SAA Tank Fires at FSA Sniper with a Camera

SAA Tank Fires at FSA Sniper with a Camera

FSA terrorists had a sniper nest inside a building but realized their fire was not enough to take out a tank so they just kept quiet, hoping the tank operators would not notice them, but they did. The jihadists had a camera set up to film what was happening outside so the incoming tank shell was filmed from the point of view of the jihadists. Closing scream is awesome.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “SAA Tank Fires at FSA Sniper with a Camera”

  1. That is nutty! As the vid starts the barrel raises (they were already marked for destruction) they lift and change rounds quick befor the target could get heads up and fire rpgs, if that had any. I guess from a HEAT to a canister round. Few seconds and boom, 100mm shotgun to the face! …I would think a HEAT round to a support column would have been more effective but at any rate a vid with a tank firing its main gun and see the wad in flight…. Just nuts

    1. By wad I ment sabot of sorts… If I was gonna make a shotgun tank round it would be a canister with condensed fiberglass lol that would be horrific! Gonna sell that idea to law enforcement one day… After I get the kinks out of the inhalation isue first of course lol

  2. Maybe fire in pepper spray or tear gas first and assume (have eyes on for a positive… Not to sure how the police work. I wonder from time to time) they have filtration masks of some sort on and go time! Itch grenades galore lol. I would guarantee my grenades, with 2 hours time, will make any fugitive completely unable to think straight….unless they wear long sleeves and pants… Shit nvm. Uhhhh, more beer

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