SAA Recapture Al-Shaar Gas Field – Terrorists Butchered

SAA Recapture Al-Shaar Gas Field - Terrorists Butchered

Hello. I have an update on Syrian_Boy and the SAA you may be interested in.

They have successfully reclaimed the Al-Shaar gas field where 115 of their comrades had been slaughtered by ZOG mercenaries. And as you can see, payback is a bitch. No mercy was shown to the ZOG scum. I have no idea exactly what went down but some of these terrorists have been ripped to shreds. Some real carnage here. I’ll just let the images speak for themselves.

Congrats, Syrian_Boy, on avenging your fallen comrades and striking a blow to ZOG…as well as providing us with this gory content. Stay safe.

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  1. @Boozer, I got your message, sorry again and thanks for sharing.
    I understand you, I am not going to start the debate again or try to change
    you. The following comment is for LilMissSunshinexo, not aimed at you. You can read it if you like.
    You’re lucky to have a supporting friend like her. Wish you your best, biker.
    ps: yes it’s a ridiculously late response, apolopgies.

  2. @LilMissSunshinexo, I only read your comment last night, so it’s a fairly late response. Hope you get to see this.
    Originally, I was shocked by your over-reaction.
    But then I thought to myself, if I was a close friend of Boozer, how would I react if I see a comment like that,
    especially by a new guy?
    You’re right, it was rude of me to demand him in such manner. I apologize for the nonsesne.
    And on your comment that I have not been around BG long enough……I’m actually one of the first to land on BG.
    (not trying to sound cocky) I was here before ads existed, after it existed and disappeared again and so on.
    I was here before the comments became so pro-white, anti-semitic and anit-nonwhite. I predicted it would become this way and I was right. How and why? Because anyone who is willing to put down his original beliefs and ideology, and view global
    issues on a mass scale will easily understand why whites are becoming protective and uncomfortable with other races.
    I DO NOT, AT ALL, feel offended when I see comments like “nuke niggs”, “kill kikes” ect. But it does upset me when the work
    of decent non-whites gets denied. You see, alot of us non-whites like myself(asian living in asia) have to work very hard to earn the respect whites are born with.
    Almost everyone here posted anti-black comments, not only Boozer. I have nothing personal with him, why would I? The only reason I questioned him was his reply(). Boozer was the only one who left a negative reply after IP-configs statement.
    Everyone else either gave him a possitive support or left him alone. I over-reacted and demanded Boozer as a result. I feel awful and guilty for what I made him recall. If I had the slightest hint about his past, I wouldn’t even think about asking. It was my bad, and now things are
    cleared up, I respect Boozer for what he is. And I’m the one who misunderstood him in the first place.
    I do my best to read every single comment, but I still miss out a lot. Life as a north-east asian is very busy. I only check out BG once in two weeks.
    Language and communication is a big problem too. The last time I set foot on western soil was seven years ago, and that was just a one-week stay.
    The last time I spent over THREE month on western soil was over twelve years ago. So maybe I acted rudely, but I didn’t mean to. I know it started out bad,
    but I hope you can try to comprehend my emotional state during that period. I hope this doesn’t leave an estrangment between us. I would love to befriend you,
    Boozer and everyone on BG. BG is all about reality and consciousness, and a firm friendship with the BG community is what I’m looking forward to. πŸ™‚

    1. @dennytheaws Hey bro every thing is cool, so OK . You are a cool dude so stop feeling sorry about shit that happens in life,If you respect me I will do the same ok bro?

      Off the topic: I had a fucking horror crash today with my bike, I’m in the hospital right now. I told my best buddy to get my laptop to me me with a wifi stick & I’m glad it works. This is the story: I was riding to get on the Autobahn my Fat Boy was thundering as always, so this fucker didn’t want me to pull up in front of him, so he didn’t let me in so I hit the gas & that MF did too! so he hit my back wheel & I started to tumble with the speed around 110 km. So I thought do or die & jumped of my loving bike and ended up in a bunch of trees my leg hit a big tree & broke it 2 times. The MF that hit me drove on. But I was lucky again & my beloved bike was there right next to me! Fuck my busted bones! my bike is what counts! They put 2 plats in my leg so If I can I will post it. But only If obli will help me, bc I don’t know how to do it!!

