12 thoughts on “Father and His Baby Daughter Before He Went Nuts on Spice”

  1. Bet he wasn’t thinking at the time of this photo that he would one day soon be eating this baby. He will be living in that ‘hell’ he tried to save his family from for the rest of his awaken life. Now, that is unimaginable pain indeed.

  2. When I tried spice, I could see little fucking people climbing up my friends body, with ropes like they where climbing a human mountain. Also forgot how to speak English and what letters where . fucked up shit. And I didn’t smoke to much of it. He must have had good shit. Aha

  3. I bought a gram of spice when it FIRST came out in the US in 2010. It was nothing like this. I felt like I had just smoked the strongest bud in the world, and was a little paranoid about being pulled over by police. Hell, my sister and mother tried it with me, and none of us went through anything like this. Although I never tried it again and still preferred regular weed to it. They’ve changed the molecular structure several times since then, and the resulting “high” has become more and more unstable. My little brother keeps doing spice and I refuse to be around him because I don’t trust him. Plus people make this shit themselves with no training in chemistry. If you are stupid enough to smoke this shit, I pray for your family.

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