Russian Tourist Murdered in Mombasa, Kenya

Russian Tourist Murdered in Mombasa, Kenya

A Russian tourist was murdered by a group of armed men while visiting the birth place of the American Kenyan President, Barack Hussein Obama.

Thirty-year-old Maria Tatyana was gunned down at around 10:00 a.m. in front of a Shia Sheri Mosque in the Old Town district of Mombasa, Kenya. Witnesses say that three men came up and fired shots at Maria and her two friends before escaping into a waiting vehicle. Maria was the only one struck, being shot once through the forehead. She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.
As stated by Mombasa County Deputy Police Commander Sevelino Kubai:

We are treating the killing as a normal robbery with violence because one of the thugs shot this tourist when she tried to fight back when the gang struck

Despite contradictory statements from eye witnesses and members of Maria’s tour group who say that nothing was stolen from Maria nor demanded of her. They also dispute that she tried to fight these would-be robbers. So far there has been no official arrests for the shooting although one of Maria’s own tour guides, a man named Derrick Ngumo, has been detained for questioning. The investigation is ongoing but I doubt little more will be done. They clearly want to wash their hands of this incident quickly before it puts a dent in their Russian tourism (which isn’t that high to begin with). According to Head of the Tourism Police Unit, Wilbeforce Sicharani:

We are treating the incident as normal crime since at this stage we cannot relate it to terror attack. It is an isolated incident that should not scare away visitors

So, officially, three men attempted to rob the young tourist and when she refused and tried to fight them, she was gunned down. An easy to digest scenario. Oh, they’ll probably go through the motions of a thorough investigation but ultimately they’ll close this case as soon as they can. And I’m sure her family will be moderately compensated and left with more questions than answers.

I only have two images available but I think that they speak volumes. As in the volumes of blood pouring out of poor Maria’s head. And just look how eager the Kenyans are to capture it on video.

Personally, I doubt this was politically motivated as (to the best of my knowledge) she was not an out-spoken member of any political party nor did she have any political ties, she was just a tourist. However, a Russian national gunned down in the Kenyan’s birth place could spark some interesting discussions, debates and conspiracy theories, no? So please, feel free.

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      1. Wow,thats pretty much what i was going to say,but one thing i was going to add ,is when blood is spewing from the upper part of. The body blood is mixed with oxegen giving the blood a thinner and bright color to it ,and no im not a doc.just say,,

          1. @elmaspison
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            Animals do not behave in such manor nor are they vindictive.

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            I think humans may actually be devolving mentally. Sigh

    1. Blood can also mix with other bodily fluids. When mixed with stomach acid it becomes very very thick. Also if it mixes with mucus from nasal or throat. Where blood from the lungs will often be very fluid because of the water that builds in the lungs once ruptured. But “Der Kopfsammler” is on with the color.

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    Whatever the real story behind this is, it proves yet again that white women can still count themselves lucky if they get it of there unscathed.

  2. “We are treating the killing as a normal robbery with violence because one of the thugs shot this tourist when she tried to fight back when the gang struck”

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  7. I think this is going to be a turning point and Putin is going to declare war on Kenya and then probably take out Somalia and expand the Russian empire acroos most of Africa. What do you think?

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