      1. Holy shit man! That fuckin sucks…. that sounds really bad, so I’m glad you survived! Hope you feel better soon and can get back to riding. What an action packed day! I will have a shot for you too…. in fact make it the bottle! To boozer!!! And I hope that as what that drove off crashes and burns!

      2. boozer, boozer, boozer..dude take good care of yourself! it would make me sad (as well as a lot of other people too I expect) to not have you around. Make sure you take good care of yourself!
        btw…was the bike totaled??

      3. @Boozer Bro ! Hope you get to feeling better soonest. Hope your baby ain’t too messed up, and they are giving you righteous amounts of the good shit. Speedy recovery my B.G. Brother.

    1. Let me explain,, A little while back, the Syrian Army was overrun by the American, & Israeli Zionists Paid Terrorists, and many, as much as 115 of them were killed. The Syrian Army, with Syrian_Boy included, kicked their asses, and took the gas field back! πŸ™‚

  3. One thing about all these conflicts, is that it keeps BG with an endless supply of pics for are amusement. I give thanks to BG founders and it’s Writers, and to all those that shed there bodily fluids for us pointers.

  4. I was about to say the CIA and Israel must be upset their useless idiots got killed, but I’m sure they have a million more to send in.

    These ISIS fucks are the worst scum ever unleashed on this planet. I wish Russia, China, Iran, and everyone else who isn’t aligned with the West joined forces and wiped these subhuman savage barbarians off the face of the earth.

      1. Yea these guys are just Western and Gulf Arab paid operatives fronting as religious fanatics.

        Real Jihadists even hate these guys and have exposed then for the frauds they are to the bullshit islamist cause.

  5. the balance in the CIA backed “syrian civil war” is starting to be achieved…fsa need to all die!!!!…..assad has shown the west to sod off and mind its own bussiness.
    obama….destableize someone else!!

  6. The Summer That Time Forgot

    by isitpoetry

    Pretty days golden hay cool patient nights
    spinning around upside down right side up inside out.
    Soft warm breath it’s smell I can taste
    the sky is a room from which I have come I now wait.

    Hurry not quicken the pace can you not hear
    the sound of a place where few others like you I have been.
    I have seen all the wonderfull things, things that were
    never meant to be seen, yet like you there I’ve been.

    Time may forget the meaning of friends loves the blame
    in a way few have known or know the true meaning of.
    Lost in a way when it can be found once again putting to rest
    the feelings we felt the summer you left that time forgot.

    is it poetry

        1. Just a thought @iip, maybe if you spent more time working on your comments & poetry, and less time & energy on finding pictures you think will “gross” people out, you might find out that maybe you have something interesting to contribute.

          Seriously, you’re coming off as an attention-starved 12 year old boy showing Playboys to the cool kids smoking in the school bathroom.

          But hey, maybe it’s just me.

          1. I take your point
            Grabbing your attention
            is after all what
            poetry is about.
            I hear a lot of hate
            and racism here.
            Hating some one
            or some thing
            will not make a race
            or ideal go away.
            I opine that
            of one kind or another
            is what drives any thing negative
            to all.
            Most folks aren’t to thick
            having more bone
            hence less room
            for a brain to grow.
            is the need to propagate
            worth the child
            where ever its born
            to starve or be killed
            by any race, creed or color
            by any thing other than ignorance
            by some.
            Of course I don’t think
            child is born good or bad
            the parent is the mirror
            of the child…..iip

  7. The whole fucking gaggle are animals… The entire middle east should be turned into a glass covered, self lit parking lot by hydrogen bombs.

    Personally, It’s my thought that it’s only a (short) matter of time before some well financed whack job like BinLaden gets a nuke and lights it off on Wall Street or Washington. Perhaps both at the same time.

    These crazy bastards have such faith in their nut-job god? Well I say send each and every one to go meet him/her/it. Enough. They are savages, one and all.

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