Russian Father Kills and Eats Heart of 3 Months Old Daughter

Russian Father Kills and Eats Heart of 3 Months Old Daughter

In the village of Zabaikalsk, near Ulan-Ude, a capital city of the Republic of Buryatia in Russia, an otherwise loving father of a 3 months old daughter went complete nuts after taking a drug known as “spice”, and murdered his little girl because he thought she was possessed by a demon and he was performing exorcism.

To drive out her demons, the 31 year old father picked the girl up, bashed her against the wall, stabbed her with a shard of a broken mirror, then cut her chest open, ripped out her heart and ate it raw.

When his wife tried to stop him, he beat her, and tried to shove the dead girl’s body back in her belly from when she recently came out. The woman somehow managed to escape and ran into a neighbor’s house from where she called police. When police showed up, the man attacked them too.

According to his wife, the man was an exemplary father who loved her and his daughter, and worked really hard every day to provide for them. He was also well known for his friendly attitude toward everyone in the community, and never been in trouble before. But then he took that “spice” and it turned him into a monster in a snap. After he sobered up, the man told the investigators he thought he was in hell and saw demons, and thought he was protecting the family by trying to drive them out.

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  1. Not much gets my attention anymore. This did. In fact, this could be the most horrible thing I’ve seen from the standpoint of the “idea” of the crime. As a parent, I cannot imagine blacking out after doing what I thought was a harmless drug and waking up to having the guts of my child smeared on my mouth and in my digestive system. Spice is just THC so I’m sorry but this cannot possibly be just “spice”. Only a few good ideas. 1) He had never smoked pot etc. in his life and had some kind of a latent psychosis ready to be released after ingeting THC of any kind. 2) He ingested something like PCP or worse. 3) Whatever he ingested released a latent psychosis. If he was as nice a guy as was said, then obviously the drugs did this. However, WTF? No matter how F’d up I’ve been in my life, I would not kill a friend, loved one, and espcially not a helpless child like that. Its an insane crime!

    1. I guess the mother did what she could to stop it, or just run away when he hit her. She is a dumb bitch for letting him do drugs with their child nearby. She is just as much a partner in crime has the guy.

  2. When I was around 14 years old I was supposedly a demon child because I was so “aggressive” to others and I actually set a bible on fire and roasted marshmallows (I was hungry) so my parents made me drink holy water for a month to make me pure and sweet.

    It didn’t work.

  3. I haven’t read all the comments so if this was mentioned, then..oops. Several years ago in Miami, a naked guy on spice freaked out and ate the face off a homeless man. The guy who chowed down was shot and killed and I believe the homeless man survived..minus a face. I’m not sure if that was posted on this site or not, since it havent gone through everything yet. If not, I’ll try to get some photos

  4. Stop your fake fucking horror shit you pussies! The fucking kid was only 3 months old. How fucking attached can ya get to something in 3 months? Hell, I’ve got underwear that is older than most of you that I love dearly, but I didn’t give a damn about them 3 months after I bought them.

    [shakes head] #NoPussyZone

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