SAA Defeat ISIS and Take Back Villages from Around Deir Al-Zour Airfield

SAA Defeat ISIS and Take Back Villages from Around Deir Al-Zour Airfield

I have some good news from the side of the resistance. Our good friend Syrian_Boy is alive and well and has submitted to us some photos from the Deir AL-Zour military airfield east of Syria. But I will let the Syrian_Boy speak for himself:

hello there today I’m back with new photos from Deir Al-zour military airfield east of Syria , the SAA turn the battle from defense to attack and capture many villages around the airfield from ISIS terrorists leaving behind a lot of dead terrorists

Thank you, brother. May you and yours continue to kick cockroach tail. Somebody’s got to do it.

Also, on secondary note, remember the orthopedic surgeon who lost his head? Well, I have update on that post with a few more photos for you gore fiends to drool over. Madass props to Best Gore member Wolfthorn for getting these to me.

32 thoughts on “SAA Defeat ISIS and Take Back Villages from Around Deir Al-Zour Airfield”

  1. @Syrian Boy do you guys hold out any hope for this ending anytime soon ?
    It seems as fat as you eradicate them more pop up.
    Stay out of the way of the bullets and hang onto your head bro.

    1. I’m not Syrian boy, but I’m close. The war there will never end unless you have another sadam to keep everyone under control. Sadam was a condom, you take the condom away, all he’ll breaks loose in a vagina

      1. I’ve heard it said that the people of that region only follow the strong horse.
        Hope you guys find that strong stallion soon and can have some type of peace again in your lives.

        1. well, we asked the same question in Algeria back in the 90’s , about the savages who came from Afghanistan joined FIS and killed over 200,000 Algerian 90% of them were civilians.
          Syria need a system similar to the Algerian one and follow the same plan with some modifications, because the same plan won’t work out twice.
          I just strongly hope that Syria becomes the land of peace, when I was around 10/15 years old , I always wanted to live there, that is still my dream 🙂
          oh by the way in my neighborhood there are about 50/70 Syrians refugees most of them are Kurds, they support Bashar and they want to go back there one day 🙂 they are good people and I know most of Syrians are the same <3 keep calm and support Syria

    1. A hope a large part of that filthy, towel-head shit is made up of the ones that travelled from The UK and Europe to fight their.

      Then we won’t have to have these ‘things’ back infesting our country, and their rotting corpses can go and stink somewhere where they belong.

      Good riddance!!

  2. it makes me sad to see some people following the ziomedia, pointing a finger to all Muslims while Muslims are the most who suffers.
    I am muslim and I love all the prophets and I really want peace between human beings while it is almost impossible to make. I don’t condamn all Christians or all the Jews just bc of Kkk or Zionism. in fact I have many friends of both religions and we respect each others and we sometimes debate about religion in a peaceful way.
    it is so stupid of some people insulting Islam and not thinking that there is over a billion of Muslims around the world, I ask my self, if Muslims are savages why would those people still alive lol. imagine an army of 500 million Muslim. I don’t want people to fight over politics and using religions in their stupid cases, we had enough of the fkin FIS in Algeria , we don’t want them back again.
    it is always about that plant which planted in the wrong Land , and I want to step on it, that’s the only way to make peace between nations

  3. By this time i bet Syrian_Boy is tired of having to dig up mass graves for this piles of shit… 😆 Just toss them in that huge hole on the ground and send them back where they come from… Leonidas style… 😆 THIS IS SYRIA! *kicks cockroaches*

    1. Fuck that. I think they dig up their own graves. That’s the least the cockroaches can do.
      I hope the so called “mercenaries” from canada, Europe, Asia, that join isis, die. They are the radicals that act stupid and bring terror and change laws outside the middle east. So women can wear curtains

      Der, do you have sand roaches in Portugal?

  4. There’s some good use out of these dead bodies you pick them clean for what they have I like to see this pit entirely full all the way to the top with these dead bodies i’m not saying these pictures are bad but the picture that I mention would out do them all. Love these dead mugshots. 🙂

    1. I love the fact that they shove the holoco$t crap down our throats 24/7. They know that their entire future existence depends on an unsustainable lie that was born of supreme hubris. The tribe are fucked, I’ll give them twenty years tops.

  5. Can someone explain why America supplies FSA and not the SAA I mean they are both fighting against eachother, but again they both hate ISIS, is it basically just a free for all type deal? I just want to know why America specifically chose the FSA even though they are the ones who turn over to ISIS giving them the power, money, weapons, etc.

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