police showed up, the man attacked them too.

According to his wife, the man was an exemplary father who loved her and his daughter, and worked really hard every day to provide for them. He was also well known for his friendly attitude toward everyone in the community, and never been in trouble before. But then he took that “spice” and it turned him into a monster in a snap. After he sobered up, the man told the investigators he thought he was in hell and saw demons, and thought he was protecting the family by trying to drive them out.

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      1. Most definitely being from New Orleans there should be plenty of Voodoo Doctors that’ll write you a script and scratch a sick note with a chicken bone and goat blood on human skin parchment…sounds like a beach day to me.

          1. I recommend a Binding spell…then put their asses in the freezer…unable to act they may as well be dead.
            Don’t forget the sun block. πŸ™‚

        1. Not to mention if you have to work later thay day and your boss is blowing up your phone wondering where you are. Do you think you would try to go to work and be to paranoid to speak to even say anything to your boss on your phone? Or most likely say some pretty trippy stuff to your boss and most likely get fired?

      1. I no it’s terrible to see but this is why I like those website as it shows the world the truth and what is actually happening out there in the real world.
        Trust me it’s awful to see this but it’s the reality of what has happened to the beautiful child RIP.

        1. Ser. What does that mean exactly? I have to get with your friends? Before? After? During? Sounds like some sort of sneaky trick you girls come up with just to confuse us boys into doing something you can use to destroy us later. On a side note, my favorite Spice Girl…Skanky Spice.?

    1. Spice is bad, like Mamba in the UK, I remember seeing my friends brother who was a heroin addict who loved his crack too but never acted strange but having a spliff of that Mamba really fucked him up running away from people he thought were attacking him and literally running into walls to try and get away etc.
      I’ve had my own drug past and definitely wouldn’t even attempt this shit.

  1. Another murder caused by drugs… what a surprise… Lets hear the ones saying that he actually planned to murder the child pretending to be some Indiana Jones villain, and this is not the drug’s fault though… How unfortunate that common sense is not as common as it should be… πŸ˜•

  2. No shit……I bet he was a lil on the booze side too…..
    Vodka and weed do not mix……
    I don’t know if spice and vodka do….
    obviously not working.
    Awwwwww…..he loved her so much he ate her heart…..
    Go figure……poor little thing is way better off now….
    Plus I bet that she really didn’t see it coming.
    Still a young fucker……in a concrete box for life…..
    May” spice” his husband’s life for a while tough…..

    1. Spice contains unregulated chemicals that vary depending who made it. This batch could have had some bath salts in it.

      Not every single human being who uses a drug immediately goes and steals their neighbors car or burns down their mothers house or sucks dick with an HIV infected mouth or kills their daughter and eats her heart.

      Can we at least just say that drugs sometimes cause victims and that’s it? Driving results in victims by about the same average as drugs, I imagine. But federal law doesn’t dictate driving as a crime, so we conveniently overlook that…

  3. I have seen a documentary on jewtube on this spice( synthetic marijuana)

    It makes people commit suicide a lot and almost all of them have the shakes from this stuff. Horrible drug if you ask me.

  4. He is guna probably kill him self first chance he gets doubt he will be able to live with the reality of what he has done not only killed own kid but in a horrific brutal way although he under influence as a so called loving father he should never have touched drugs whilst in care of 3 year old kid so that is not a responsible parent so play with fire and get burnt was stupid to touch any substance whilst caring for a kid you want a try that send kid to mother in laws etc then if you go nuts you hurt yourself etc not a defensless fuking kid who got skull crushed torso shredded and heart ate ffs stuid decision to take it whilst kid in house and for his stupid decision he will now pay a huge emotional price till it gets to much then he will kill him self . you deserve it may of been loving father but you have killed your daughter in brutal way so no sympthay .

  5. What a horrible thing to happen, but I guess synthetic drugs will do that to ya. People should just stick to good old fashioned weed, but it’s crazy that synthetic drugs are sometimes legal, so they shy away from weed. If you’re a parent with a child in your care, why the hell are you fucking with Spice? So sad. I remember back in 2009, some crazy schizo bitch here in San Antonio used a samurai sword and a knife to decapitate, dismember and stab her week or two old baby boy. She even cut off his toes and ate them. Reminds me of this poor baby girl.

  6. There’s been a video floating around of him after having been subdued. He’s wrapped up/restrained in a sheet lying on the floor there, and is clearly out of his damn mind. The camera pans around a bit and you can see a bit of the scene, making me think it’s legit. I’ve lurked for years but don’t know the rules on linking, so I won’t. But it can be found.

  7. This is just so heartless. How can anyone cut out the heart of a little baby and not spice it up a bit. Add some cumin, a little pepper, some salt, white wine, Tomatoes and some oregano. Put it on the grill and cook it for about six minutes each side.

    Add some rice and beans. Yummy! Sounds like a meal that a lot of heart and soul was put into it.

  8. Well Hell-o Best Gore Community πŸ˜‰

    Ive been reading this Site for a long Time but never made an Account

    seen some fucked up shit here …..but this?

