Serial Killer Ed Gein Crime Scene Photos

Ed Gein Crime Scene with Disemboweled Female

Ed Gain is considered to be the very original American Psycho. Even though it is disputable whether label Serial Killer suits Ed Gein well, since he was only convicted of murdering two people, the severity and notoriety of his murders as well as necrophiliac tendencies have directly influenced some of the most famous horror films, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The American Psycho and The Silence of the Lambs. Below is the gallery with Ed Gein crime scene photos. Scroll down to get the visual of what this old school killer left behind. If you are interested in learning more about Ed Gein, to read his biography and get more details regarding his crimes, then read on.

Ed Gein Biography

Edward Theodore Gein was born on August 27, 1906 in Plainfield, Wisconsin. He grew up under strong influence of his mother who was very domineering and shaped him to believe that sex was sinful and women were instruments of the devil. George Gein, the father of Ed was an alcoholic and died in 1940 as result of excessive drinking of heart failure. The death of his brother Henry Gein who died in 1944 during fire suggested foul play as there were no burns on his body, just countless bruises on his head. However no charges were filed even though Ed Gein was suspected to have taken part in his brother’s death. Then at the end of 1945, Ed Gein lost his mother Augusta Gein who died after a series of strokes.

After his mother’s death, Ed Gein felt alone and lost. He never developed any friendships and his mother was the only close person to him. Since he was the only member of the Geins family still alive, he was running the farm by himself and lived alone in a huge house. He locked up all the rooms used by his mother and only ever used one small room close to the kitchen.

Soon after his mother’s death, Ed Gein developed interest in anatomy of female body and started reading death cult magazines. What caught his interest the most were the atrocity of the Nazis, in particular the medical experiments performed on people in the concentration camps. His interest in the anatomy escalated to the point that within next few years he visited several local cemeteries and exhumed fresh female corpses, dissect them and keep some of the body parts, including their heads, sexual organs and occasional internal organs (heart, liver, intestines, etc.).

Ed Gein flayed several cadavers off their skin and wore it around his homestead. But his biggest interest lay in female genitalia. He would cut those out and play with them. It gave him immense gratification to wear woman’s panties stuffed with a vagina he would dissect from an exhumed victim. As his obsession grew larger, he was no longer satisfied with dead bodies and sought “fresher” victims.

Murder of Bernice Worden by Ed Gein

Bernice Worden was a woman in her late fifties – close to an age of Ed Gein’s mother. She disappeared on November 16, 1957. Her son Frank was sheriff’s deputy and since Ed Gein already had bad reputation in town and was spotted strolling the streets on day of Bernice Worden disappeared, Frank went to check out the Gein place.

Upon entering the woodshed, shocking evidence of Ed Gein’s obsession was revealed. Bernice Worden was hung inside upside down from a meat hook, her body headless and slit open across the front. Her heart was on a plate inside the house, her intestines and head inside a box in a shed. There were also skins from 10 female heads in the shed and a rolled up skin from one female torso. Ed Gein made himself a belt decorated with female nipples, upholsted one chair with human skin and had several skulls with crown cut off that he used as soup bowls. His refrigerator was full of human organs, table was decorated with human bones and lamps had shade coverings made of human skin.

The posts on Ed Gein’s Tudor bed were decorated with human skulls, one whole human head was hung on the wall to go along with skinned faces of nine women. Ed kept his most precious articles – female genitalia in a shoe box. Aside from those the searchers found plethora of other decorations made of human flesh, including newspaper stuffed heads that were displayed and mounted on the wall like hunting trophies.

Death Mary Hogan by Ed Gein

Ed Gein admitted to murdering Mary Hogan who was missing since 1954. Local tavern owner Mary Hogan was shot to death by Ed Gein. Her skinned face was found in a paper bag during initial search of the homestead.

There were remains of about 15 women found in the house, however Ed Gein said he could not remember how many women he actually murdered. Mary Hogan and Bernice Worden remain his only two convictions, hence it’s questionable whether it’s appropriate to address Ed Gein as serial killer.

Ed Gein House

The house of Ed Gein was burned to the ground on March 20, 1958 while Ed was in prison. Arson was without question in play, however Ed Gein cared less about the house and just shrugged it off when news reached him. The “For Sale” sign is still on the lot where house once stood, but nobody’s buying.

Death of Ed Gein

After his arrest, Ed Gein spent 10 years in mental hospital. His trial took place then, as he was then deemed mentally competent to stand trial. He was found guilty, but still criminally insane and was locked up in the Mendota Mental Health Institute where he served time until his death on July 26, 1984 of cancer influenced respiratory and heart failure. The prison guards noted that Ed Gein was a model prisoner – always polite, very gentle and discreet.

Ed Gein in Popular Culture

Since atrocities of Ed Gein were covered in national magazines Life and Time, he became widely known and recognized overnight. His story inspired many writers and filmmakers. Horror writer Robert Bloch based the store about deranged mama’s boy Norman Bates on Ed Gein. The story was then immortalized by Alfred Hitchcock who filmed Psycho based on the same story by Robert Bloch.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre doesn’t have a character based on Ed Gein, however the house decorated with human artifacts resembles the Gein homestead. Leatherface wears the mask made of human skin, just the way Ed Gein did, and hangs up his victims on meat hooks, the same way Ed Gein’s victim Bernice Worden was murdered.

