School Shooting and Bombing at Kerch Polytechnic College in Crimea, Russia

School Shooting and Bombing at Kerch Polytechnic College in Crimea, Russia

School Shooting and Bombing at Kerch Polytechnic College in Crimea, Russia

On October 17, 2018, 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov (Владислав Росляков) entered Kerch Polytechnic College in Kerch, Crimea, Russian Federation where he set off a nail bomb and opened fire at students and teachers with a shotgun he had legally purchased. Vladislav Roslyakov shot 20 people to death and wounded 70, before using the shotgun on himself to commit suicide in the school’s library, bringing the massacre’s total death toll up to 21.

Here’s the CCTV video of Vladislav Roslyakov, of the bomb going off, and of the teenage perp shooting the people in the school’s hallways. Props to Best Gore member @JacobTheGreat for this one:

And the video of some students filming inside the school while the shooting was in progress. Props to Best Gore member @mastergerwe1997 for this one:

Vladislav Roslyakov Suicide Aftermath Photo. Props to Best Gore member @jacobthegreat:

Vladislav Roslyakov Suicide Aftermath Photo

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212 thoughts on “School Shooting and Bombing at Kerch Polytechnic College in Crimea, Russia”

  1. Usually happened when gov. try to disarm people. If they don’t want that- this follow.
    Probably MK Ultra but if not, it is copy from US killings in school(Russia is very Americanized).

    Everyone with psychiatric permit should own the gun. Everyone. Than, this would be hardly possible:
    Person who want to do this or anything bad to anyone would be think twice being scared by many guns around.

  2. Man I gotta try and get the highest score in this game, when I eventual get around to shooting up a school it’s gonna suck cause I ain’t going to a school so I’ll have to shoot up some random kids like an asshole

  3. Only a pansy ass coward kills innocent people before killing their own disgusting hate filled self. This wasn’t made news in America for good reason – always some crazed S.O.B. wanting to do the same but to an even greater extreme. Obviously this asshole was copy cat to Columbine.
    He will burn in hell for eternity – and that will be Justice. What a pathetic piece of shit this coward.

  4. The 21st century digital generation doesn’t go postal. They go FPSing(First Person Shooting) and if you immediately think of COD (and you know what that means) your apart of it whether you like it or not. Guarantee he was an experienced virtual killer before becoming a flesh one.

  5. Shooting unarmed, defenseless civilians because you couldn ́t get your shit together to then commit suicide in a painless way. All of that while pretending to be tough haha. Don ́t get me wrong, I enjoyed the video, but those kinds of actions right there are nothing but the proof of how soft these people really are (the school shooters), nothing but pussiness. Fake tough guy.

  6. That’s brutal. This guy is a hero, really did a great job – not only did he shoot 20-spending-planet-resourses-fuckers, he also managed to make a powerful bomb.
    And once again mothers start to talk about “harm of videogames”. Videogames are not what causes mass killings. They can be triggers, but the main reason for mass shootings like this is the state of modern society.

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