    Can someone find any proof that thats no Fake because i dont want to believe it…….thats just wrong damn

    greetings from Austria

    1. Here here! I am part of a medicinal cannabis users panel trying to get it turned legal in the UK with a great organisation for cannabis reform. Even alcohol has a worse effect on people than cannabis. It’s a joke!

      1. @danni god I hope it’s legalized in the UK soon! It’s bad enough you guys aren’t allowed to carry guns with you !
        Of course , you’re 100% right. They want us as primitive and ignorant as possible so we give into shit like this that ends up in a meaningless and horrible death .

  9. i already wrote a comment on this but it doesn’t show so im writing it again like i remember it,maybe takin that drug opened up a portal to evil and it took him over,he loved his little girl,the pic of him with her showed me that,this is the worst story i have seen on best gore and it has effected me,everything about it,the child was only 3 months and the upside down 3 on the walls is freaky,this world is fucked up,im goin to make sure i have 3 boys for every girl i have so they protect their sisters,ya we love big familys in Ireland

  10. things put me out is the fact , if this happen here, this guy will probably not go in prison.. i m fucking serious, he will be considered as crazy and non responsable of his acts and get put into an fucking hospital…

    i fucking hate this.

    glad its in russia, i hope he going to be executed and throw in sea, eated by seabirds and finish in birds shit in some roof

    1. They should put him in that crazy Russian prison where you are moved everywhere in a highly painful and stressful body position, and the guard dogs are kind of like miniature brown bears. Downright brutal. I’ve been viewing bg content for quite some time, but some of the things people do still disgust me to no end.

          1. Yep…I want a Caucasian Sheppard after seeing that documentary.
            Those were some scary criminals they were holding but it looks like the authorities are firmly in charge at that place.

          2. @rayf – they surely don’t talk back at that prison. Saw that documentary also. Makes US prisons look like vacation time.
            I’m thinking THAT spice was “made in China” therefore you never know what quality you’re going to get the next time you use it (not that I’ve ever tried it). Hell, who knows, maybe it’s all made there?

  11. Whoever was filming seems very calm. Sounds like two people there. Wonder if they all took it together but only he lost the plot. That is one of the most brutal things I have seen on here. Kids and animals, if I ever witnessed it I could not be held accountable for my actions. Poor kid. Only low life cowards pick on kids and animals!!

    1. Probably your local gas station or smoke shop if it’s allowed in your state…a lot of this shit is made in China with some real nasty shit every time they get around to outlawing a particular substance they just change the ingredients slightly and put a new name on the package.
      I’m sure meth labs are safer and more ethical than the manufacturers of these mystery substances.
      I’ll stick with weed….you should too bro.

  12. Ahhh yes spice, i have had my personal experiance with it when i was 18 other words known as K2 is leaves sprayed with hallucinogenic to ‘”Mimic” the effect of marijuana, except what they don’t tell you is it is insanely dangerous to you, can cause permanent damage to your hearing, sense of smell and eye sight and outs holes in your brain. When i used it i didn’t have a reaction like this but i do remember it hitting me about 10 seconds after smoking it and feeling like it was only 10 minutes when really it was about 2 hours before that shit wore off. According to witnesses i just stared at the wall, grasp my chest (that shit will make you feel like you will drop from a heart attack any second) and laugh randomly. Sadly that shit was legal in the US while Weed itself is illegal. Don’t know if it is anymore all i know is it’s not worth smoking over weed guys, not even once

  13. Holy Fucking Shit!!!!! For the first time ever, I was honestly scared to watch the video….i thought it was gonna show him actually killing and eating the babys heart!!!! Goddam that is so fucked up!!! Poor baby πŸ™

    1. Here here! I was quite high when I came over the article, and felt a wave of craziness when I saw the video-preview as I imagined how he was thinking. I too thought he filmed the whole act so I skipped on it, only to lie and think on it and look it up 10 minutes after. Now I don’t know if I wanted the video be of the act or not, as it was quite disappointing.

  14. can’t really say this guy was a good guy before he tried “spice”. no reasonable parent would go and get fucked up on a drug around a young baby, this is just ridiculous. poor baby. worlds is seriously unfair, some people are born into a shitty life with retarded parents.

  15. Does anyone have any back-story of this? I am really curious on what punishment he got and how he reacted when he heard what he had done. Knowing how his wife (Ex) is pulling through would also be pleasing to know. Honestly, I feel quite bad for the dude. This was not his acts, it obviously was the drug, though he never should have smoked it with his baby-daughter in the house (Like wtf?). His wife could also have stopped him from smoking so in my eyes she is also guilty as to what happened. I also hoped that the guy filmed the whole scene himself so that I could have a video that overcame all other videos I haven seen on BG to this date. I believe this is the worst video I have come over so far after many years of lurking, but after seeing it about a couple of hundred times with full volume (The gurgling<3) it's not really special anymore ( Does anyone have something they believe overcomes the video I linked above? Thanks =)

      1. Thanks for your contribution #Der Kopfsammler, but unfortuantely the video has been removed from BG. You don’t have the direct-link to prochan by any chance do you? Is that video awfull because of the emotional scene or of gore? I don’t have emotions anymore, so that won’t trigger me. Is that a pro or a con btw?

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