15 thoughts on “Father Gone Complete Bonkers After Taking Unsafe Drugs”

    1. Definitely not: When someone crazy is to be arrested they do everything to just arrest him with less violence possible.
      -Reason is, you never know their health condition because they ignore any body messages. Especially on drugs.
      In Russia you’re fucked if attack police but in most cases they don’t beat and/or kill for nothing like in US.

  1. Fucking Dick I wish he would’ve stood in that fucking trip out , he deserves to stay in that hell with those demons, listen before anybody tries to feel sorry for dickhead dad he took that retarded ass drug whether or not he new the dangers he should’ve went to a junkie gallery and stood away from his child, maybe he could have eaten a juniors heart infested with aids and did his family a favor , sorry for this comment I’m fucking livid right about now

  2. I have seen some crazy shit on this site but this picture… This is really disturbing. Look at the little corpse, the face of the crazy asshole. This is worse than any horror movie. This guy should be thrown in the slowest grinding machine in the world, then a village of leprous apes from far in Africa should be brought in Russia to piss upon his corpse.

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