Sacramento Female Cop Beats Unarmed and Restrained Man to Death with Baton

Sacramento Female Cop Beats Unarmed and Restrained Man to Death with Baton

The fact that just about everybody has a camera equipped phone in their pocket, including the Liberal sheeple who have Iphones with which they film vertical videos, helps a great deal in proving what I have been saying this whole time. Women are brainwashed into believing that Feminism is a good thing, that men are not their partners with whom they should coexist by complementing each other, but a threat to their womanhood a dignity. And so with help from pussy whipped lesser men, the Feminism whores abuse their position of a woman to destroy every man they can. Say YES to the uppercut.

CBS13 obtained a cell phone video filmed by a retard with an Iphone which shows a pussy whipped male cop keeping an unarmed man restrained on the ground, while a power tripping feminist female cop beats him senseless with a baton. The victim later died.

The incident happened on the 8300 block of Folsom Boulevard in Sacramento, California. Within the scope of the video, the power tripping female officer struck the victim with her baton 10 times.

Sacramento Police Department issued a statement that a man in his early 40s entered the Metro PCS store and made unintelligible remarks to a female employee (probably a feminist indoctrinated to perceive everything a man does as an attack on her dignity). The female employee called 911 and when the gangsters in uniform arrived, the victim allegedly attempted to barricade himself inside by blocking the front door.

The cops forced their way in and attacked the man, beating him to death. The police press release clarified that pepper spray and multiple baton strikes were used allegedly “to free an officer that was in the suspect’s grasp“. LOL yeah right. Like we haven’t seen enough videos of cops assaulting innocent people and then lying that they were attacked. Cops are notorious liars whose word should never be given any weight in a court of law for that very reason.

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  1. I think the pig-ette was just looking for an excuse to wave around something long, hard, and straight. It’s our fault. Men. We’re too awesome. We can’t help but make women act like the crazy bitches we know them to be once we give ’em a Pearl Necklace. Courtesy of our One-Eyed Monster. Hey, cunts, with only one eye… Can you really expect us to have foresight? Or should I say foreskin sight? 馃檪

      1. I live in the Sacramento area and I think the Sacramento PD needs to take out a whole lot more criminals. The Folsom area is a good for nothing living space full of gang bangers, thieves, crack heads, hookers, extortionist, slum lords, ECT. I dare any of ya’ll try and walk in that area at night by yourself and see how far you get without getting robbed by some thugs.

        1. Hey insertrandomusername I live in Sacramento too well in west Sacramento when did this happen I don’t member hearing bout it then again my cats knocked down & broke my etc converter so no more TV for me. Lol cool to see someone from my home town. I was born in Sac raised in Oak Park.

          1. You know what, I live in Sac too and InsertRandomUserName’s comment couldn’t be more wrong! Folsom is actually really nice place to live, it’s a bit more upscale then the surrounding cities around Sac. Now, as for you, joluvs2gore, I’m more concered about YOU in Oak Park, lol. THAT’S the place, along with Del Paso Heights, where I wouldn’t go walkin around at night!!! How do you manage out there girl???

  2. Cops always use their little false catch phrases in the report to cover up and justify that they are the real attackers.
    “The subject resisted, The subject had to be restrained for his safety and others, the subject was belligerent and combative, I was in fear for my safety and the public’s safety.” Just canned phrases they were taught at the academy.
    They can’t just write in the report, “I’m an alcoholic cop with an anger problem and a 12th grade education and my wife left me and took the kids, so I thought I would make myself feel superior and feed my arrogant asshole ego by using my weapons to beat the shit out of some poor unarmed sap with my other pig buddies in a vicious, unwarranted, overpowering display of tyranny.

      1. Oh yea, I guess I left out the part about how when the police kill unarmed people they go on “paid administrative leave pending a cover up, I mean, pending an investigation. While you the citizen would go to unpaid prison stay.

      2. I’m sure you love to get your hands on the video, so you can edit the shit out of it. Videos can be evidence but it can also help the gangsters If you know what to so with it. Who ever has the means Please, please keep us updates on this bitch. Did she get abducted, assassinated, beheaded, baton up her ass or just enjoying the rest of her life somewhere on tax payers money.

        1. @tundra- the news reports I’ve been looking at don’t even mention that he was beaten to death by a female cop at all! In fact, they make it seem very justifiable and like mentioned above, these officers are just now on paid leave pending an “in custody related death”. Lol. Big surprise, huh?!

          ” When officers approached the store, Morse said, the man held the door closed in an attempt to prevent them from entering. With the suspect and the clerk inside, officers forced the door open and the man, said to be in his 40s, began fighting with officers.Morse said the fight began inside the store and then moved outside as officers attempted to take the man into custody. The fight continued for several minutes until additional officers arrived and were able to help restrain and handcuff the man.Once he was handcuffed, officers noticed that the man was unresponsive. They summoned medical aid, and the man was taken to a hospital, where he died.Morse said the case is being investigated as an in-custody death.”

