Fat Russian Murdered By 12-Gauge Saiga Carbine

Inspection of Corpse Cavities

Fat Russian Murdered By 12-Gauge Saiga Carbine

Want to know why you never see attractive men in bodybags? Because they learn at an early age to perfect the act of ghosting: ditching the crazy bitches when the getting’s good. It’s called self-preservation – and only the most self-aware people can wield that power!

Pathetic schmucks like 28-year old Russian Fat Boy here are spineless asshole, beta-dogs that don’t have the mental, spiritual, or emotional capacity to develop into a productive and positive addition to the human race. Instead of enjoying life (or learning to enjoy it) as independent, self-respecting, self-loving men that take life’s challenges head-on for the sake of personal and professional growth, these schmucks choose equally sad and pathetic people to be their partners in their miserable lives.

Desperation and lack of fucks given ultimately and forever dooms these couples from the start. To make matters worse, these fucking idiots go out and cheat on their partners with other schmucks, putting everyone involved into a trifecta of stupidity. Hello toxic situation and probable cause for murder.

BG member @Braen2015 submitted the pictures with the following details:

Russia. A corpse with gunshot wounds in the abdomen and head was found by a garbage truck driver collecting containers. The investigation established that the crime was committed during a quarrel on the basis of jealousy in one of the houses of the cottage village of Zlatoust. Three shots from a hunting rifle were fired. After the incident, the corpse was packed in a plastic bag and hidden in a garbage container under household waste. Murdered born in 1991. The police seized a 12-gauge Saiga carbine, clothes, a plastic bag with traces of blood and feces. The corpse was delivered to the morgue, autopsy results are expected.

Consider the bruising around the wounds on the abdomen and understanding how bloodflow works, this dude was popped twice in the stomach first before meeting death with a shot to the skull from under the jaw. Seems like the murderer had something up-close and personal to say before blowing off his head.

Achievers don’t usually find themselves at the wrong end of a rifle!

The pictures are set in a morgue and are a sequential, visual documentation of the unwrapping of Fat Boy’s corpse in a body-bag. Thorough examination includes the mouth, throat, and apparently penis/ballsack. Such a waste of a decent penis but not so much the man attached.

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  1. I dunno what he’s complaining about …

    Fucking whiner !

    Think of the advantages now:

    His dentist can have a decent ‘crack’ at those back molars ..
    And you can’t really call him ‘gay’ for having his dick and balls fondled, because I mean .. Umm … He’s fucking DEAD

    Plus, he finally found a use for all those ‘plastic kitchen tidy bags’ he was hoarding ..

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      1. Good write up. I think ghosting is the way forward. It reminds me of the case of Roaul Moat. The girl left him but couldn’t shake the cunt off so the bitch got a new bf and told Moat he was a copper to scare him off, using the new bf to get rid of the old one. Well the poor new bloke got himself killed over it. If anyone’s interested here’s the video. Moral of the tale is never go out with someone who still has Ex partner problems

          1. You is a wise man Spock. She was monkey branching and the next tree is a pretty dangerous place to be. I’ve seen plenty of examples of this. The pussy uses another man to make the ex jealous or just get rid of him and it ends up in a sort of “love” triangle. Can’t think why it’s called a love triangle when in fact it’s a hate triangle.


        1. Yes ,we have a few such Black Widows here in the news recently. Both had their new boyfriends try to kill the ex- boyfriends. In one case it succeeded. Then this successful idiot was murdered by her next boyfriend. To look at her , you’d be shocked. She’s blonde ,slim ,youngish but nothing too beautiful but there you go. The other brunette ,similar ; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

          Reminds me of another controlling woman here .She wouldn’t let her man see his relatives ,she’d choose his clothes for him every morning ,he had to work for her and she sat smoking and drinking and watching the telly all day. The worst? She wouldn’t let him piss or shit in their toilet . He had to go opposite to the paki petrol station and do his business there. The house. It wasn’t even theirs! It belonged to the fool’s parents who let their son live in it.
          He murdered her in the end but had a lot of time discounted because of cruelty by her.

          1. If she wants you to kill her ex you need to start wondering when it’s your turn. Most of this type of women aren’t much to look at but they know how to target the weak man. Who knows, maybe women prefer weak men who are easily manipulated. The pussy is a powerful thing

  3. Modern medicine is great. If he lived they could have closed the face wound with his ball sack, and sewed his pecker where his nose was. He may have looked like Mr. Squib afterwards, but hey. (Or a baby elephant maybe?)

  4. If this was indeed a love-rival killing, and this fat bastard was the ‘competition’, logically, one should feel sorrier for the man who killed him, he must be an even worse lowlife to be threatened by this guy.

  5. Fat russian murdered at close range shot in the stomach. I expected a bit more gore, deeper wound or at least a little unslurped vodka blood intestine smoothie. I know autopsy, but still kinda underwhelming I like my murdered russians to shredded and mangle. At least somebody had the humanity to kill it likely another brute. Only good russian is a dead russian and every time one dies violently the sun shines a little brighter.

  6. The last thing on his mind when he died was the first and only thing on his mind. Where his next drink was coming from. And on that journey he ran into another creature with the same biological imperative. Result the superior beast kills him and gets the vodka and the cycle repeats until they’re all wiped out.

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