The list of movies which were directly or indirectly influenced by Ed Gein goes on – Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs, Donny from Go In The House, Oedipal killer from Maniac, etc.

Gallery of Ed Gein crime scene photos is below:

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  2. This is crazy stuff, I did a whaole bunch of research on this guy too. All the stuff he did was because of his mom. That’s why he killed his brother, his brother was going to leave the ranch to get married but his mom hated his fiance and didn’t want him to “abandon” the family.

  3. rawbone your a dumbass the TCM was based on ed gein and if you dont believe me look it up it was a student film made by some film students an UT austin you dumb son of a molested boi

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  5. Your quite right Ed Gein is what TCM was based on I stand corrected and you win a cookie. I’m very happy you are so insightful in the field of serial killers, hopefully it is just a passing fancy. I think the Leatherface in the movie was much scarer how about you? Ever notice that not all mind you but most serial killer prey upon defenseless women, do you think that makes them cowards. I guess I can understand a little, if I was going to eat someone I know it would have to be a woman and not a man. What are you having for dinner tonight? Where’s the beef TexasGunRunner, lol. Very cool name do you have a love of firearms, would you be my friend, lmao!!!!

  6. Those pictures are disturbing yet also captivating. I’m really fascinated by serial killers, i’d like to be able to talk to some, but i don’t know where to find them.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I would absolutely love to be a criminal psychologist who would interview and talk to Serial Killers after they’ve been caught and pick their brain. It’s so intriguing to me, what makes them so different from everyone else?

  7. Okay, Rawbone, or should I just call you jawbone. Movies victimize women because it feeds popular culture. It feeds the needs of their target audience, 18 to 20 something year-old’s. However I’m beginning to believe the age range is unfortunately rising. It Paints Women As Defenseless. We Are Not. Don’t Ever Make That Mistake. Want Dinner Tonight? Tastes Like Chicken.

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    1. I have to agree with you on this. Dahmer and Gein are my two favorite serial killers. They ae both from Wisconsin (where i live) and if i had the opprtunity i would have liked to just talk to them and see how they did it.

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  19. i watched a film on ed gein last night with my wife and it was very disturbing to say the least 1 things being interested another is being sick in the head ive always had an interest in horror movies it doesnt mean u are sick i often wonder wot triggers these things etc charlie manson,the wests and the hindley murders how a couple can get together and have exactly the same mind baffles me

  20. Ed Gein is quite the fascinating subject for both criminal psychoanalysists and average people alike for a plethora of reasons. His homicidal tendencies, natural inclination towards the macabre, affinity for the dead, and subsequent emmulation of his fundamentalist mother all merged to make Ed Gein a trifecta of morbid study. Most interesting to me were his personal interior design choices, among them a ceiling light pullstring consisting of human lips, a belt fashioned out of human nipples, chair seats reapholstered with human skin, and lampshades made from human skin. He mounted human skulls on the posts of his bed and had a collection of ghoulish human keepsakes that he displayed around his home. Less of a serial killer and more so a grave robber and necrophiliac, Ed Gein earned himself more fame for his unique use of human body parts than anything else. Although Ed himself said he didn’t have sex with the bodies because they “smelled too bad,” the term “necrophiliac” most definately applies because the literal translation means “affinity for the dead.” It is thought by some phsychologists that after the death of his mother, Ed Gein wanted to become her, thus compelling him to create a vest consisting of a woman’s abdomin and breasts. Ed Gein was a one-of-a-kind sicko, macabre poetry in motion, and his deeds and nuances will never be paralleled.

  21. Also of note was Ed Gein’s meek and effeminate personality. Nurses who worked at the mental institution where he finished out his weird and worldly human days said he was harmless, respectful, and kept to himself. I’m paraphrazing all of this based on information I’ve gathered from various sources and obviously one can tell I’m quite intrigued by Ed Gein’s uniguely savage and bizzarre life. But before anyone tries to say that I’m a disgrace and a supporter of homicide, I would like to point out that I am in no way defending this weirdo, I’m simply relaying information, and furthermore need to point out to everyone (or whoever has a shaft up their ass) that Ed Gein was supremely unwell in the head. He was NOT an average, functioning, sane-minded individual who can differenciate moral from immoral; right from wrong. He was insane beyond all rationality and cannot even be held accountable for his actions based on this fact. Simply put, he was crazy and didn’t know what he was doing. Smart people know this. Stupid people don’t understand the concept of criminal insanity, probably because there is no clear stance on it in the bible.

    1. i love serial killers, want a good read? check out the book “a venom in the blood” by eric van hoffmann. it’s the bizarre true story of the husband and wife thrill killers who terrorized california and nevada for 3 yrs. i like to call them the “disposable love-slave killers.” it’s very twisted and intense.

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