SAA Thwarts Attempt at Seige Break in Al-Maliha

SAA Thwarts Attempt at Seige Break in Al-Maliha

Greetings all. Let me preface this post by saying that up until only a couple of months ago, I lumped all Muslims and Middle Easterners together. I passed judgment nonchalantly on entire cultures and races and creeds simply because they were different from me. But that’s not how I feel anymore. Not when I saw Palestine. What was happening there. Suddenly, I didn’t see Muslims…I saw human beings. Now, before the cries of “hypocrite” start, let me just say that as human beings we have the ability to grow mentally and emotionally and can learn from the past to better ourselves. Which I have done. I see an enemy, though. I see a force that will not stop until it controls all aspect of human life and will do anything to achieve this goal. That is a threat far greater than any difference in race or culture or religion. I do not understand Islam or Muslims, and I never will, we are too different. But that doesn’t mean they have no right to life as you and I do.

Our brother, Syrian_Boy has provided us some more content. To those who may be unaware, the SAA has recently laid seige to the city of AL-Maliha to get to the terrorist forces hidden inside. Al-Maliha is considered to be a gateway to Damascus and thus pivotal in securing. The SAA know of the rat terrorists inside, they know their behavior and can accurately predict their movements so that the SAA knows where and when to strike at their targets. Unlike Israel, who would level the entire city and kill hundreds of thousands of innocents to get to their enemies.

Last week, an attempt to break the siege was attempted including a suicide bombing and I’m pretty sure that’s what resulted in the torn-up body you see featured, but mainly consisted of a joint assault from members of al-Nusra and an FSA terror cell. The rebel faction initially claimed victory over the pro-Assad forces, but this is false propagandizing as Syrian_Boy says that the terrorists have failed in breaking the siege as can be seen below. And as of now, the SAA are pretty much in control of Maliha. Good job, guys.

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  1. And the Israeli people are already spreading propaganda in my country on TV / Facebook… Most people support them but they don’t know how dangerous they are and what they’ve done.. (im not a muslim supporter either btw)

    1. Let’s see how much your country would support those rag heads if they blew a bus up full of people.
      When hitler was throwing all the jews to there new home no one said anything. Now some 60 yrs later every one bitching. Shut the fuck up and figure it out. You can beat Israel they got a good army, air superiority and good weapons you guys lost be4 a shot was fired.

  2. How would ya like to be charged with the task of putting that back together to send home to mommy? A real brain teaser. But since this is the middle east, no trouble. Spare the hefty bag and like @DK said, into the pit. Any worms in that sand???

    1. i honestly believe that there are good people everywhere, even in the middle East. However the bad out weighs the good and I can’t tell who are the good ones. I have to say that the whole damn middle east needs to be blown up to prevent evil from continuing or spreading. fuck em all. I feel no sadness for these deaths. Honestly I can hardly tell who is who anymore. To me, I see more blown up mid Eastern shit.

  3. “I passed judgment nonchalantly on entire cultures and races and creeds simply because they were different from me”.

    There is nothing wrong with that Obli, I do it all the time, it’s called human nature.

    The natural process of danger prevention when it comes to human interaction is to first make broad, sweeping judgments and then once you have gotten to know the person better you reassess your opinion.

    I have met some decent Africans in my time however I would not put my trust in all Africans because the African race is made up of individuals and statistically speaking there is far more criminality per head within African nations.

    The above isn’t racism, nor fear of difference but rather an assessment of facts and when it comes to self preservation modern society and it’s “isms” can fuck right off.

    That being said, this is how I judge right or wrong when it comes to races and countries, who does the land actually belong to?, who started what, when and why?, what side has used what actions and why?, etc.

    My conclusion, the side I take on any conflict will depend on the above. It’s a reasoned process, not an emotional one.

    1. @ empty & obli – Well Said. When we unwind our twisted emotions and see what lies deep inside; when we can shed the many layers of social callous that build over time; when we grow older, stronger, wiser and no longer need those layers to protect us; when we can open our minds and see our flaws and accept our differences we can see that at our cores, we all share the same proteins, we all have the same chemicals pumping through our systems, we all react to those chemicals the same. We all smile, we all cry, we all see,hear,smell and we all die…. exactly the same way. That is a language we all share nomatter where you are born or what genetic code you are created from. We can look into someones eyes and understand what they are feeling because we all have that feeling in us.

  4. The SAA, Syrian_Boy included, deserve to live a good long life, free of all the bullshit associated with the Zio agenda. Keep up the good fight brothers, as the whole world watches. The more of these scumbags, you bag, the better off we shall all be 🙂 Great job brother Obli.

  5. Obi…there is so much bad blood in the middle east with century old wars with several different ruling dynasties over last 3,000 years…in Iraq you had the minority group ruling the majority and there was pay backs after the fall of saddam..than you have us infidels from America that has killed a ton of Arabs for Israels protection…..than you have the Jews killing, stealing land, destroying their homes and keeping them in an open prison….than throw in the USA sponsoring regime change to be replaced by their puppet or helping prop up dictators…..the Zionist media is going over board turning it into a religious battle between sunni vs Shia ….this could back fire into a Islamic state vs Jewish state war in the near future…the illegal settlers will be fleeing for their lives thinking about getting their heads cut off… have 350 million Arabs asking their god every Friday to destroy Israel from stolen Arab land…I don’t know about you but I am glad I don’t live on stolen Arab land…the creation of Israel was by far the
    dumbest UN decision ever ….how ironic the UN set up for peace has directly and indirectly cause the world the most hate and death in the middle east….

  6. Anybody else feeling jealous of Syrian_Boy right about now? Fuck man, he’s in there doing the good shit!

    Syrian_Boy, as a fellow Muslim (even though I’m Sunni and you’re probably Shia? I refuse to acknowledge this difference btw), spank these Jihadi fucks hard! These same retards are crawling up in my country ( Pakistan ) and I’m hoping that in not too long I can be doing what you are doing. I’m proud of you and all Syrians.

      1. It’s an honour.
        I see. Thank you for clearing that up. Each and every one of you brave lads are in my prayers. Keep up the good fight.

        Btw, it sickens me how these scum release a lot of videos of them killing Syrian soldiers. If you and your boys happen to capture a few alive…….I’m sure you know where I’m going with this…
        Stay safe, brother.

  7. Just sad, so many brothers, dad’s , grandfathers, uncles, and other family member dead and gone. I have to think that there is a horrible stanch in these city’s and neighborhoods because of all the death and decay.

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