Russian Maniacs Record Themselves Stabbing Homeless Men, July 2015

Russian Maniacs Record Themselves Stabbing Homeless Men

Russian Maniacs Record Themselves Stabbing Homeless Men

In Russia neo-Nazis arrange a real hunt for the homeless and conducted brutal “contests” on the attack on people.

The first murder in the video was committed near the temple of the triumph of Orthodoxy in Altuyevo, the construction of which was completed in 2016.

Users of the Russian anonymous forum 2ch found a video in the Darknet, on which the unknown with special cruelty killed the homeless.

The total length of the video is 2 minutes 39 seconds. Cutting scenes of violence are accompanied by aggressive music. The main figure, a man with a soaked face, which in the midst of a white day attacks calmly sunbathing homeless. First, the offender “fills” the victim with a gas cylinder (pepperspray), then followed by kicking on the head, and then he implements a knife, inflicting multiple stabbing blows.

The group found a repost with the report of the Ukrainian cell “White Hunters “. Neo-Nazis attacked the same homeless, calling them “separatist pedophiles.”

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          1. Only real harm I see is that it’s a complete waste. NYC is rife with these homeless cocksuckers and I’ve always been of the mindset that they would be less of a social drain and actually do some fucking good if their organs and other body parts were harvested. Now you might argue that no one in his right goddamn mind would ever want a cirrhotic liver or a [simple] cyst-lined kidney, but if you’ve been waiting years for a transplant, your skin has turned a god-awful shade of yellow, or you’re retaining so much fluid waste from poor renal function that you’re starting to look like a bloated corpse in the middle of summer, you’d be the first motherfucker to slice one of these pieces of shit open in order to save your own life.

      1. I think one was asleep and then the others were old and their hearing is probably not as good as they used to. These are some major punkass bitches who prey on the old and weak. There is a reason they pick on the homeless. That is because they think that no one would avenge their death as they are alone in life and no one can defend them as well. Typical coward bully behavior. You don’t see them taking out young healthy men, just people they think will not fight back.

        1. I almost get a hard-on thinking how one of those fuckers were butt-raped and killed in prison, how he cried and begged (hopefully), regretting he’s actions that led him to this point (or maybe not), and I hope he felt quite a lot of pain before he died.

          Ohh, if only public lynching were legal everywhere (or course, only when the conviction is proven)

          1. @ankun256 yeah that would be a treat. These aren’t one of those tough as nails, spetnaz kind of guys. These are just some faggots thinking they’re hard. Just look at that one who stabbed someone with his bag on. He looks totally retarded.

          1. Is your IQ below 70? Because you seem to think like a retard.
            Look, you obviously have internet… educate yourself a little before spouting of at the mouth. And don’t forget to keep from drooling into your keyboard.

        1. Ukraine will always be a region and part of Mother Russia and never a country .This will be so regardless of how often Established media tries to brainwash the world on Uncle Sam’s orders.

          Ukraine as a separate country is as ridiculous as Appalachia suddenly becoming its own country and someone trying to sell to me that Kentuckians and Virginians were never USAmericans!


          1. The information directly translated from Russian site IS just as confusing to you as to me, everyone!! What you read is what I read…. Wish some Crazy Russian Mother Fucker (no pun intended) would clear up this dire information…

            The phrase “Ukrainian Cell” along with Russia this and that is definitely cuntfusing!

            @devirginizer ( I think I answered my own question as I saw profile with name, but are you the tall black man in pic? ) judging by your username.. you get ’em B.G. brother! RAWR!!

          2. Haha. Not commenting on your take friend. I was just venting on one of my pet hates and trying to inform those who care on the Geography and History of the region. You have done as best you could with the resources available to you . Better than ninety nine percent of other fuckers would have done. That is a compliment !haha

            I do think it was established that all these happened outside of the region of Ukraine and that @alois was right that these freaks are “The Cleaners”

        2. @seraphim-serenata Yes. I am that tall man. I’m still waiting for that dickhead Best Gore is full of idiots… who doesn’t believe that I am 6’3″. He didn’t know that the first pic that I posted here is when I was 16 and then the second one was when I was 17. I actually don’t want people to see my current face. In the second pic the dumb arse thought that I was only 5’3″ 110 lbs and then I enlarged it then he finally shut his mouth. He told me to show my current pic as he thinks that I am just bullshiting him. I will enlarge my face in the future as that dickhead will say that it isn’t me.

          1. I understand. That user seems to be one of a dozen every year that try to ignite a spark into flames, for their amusement. All comments from him seem in desperate need to arouse response an attention to his stupidity…. I assume you are resident in U.S.A. that’s all I will ever assume 😀 lol

            A catch phrase I remember since I was a little lad is, “Fuck the haters, fuck the posers!”

