Russian Forcer Raid the Makhachkala Gang Apartment, Kill Nabi Nabiyev

Russian Forcer Raid the Makhachkala Gang Apartment, Kill Nabi Nabiyev

On February 15 2013 several Russian special forces, including the Federal Security Service and the police SWAT joined forces to conduct a raid on an apartment used by the Makhachkala Gang member in the Republic of Dagestan. The raid lead to the death of Muslim terrorist Nabi Nabiyev (Наби Набиев) known for having taken part in the murder of Supreme Court judge of Dagestan Magomed Magomedov (Магомед Магомедов) on January 15, 2013.

Nabi Nabiyev was locked in the 5th floor apartment of a building on Avenue of Imam Shamil with his mistress. In order to avoid civilian casualties, Russian forces evacuated all residents from the apartment building and opened negotiation talks with Nabi Nabiyev, requesting him to lay down his weapons and surrender. The criminals responded by opening fire at the forces to which they responded with more fire. Audio of the shootout is pretty intense. Nabi Nabiyev was mortally wounded, his mistress did not engage in the fire exchange and was not harmed.

Born in 1986, Nabi Nabiyev served 3 and a half years in prison for petty crimes, including robbery and theft. After his release in the summer of 2012, he went underground, joined the Makhachkala Gang and participated in the murder of Magomed Magomedov.

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  1. This Nabi Nabiyev fellow was such a devout Muslim that he became a fighter for the Muslim team and yet at the same time liked to do a bit of robbery and theft and had a mistress. This does not sound very devout to me given that these things are supposed to be major crimes in their fairy tale book, the Koran, makes you wonder why he took up Jihad.

  2. Ive seen some videos of Russian forces dealing with criminals and blasting them the fuck away inside their homes before, but this video screen made them look more discreet, boy was a wrong. I would hate to be a criminal in Russia, Ive also heard the prisons are terrible.

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