          They just make it seem like he was alive- then magically croaked! Maybe this was before the video. In either case, these cops are shady! I will continue to look for updates because I’m curious myself and this isn’t very far away.

          1. the guy was high on pcp and if you saw the officer on the ground with the suspect he couldn’t get free from the suspect. The suspect had the officers leg and was biting him and trying to hold him down, when the other officers arrived on scene they sprayed pepper spray to no effect on a strung out pcp user so the female cop used her baton to whack the suspect to get him to release the officer…. their are some bad ass officers in every state that need to be fired but majority of the cops, sheriff deputies, and state troopers are good police officers.

  3. Not too far from home! Power tripping cops are the absolute worst!!

    Metro PCS gets a reputation for supposedly serving the more “ghetto population”. These stores usually have security guards on staff. They get rowdy in there. Metro=GhettRo! Unlimited everything with no bill, no credit check- no nothing! $35 a month! Lol! How true that is- don’t know.

          1. @kill- and to think I was told on another post that I like older men becausecan’t take care of myself! Pfft! What you said is the prime reason I like me a smart and seasoned older man! I don’t think lipo is even done on facial cheeks lol, so it probably won’t happen anyhow.I don’t mind the extra padding on my ass cheeks- never know when I might fall on a motorcycle tire while riding off in the sunset with my true love one of these days! Lol. Plus- more spankable this way! 馃檪

    1. No, $35 a month is the standard cost, for “unlimited” stuff it’s $5 extra, so GhettoRo is actually $40 a month or shall I say, foty a munt! I have GhettoRo but I live in the Arden area!

  4. I hope the bitch gets gang raped by a bunch of fucking apes. No matter where you go in the jewnited states there is police brutality. Killing innocent people and hiding behind a badge. We NEED mor Chris Corners in the world. Someone needs to kill these pigs. The world would be a better place

  5. “..Uniformed gangsters..” perfect description Mark!! Videos like this remind me why Ill never in my lifetime trust law enforcement. There’s a reason I have a sign in front of my house stating “We don’t dial 911” (picture of a gun on sign as well)

    I work the graveyard shift & am often pulled over because their looking for “drunk drivers” at that hour (their excuse to fuck with ANYONE on the road) I always leave my hands out the window as they walk up so they feel no threat. This video proves the subject to longer be a threat when getting wailed on. Put an in-perfect being in a position of authority/power over the masses and I will show you said person abusing their position. Never fails!

    1. When I used to only get my info from the TV news- (the they only report what they want you to know) I’d hear about a few incidents like these but had no idea really how bad it is here! Now that my eyes have been opened, I’m scared of the mother-fuckers and I don’t even do shit wrong!!! =/ Power trippers are dangerous peeps!

      1. This is like when you are driving at the right speed and you see a cop car. Although you are not doing anything wrong, you get all nervous all a sudden.

        As someone I know said once (he’s a philosopher), we are the ones giving them power.

      2. So Juicy, do you watch when you get your news on? The boring Ch. 3 or even MORE boring Ch. 10 or the ok Ch.40 or the combo 31/13 Good Day Sacramento with the oh so beautiful Marianne McClary?

  6. This is the perfect case where an armed civilian should open suppressive fire on power tripping cops .Sadly, the US is turning more and more into a totalitarian gulag . Land of the free and home of the brave was yesterday .goodbye democracy. I`m starting to like Europe .

  7. I hate cops. Power tripping bitches. She’ll probably get away with it. I’ve never met a cop I liked and I dated two of them. They brought that “authority over everybody” attitude home with them. All the cops around here are either too scared to mess with the drug dealers or they pull you over just for driving in a certain neighborhood and wanna search your car. I got pulled over just for driving down a street in the hood the other day. Dude wanted to search my car and pat me down. I think he just wanted to touch my ass though. Freaks.

  8. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.
    Teach a feminist to fish and she will accuse you of patronizing her, claim she knew how to do it anyway and that even if she didn’t, she could easily work it out without the help of a man.

  9. I suppose it’d be way too much to ask if this site could post just ONE video of a good/decent American police officer doing ONE good deed such as pulling someone from a burning car or saving a life?? Nope, can’t do THAT! Easier to appeal to the lowest common denominator! Why it couldn’t be POSSIBLE that there are overwhelmingly MORE decent American police officers than corrupt ones right? I appreciate the videos that do show some fucked up sicko corrupt cops and they NEED to keep being shown. But people out there whom consistently bash American cops based on these videos you need to join the real world. Police abuse and murder (if that’s even what this IS) are few and far between with AMerican cops. The truth is that most cops are way too scared to be captured on video mishandling any person-but more so any person NOT white. THIS has the affect in American of emboldening blacks and minorities especially. That is how these “simple calls” turn deadly 90% of the time guaran-damn-tee it! Officer attempts to cuff scumbag and scumbag fights back.

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