            Don’t be such a stranger on B.G. … I recall seeing your comments from back in the day…

          2. @hopingfornemesis Thanks. BTW the dumb cunt thought that I am still a kid and I am not above 20. According to him, I sound like a kid. The dumb arse is too shallow-minded to realize that some people here might sound a bit childish but we know they are grown men. Just look at svarg’s comments but only a dickhead would assume that he is not above 20. Even svarg’s comments in the forums change in tone. I’m also surprised by him comparing best gore to social media as if this site is like facebook where you put your pics, address, contact number, etc. He also doesn’t know that I actually look more European than Filipino in real life at my current age and thinks he can easily beat me up. He talks about respect and all that shit but he is one MASSIVE cunt.

    1. @devirginizer Fuck you fucking Faggot !!! This is not Fucking Brave Man Shit… This son of the bitch Russian COWARD.. PUSSY !! They Just Can Attack Poor Old Mans.. if I am gonna be there I am gonna cut he is HEAD OFF !!! This Pussy Cunt !!!! Coward Son of the bitch !! And you STFU your piecoshit msg About Muzzies !!! You are NOTHING IN THIS WORLD GOD DAMN PUSSY !!

    2. I came to this video expecting to sulk about how fucked up humanity is but instead I was laughing my ass off to that screamo song playing in the background. Does anyone know the song name? I really like it

    3. Seriously! Old cunts are wearing too much padding these days, trying to look like Pee Diddy!
      They should go to the Bahamas where old white cunts were a tank top or a Hawaiin shirt, and try to pick up a 20 year old Asian mole. Stick them I say! Dirty old cunts.

  1. Comrade Stalin must be rolling in his grave at the sight of these slavs worshipping Nazi filth.

    Ok guys I kinda felt bad about these hobos getting stabbed and all but I kinda laughed at random while watching this video, is that a symptom of insanity?

    1. Fuck Stalin,,, That Pig

      I Worked, Alongside many Slavs In Ottawa,s Construction Industry over 30+ Years. And Let Me Tell Ya That they were in fact some, if not our top hard-working crews. They Were Good, Hard-Working Christians with A Big Set Of Balls,,, Courage,,, That lived life with High Moral Standards, unlike most of The Jew-Enslaved,,, CNN Watching,,, *Holohoax Believing Retards* that know have Watched The Movie “Schindler,s List” so many times that they now know-it word for word!

      And they are so Unbelievably Intelligent that they needed no convincing to know, & since they were 4 Year-Old kids that this Holohoax-Scam was exactly that,,, A Major Scam!!! Therefore,,, these Slavs never Bought into It. Worship The Beautiful Nazi Strongmen, is Something We Should “ALL DO” In Order To Keep The Dream, *That Will Soon Become A Reality* Alive.

      Because “They” did Not Bow To The Cow. They Were Good Shepherds Of Hope, Who Round Them-Up, Keeping A Close Eye On These Evil Satan Worshiping Piglets, As They’re Playing-In, & Stirring Up Da-Dirt. Afteral That’s What They Do Best! The Beatles Describes The Dirty JEW-Filth, In Their Wonderful True Song Dedicated To Them PIGS Below!


      Have you seen the little piggies
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      Have you seen the bigger piggies
      In their starched white shirts
      You will find the bigger piggies
      Stirring up the dirt
      Always have clean shirts to play around in.
      In their styes with all their backing
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      The Beatles Knew Best!
      R.I.P. John, & George. 🙂

      1. Schindler’s list was proven to be a lot of shit! All lies. I am ashamed to say the book based on Shindler was written by an Australian author who of course became famous in Hollywood because of it.

        If the Zionists really wanted to show a person who REALLY helped Jews in WWII they certainly did not look far and wide. I did a quick google and found at least fifty famous people who did. Yet the Zionist Hollywood fucks chose to popularise a movie about a person they KNEW did nothing.

        Why ? It helped push the narrative . A prepackaged book that Spielberg got rights to was just too good to be passed up. Money ….and don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story ha?

        1. I Mean,,, i have to give the writer credit for his work on this Motion Picture, and the Fact that it is After all, (as we now know) to be 100% Fictitious. Well, except for the facts that Jews Are/Were Dirty Pigs, that is, lol.

          And i’m sure that he was pressured into signing a huge book deal, & possible future Movie Deal, if he would put on it, **Based on A True Story** cause like you state,,, in does indeed help the overall narration, & boost ticket/DVD’s overall sales.

          It’s like Saying/Writing **Made With** 100% Australian AAA Beef on Wendy’s, or McDonald’s Burgers Advertising Campaigns in order to sell more of their by-product-Filled With Mystery-Meat/ Wallaby/Road-Kill Laden Patties, lol, eh???, lol. 😉

          1. Speilburg didn’t give a shit about Schindlers list, he just wanted that Oscar for the heartfel plight of the jews. He used that money and got his rocks off filming americans get shot. That really got his jew balls big and red.

