SAA Gain Control of Strategic Locations Outside Damascus

SAA Gain Control of Strategic Locations Outside Damascus

Our brother Syrian_Boy has returned from the frontlines once again to provide us images of SAA victory in the countryside around Damascus. This time they have managed to take control of the valley between Ain Tarma and Jobar, effectively cutting off these two areas which were heavily used by the terrorists for their rocket and mortar attacks on the city of Damascus. Terrorist rats have been forced to flee under penalty of brutal slaughter should they try to fight and are only left with the city of Duma as their last bastion. Although it wont be long, as the SAA are forever moving forward like a tsunami, wiping away all trace of these mercenary scum from their homeland. Syrian_boy’s light-hearted and optimistic prediction:

The battle will become very dirty

The final image in this gallery depicts what the Syrian children directly affected by the conflicts now have to play with. Instead of jungle gyms, they have tanks. Instead of slides and merry go rounds and swings they have the burned out husks of cars, thousands of spent ammo casings and crumbled blocks that used to be buildings. However, The SAA has been making great progress for their people with a slew of recent victories against the Agents of Terror. You are doing a damn fine job, my friend. You have many supporters here, cheering you and your comrades on. Stay safe.

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  1. I will never quite understand war. It’s called a victory when one side has killed more then the other and the winner is surrounded by dead bodies, many of which were innocent civilians. When it’s all over the winning side gets to celebrate in their blood soaked clothes and look around at the thousands of dead bodies laying on the ground around them. I know that war is sometimes necessary as a last resort but does anyone really “win” a war?

    1. What can you do when people bring war to your country? They can either give in to the extremists or die trying because life as they’ve known it is over – at least for a while. Although the US govt thinks it can’t happen to us, I think they are completely underestimating what their hateful actions have done. And if they don’t stop meddling in other country’s affairs and making enemies of so many countries, someday we are going to find ourselves in world of hurt and financial ruin we may never recover from.

  2. @Syrian_Boy, stay safe, keep posting whenever you can and whenever it is safe to do so. I will always take your word over the crap that the media dish out as you are living every day fighting for your country.

  3. Odd how the spotlight changes throughout the course of conflict. Never liked Assad’s regime, but the amount of bullshit that has gone on in the uprising isn’t pleasant either. Glad I can piss around on my computer safe and sound while others bleed, however selfish that satisfaction is. Gotta know it’d blow to be in that environment, where the government is shit, and those usurping it are shit, and you have terrorists fucking everything over, killing innocent civilians.

  4. Sick of people bad mouthing the United States, you think you know. If it wasn’t for the US millions more would be dead. When a nation is in peril who do they run to!? America please save us. Then celebrate when one of us dies. I say we bring all our boys home protect what’s ours and let the rest of you deal with your own shit.

  5. After a battle in the U.S. Civil war it was possible to walk across an entire battlefield on top of the bodies never once having your boot touch the ground. As Robert E Lee once said ” It is well that war is so terrible – otherwise we would grow to fond of it.” Quoted after the battle of Fredericksburg 13th of December 1862.

  6. I’m getting real jelly over here, Syrian_Boy. You’re doing a damn fine job that I wish I was helping out with!
    Fantastic work and don’t stop till they’re all dead.

    As a Pakistani I can understand what it’s like having a rat infestation in our country. We’re with you in spirit, brother.

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