Russian Fleshy Virus Kills Old Woman to Steal Her Purse

Russian Fleshy Virus Kills Old Woman to Steal Her Purse

CCTV video from Russia shows old woman toiling her way up a stairway when a young punk grabs her from behind and ruthlessly yanks her old ass to have her fall backwards down the flight of stairs. After she took a neck-snapping tumble, the Fleshy Virus stole her purse and stomped her head for good measure. As lifeless body of the woman lay at his feet, the crook browsed through her purse to keep the cash and threw the rest on top of the woman whom he left there for the dead.

The woman was done for as soon as her head hit the concrete at a free fall speed accelerated by the throw. I hope this
hoodlum gets his soon. Taking on an old woman who probably barely made ends meet herself – yeah you’re a fucking man now. Piece of shit!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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96 thoughts on “Russian Fleshy Virus Kills Old Woman to Steal Her Purse”

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    1. He could have took her on a date, wine and dine her, get on that shit and turn it into an inside job. Maybe after he buttfucks her a few times, steal a 10 spot out here and there out of her purse when she’s cooking him breakfast or rubbin’ in some Ben-Gay into those tired knees after a shower, you know..

      Or throw the bitch down a flight of stairs for the one time deal… No witnesses if she’s dead.

      I’d rather buttfuck it out of her…but I’m not sick in the head.

        1. @Troop… Stick it in that brain-oozing hole in her head.. Brains and colon must feel somewhat similar?

          @Idiot.. For enough money I just MIGHT do what that dude did in the video…So, I’m definitely not right in the head.

          I’d MUCH rather butt-fuck it out of her first.

      1. YOU’RE not sick in the head? Then why are you here, my friend? Personally, I think we’re all a little whacked for being here, but that’s just my opinion. I do like your plan A & plan B (for buttock) I must say! At least you’re a rational sicko!

    1. True. Anyone who picks on the helpless and weak is no better than the predators of the animal kingdom. Child molesters, rapists, old lady muggers, you get the idea. If there is a hell, I hope they get an extra toasty spot.

  1. Wow, Thug scums of the World, they should all be Hanged… I mean…
    – It’s so so so sad that this man had a bad social and economic upbring. Someone please put a Caring and Understanding hand on his Shoulder and Say “No Brother no’ you must not go around hurting other people” –
    Yes, Iam sure many People here would travel to africa to put a Caring and Understanding hand on a Kony’s Shoulder and say ‘No brother no, you must not…”

      1. Yeah, ya see @drex, I can look at it from all points of view, there was method to his madness, and the old lady woulda’ been dead from natural causes sometime in the near future, AND, it gave us another post, but it woulda’ been better if it was someone that coulda’ had some kind of chance to defend themselves against this pussy punk, or if the attacker was a 75plus yr old and tried to rape her also, even with that scenario she would have had a chance. (and it probably would have been funny seein’ two OLD biddies rollin’ around on the floor!) But, that’s just MY opinion!

        1. LOL… tiger.. I wasnt suggesting that this cowardly albino ape was somehow justified in what he did but that he may be just one step above someone who kills for no reason in particular, or for fun (Dneprop Maniacs).

    1. Rubber Jewlery is JUST his style….all fucking off to the side, when one of our elders gets attacked like this, it gives me hope that I am correct whit my theroy, that getting old is completly pointless, to deal wtih this toilet for 80 years just to end up being killed over $7.
      Noooooo thank you.

  2. After the crime at the Hammered Tonight Sickle Tomorrow Pub:

    Mikhail! Where have you been? I got tired of waiting, so I drank your vodka! I’m sorry. I’ll order you anoth… Hey, why are you out of breath…? …and why do you smell like Vicks VapoRub?

    1. He probably did this to get his fix of krokodil as buffsma suggested. Besides if the cops don’t get him then the krok will and what krokodil dishes out is far worse and more brutal than anything the cops (yes even Russian ones) or fleshy eating viruses or cancers of the manhood could ever do, or anything else that vengeful bitch karma could ever conceive and serve up cold for that matter. The hand and fingers he used to rummage thru the woman’s purse will fall off one by one and the rot will work its way up thru his arms just like his track marks and eat away his limbs muscles he used to bring the old woman down, then when he has no more arms to shoot up with he will use the legs he stomped on the old woman head with and those too will begin to rot and fall off piece by piece, if he’s lucky he’ll O.D. and die before he can experience this but I don’t think he will be granted this easy way out

  3. That’s just fucking cowardly to do something like this. The fact that he had to stomp on her head for good measure just adds to the repulsion. Karma better pay his stupid ass a visit.

  4. absolute worthless cunt. Seriously, just shows what a big hard weasel he really is. By preying on the old & vulnerable, he is showing the rest of the world just how scared and weak he really is. Try doing that shit to a fully grown and abled man and see just how well that works out for you. absolute cunt.

      1. B. A.- Agreed, my next protection dog is going to be bigger and much more aggressive, I can defend myself fairly well, but I’m upping my chances on staying off this site for at least another couple of years. lol

        Tulio- Lol is your mind in the gutter? Although now you’ve got me picturing a dog with a cape jumping through windows to give irresponsible teens condoms.

  5. seemed pretty personal to me. he could’ve easily just snatched the purse. or punched her in the back of the head then take the purse. but grabbing her by the ears and throwing her down the stairs and stomping on her face seems like straight overkill.

  6. Slavs are inferior piece of shit and it’s no joke that Russians are one of the most retarded people on earth and have not contributed anything to the world with exception of Sputnik and Mendeleev periodic table for chemistry. Russians are pure scums next to Israeli kikes and Americunts.

  7. …And then he found just $12, a pack of chewing gum and lipstick.
    I sincerely hate this fucking asshole. What a ruthless prick picking on an old lady.
    I hope he gets thrown in jail and fucked up the ass by the big faggots there and has razor blades put in his porridge.

    He should try picking a fight with me, the fat bastard. I have more money and strength than him, any day.

  8. That’s fucked up even though she probably birthed many russian beasts she’s still a old woman. A typical night in the russian wilderness. Being in russia alcohol was, is, or will be involved even if by the investigating authorites somebody was hitting the bottle.

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