    2. You might be a lil sadistic but amusement is an emotion like any other, so you cant be a sociopath.
      Maybe your just really insecure that you had to randomly fish for someone elses words of affirmation and approval, Other wise you would have searched yourself for the answers to your own questions.
      Maybe you just needed to hear it from yourself that you might be a lil crazy (i.e. your self absorbed into your own mind).
      Maybe your just too uneducated that you had to ask such a dumb question! Lol.
      Ill tell you right now, if your not the actual perpetrators doing these horrible acts of terrorism, then i would say no, your perfectly normal.

        1. Yes that is the sad thing. But either it was in the hands of inmates using the method he used in his own victims or it was some kind of cancer and it was a long and painful death he is gone in this world. You know what, I actually wish it was the latter, though. Dying of terminal cancer is like torture itself. Imagine the little bitch writhing and twisting in agony but if he was killed by a knife I hope he was disemboweled with his innards out. Hope they showed the video to the inmates, his mates would probably never leave their cells out of fear.

          1. Hahahaha I imagined the disembowelment then him being hung with his own intestines lol. He deserved a painful torturous death which ever way it happened. Picking on the weak and vulnerable is a cunts game.

          1. Have you ever been amused by anything? @alois
            Besides, if anyone believes any/all comments here are sworn truths, they need help. Not every member here is looking for information, many are here to be entertained.

          2. @hopingfornemesis I do write kind of serious sometimes but it’s nice to change it up just to be dumb once in awhile.. goofing around so to speak, also, I amuse myself.

            @阿洛伊斯 There’s no “misleading the public” in a comments section.. they can very easily go research for themselves. Just because you read my words about a Hirohito Japs gang doesn’t mean they’re real.

      1. @JadedCunt

        You need to educate yourself, you dumb fucker… Who invented the atomic bomb? The majority of scientists that were working on it were Jewish, not white… Including Einstein as far as I’m concerned. Who controls the U.S. government? Israel does, the Jews… It was them who dropped that bomb on Hiroshima… Whites were simply tools for that agenda, but sole credit doesn’t go to them. Jewish scientists and the nuclear bomb

  2. It’s shit like this that pisses me off when they go after their own race! Total nigger if you ask me! And if you didn’t ask me then I still could give zero shits if you did or didn’t. Fuck if it wasn’t bad enough scrounging around in some fuckin dumpster then to be kicked and stabbed just about takes the cake! (no pun)

    1. @african-angel These Russian trolls were actually not Nazis but Jap sympathizers from a racist sect of WWII Axis power sympathizers known as the ‘Hirohito Japs’. They are know for being White skinned Russian youth often in their late teens to early 30’s and they sometimes stab White Russians as an outcry of rebellion and anger over the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the “imperialistic U.S. scum” during the 40’s (the summer of fire and brimstone).
      One of the young Russian Jap gang members was said to have attempted to steal a small Russian aircraft and planned on flying it into a Russian aircraft carrier as a Kamikaze mission in celebration of the heroic pilots of Pearl Harbor. He was caught and arrested however.

      These people are racist Jap supports who want to keep Russia looking as Japanese as Japan keeps their islands (ethnostate). They don’t like Trump though because they want America to become invaded and Trump said he wants to secure and protect America which angers the Hirohito Japs; they don’t like that because they hate Americans and are racist.

    1. @Dutchy These racist Russians that you see in the video are not Nazis with ties to the National Socialist movements of the 3rd Reich, but rather they were young Russian punks affiliated with the racist Hirohito worshipers of World War II Japan known as ‘The Hirohito Japs’. These young violent rebellious whippersnappers are known for stabbing random White Russian people as a revenge for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the imperialistic scum Americans.

      The youth are known for promoting hatred towards the White man in Russia by walking around waving Japanese flags and acting like a bunch of racist Japs who don’t like anyone in their country because they’re an ethnostate.

      1. Here I thought the harmless weeaboos were quite pro japan but I guess this is a new one for sure.

        Although I find very ironic that they attack Russians in the former home of the communist Soviet Union side instead of Americans in the free world of the capitalist because it doesn´t make much sense other than that they think the russians “betrayed them help” from the capitalist side.

        1. @m8 Not everyone can be a Nazi like the leftists in America like to spout off about like the retards that they are.. so in Russia these youth are not Nazis at all, but rather the other Axis enemy power; The Japs.

          In this instance they are the ‘Hirohito Japs’, a dangerous youth cult with ties to the emperor (god rest his soul) as they shout before stabbing White Russians.

          1. You sure seem to know your information!

            Care to make a video description?! All this Russia/Chechen and Nazi shit is so confusing… This happened in Russia but the kids are splinter cells of some sorts? pfffft

  3. Disgusting little wimps playing tough guys as Neo- Nazis. I can’t stand fucks like this. They are mommas-boys ,probably were dullards at school who think they are now enlightened because they read a few pages of neonazi crap. Picking on the weakest in soceity because it is sooooo easy.

    Time for Putin and his boys to take out the trash.

      1. @m8 These were no Nazis! They were members of the Hirohito Jap Brigaide, a violent hostile group of extreme murderers who still believe that the Jap Hirohito was the true son of God and that the Japs should have conquered the world. They are Jap extremists who happen to be Russian. They’ve also been known to eat dogs and sacrifice children to the Volcano Lord ‘Charles’.

          1. @m8 The Hirohito Japs of Russia WILL strike again. They may attempt to steal another Russian light airplane and fly it into a Russian battleship in an effort to re-create Pearl Harbor. They will go down in their own minds as the true Kamikazes of freedom!

        1. @jadedcunt The Russian extremists hate Japan with a passion, not least because of the humiliation in 1905 and the Japanese atrocities in Nanking which were aimed not only at the Chinese but also at the Russians. There is no such thing as a Hirohito Brigade in Russia. You have obviously been sniffing too much glue.

          1. @阿洛伊斯 They’re not Nazis because they hated the National Socialists who invaded Russia. They’re certainly Hirohito Japs out for the glory of the original Kamikaze sucker-punch attacking Japs.

        1. @m8 They love the ethnostate of Japan more than they love their own homeland so this is how they show their dedication. That is why they’re not Nazis (concerned with their homeland) but rather Japs (racist against Whites so they stab them).

          1. I work nights, yes but have a kid that doesn’t sleep til 6am.. am always up on Best Gore in-between both..

            Let’s not turn this around on me now lol now sing me a lullaby 😛 you lush

  4. Is what the addicted demon looks like when it finally catches up to you and finishes you off? Man I am sure that is the thought that crosses their minds as they reach deaths door. Booze and drugs are a motherfucker.

  5. The one Hobo on the Bench getting the business from these Degenerates bled out for sure. The Blood was like A Fountain terrible way to go. Seems like Everyone was having A Bad Day that Day.
    Is there no hope for A Russian HOBO?

  6. Oh yea,,, real Champs, & Tough Guys these Fucking Retards. So I Guess The JEWS Are Somewhat slowly, and Lowly Infiltrating Some Parts Of Russia and as a result,,, Corrupting their Young Men Into Doing Stupid-Evil-Shit like this. Or,,, they’ve must’ve trained in Israel to become Good Backstabbers like All GHood Zionist-Jew-Pigs Are Known To Be!

    In Most Jews Life, There’s Something Lacking,,,
    So What They Need,,, Is A Damn Good Wacking!

  7. that’s sad.
    poor homeless guys were in shit hard enougth, specifically in russian with fucking winter and shit.

    RIP homeless guys. poor bastard.

    hope they catch all thoses killers and turn them into homeless shit, soo they can realise what it is, before some others young came to kill them too.

    1. So because of this video you are saying all white people are scum? Uhh pardon ?? You are a big racist… please never come to Holland if you want to be a racist. We have all kind of people here. WHITE YELLOW CARAMEL (black) MUSLIM BUDDHA POWERRRRR

        1. And funny that you are saying this after I’m saying something good. I said all races are good. And than you attack Holland and people from Holland.. that’s messed up man. Make something of your life. Wish you all the best

  8. Topic starter, did you study geography at school? Or are you banned in Google? Dnepropetrovsk is located in Ukraine, and the killers are ukrainians and not russians.

        1. Oh man you should watch the video of the dust rag getting stoned to death, fucking hilarious.
          A tradition right out of the dark ages. I guess when you live in mud huts, technology just passes you by and it probably doesn’t help when your IQ is so low because your mom made you with her cousin and they were made by cousins and on and on.

  9. fucking pathetic, how coward you have to be to randomly kill homeless people, I thought Russians had something better to offer, fucking stupid cunts I bet they only do it cuz they think it makes them look badass, I’m glad one of them got killed in prison, I only hope they could’ve recorded so we could watch it

  10. Just killing someone who doesn’t harm anyone. I don’t understand that shit. And why men? If you want to kill someone at least kill a few women, there are more men than women.. No just kidding but still….. they didn’t do anything wrong! It’s so weak to just kill someone.. just chilling in the park, not harming anyone at all. Being killed by a young little gay guy.. crazy shit main……

    1. yeah, or sleeping. and i bet some of these homeless guys probably get drunk before, because its only way for them to forget the shitty life or to get warm.

      this is as pathetic as killing 3yo child in a kindergarden.

      they are no glory or anything to fight something that cant defend itself.

  11. You are likely to evade arrest if you murder someone with zero ties to you so.. they did a good job on that regard lol. On that note fuck all the homeless people in this world they are a burden to society. This video is amazing!

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