Seven People Caught Trafficking Bones of Albinos are Beaten and Burned to Death in Nsanje, Malawi

Seven People Caught Trafficking Bones of Albinos are Beaten and Burned to Death in Nsanje, Malawi

Seven people caught trafficking human bones in Nsanje District of Southern Malawi, South East Africa, were caught by a mob and brutally beaten and then set on fire.

According to those who witnessed the lynching, the men had in their possession the bones and body parts of albinos, which are believed to have magical properties and are used in rituals for everything ranging from love to money and good luck. Apparently, the bones of albinos can fetch a high price on the black market. Authorities have not yet made any arrests nor have they officially confirmed that human bones were found among the possessions of the victims.

There has recently been a rise in the murders of people with albinism, with their body parts being sold for witchcraft. The trafficking of human body parts is illegal in Malwai and it looks like the locals take it pretty damn seriously. Hard to believe this sort of thing still goes on but…wait, do whites count as albinos?

Mad props to @african-angel.

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  1. These fucks aren’t even superstitious like the idiots that believe in that magical power mumbo jumbo…just opportunistic murdering scum…well earned their fate was if they were guilty.

    1. These poor people all have to hide and live together because they’re constantly being hunted because of some dumvfucking witchcraft shit. Yes they don’t know better but it’s still sickening

      1. Beaten, burnt and piled up witchy corpses and all I can say that their fate is well deserved . The one right atop the tier has his witchy prick lollled to the side with testes bigger than a child’s head.

        Nsanje is one of the poorest districts in Malawi and its a land of the wickeds and witches . There is a folklore of their haunted past doing the rounds ,that … a rain cult holds position south of Nsanje boma worshipping a deity called Mbona. His head was cut off hundreds of years ago and out flowed a river of blood called Ndione. He now returns to his wife?s home every so often in the form of a python to tell prophecies for the coming year.

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    2. Its big money down there, its just like hunting lions elephantiasis bears, but once you pay you get to pick your albino and chose the method, machete, gun ,bow and arrow or punched kicked to death etc I picked this teenage albino girl made her think she is being transported to England as a bride of the royal family I had my machete hidden before accusing her of stealing then the fun begins now I have two elephant heads a tiger lion four albinos all in my Beverly Hills secret lounge, her ass was roasted with cream of mushrooms, wine sprinkle of rosemary onions a splash of lemon bon appetite my A List celebrities usually have a guessing game we call animal or albino strangely many seem to mistake the delicacy for swan curiously when I do serve swan they think its orangutan? If I have set your taste buds a light and you wish to experience the albino hunt/meat I highly recommend Gambia Why? The meat is so tender and because some spoil sports you cant say I want to hunt albino no just say “the Charlie Chaplin experience please”

      1. There’s a lot more information out there about this but it’s mainly journalism inside Africa. I can’t remember where I find everything usually. I click, click, click lol….so if I look something up through Google I end up somewhere totally unrelated to what I was originally looking at.I have attention deficit disorder that’s not a joke either

        1. Same, sometimes I never get back to what I was originally looking up! I love Youtube animal stuff, fighting, playing, falling etc. I saw a hell funny video of an Iguana called Iggy seriously attack a stuffed toy iguana that it’s owner placed near him. Rolled like a crocodile!

    1. Ellen do ya believe in that sorta sickening crap. These apes are living so far back in time that the Modern civilization hasn’t caught up with them still . All accursed beliefs and their forsaken existence . Elsewhere in some of other parts of the world too this practice is widely rampant from their their being used for sorcery and rituals . ..its their belief in supernatural causality?that one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events?such as astrology and certain aspects linked to religion, like omens, witchcraft and prophecies, that contradict natural science.

      I am still laughing at the one , atop that human pyre whose dick and nuts still haven’t got charred and is very much recognizable.

    1. only if their was a recorded live footage …my appetite for gore would have been satiated . Still pictures do not scream out much but hey @Re-pete……..for these apes the word Lynching seems unsuitable I think its a Monkey Chow as these apes need to eat several small meals throughout the day. The primary staple of their diet is their own someone’s monkey chow. This cart is headed to the galley well fried and well roasted save for the common salt as these Monkey chows come pre- salted

  2. This reminds of the first thing I ever published on Best Gore, the heads on the truck.

    If they know it’s illegal in a third world country, lynching is at least one of their worries.

  3. So if I were to buy some albino bones, how would I know they came from an albino? All bones are white right? Hopefully they have a money back guaranteed policy.

    On a serious note, these murderers got what they deserved.


    1. Maybe they’re witch doctor certified…like Jews with the Rabbi blessed Kosher and Muslims Imam with the Halal…but I think this was just a robbery murder…them albino bones are in penis potions by now and being sucked down in 40 ouncers throughout that shit hole where it happened.

      1. Yes, I would say I don’t take my niggers under medium-well. Gotta make sure the internal temperature hits at least 185-200 Fahrenheit to ensure the parasites and AIDS have been effectively cooked out.

  4. Well, some say blood must be answered with blood…these people did not disappoint.

    I wonder if the bones of people who traffic in “magical albino bones” have “super duper magical albino catching bones…if so, they could fetch quite the paycheck.

  5. Wow this is a great article obli! I never heard of people doing this before. Being albino must be a death sentence in good ol Africa. even the Chinese don’t take it that far lol.

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          2. @re-Pete
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      1. @dos but your lack of faith in humanity is caused by the actions of individuals that have so much faith in the healing abilities of humanity…

        “You are what you eat” has finally found the one and only situation in where it makes sense to say

          1. C’mon you guys just had to go there eh 🙂

            All joking aside. I have never heard of any of those things you guys said. I know them chins and every other Asian race has some fuked up spiritual shit they believe in. Be it for male pleasure/longer life/the list goes on my friends.

    1. Yup. From what I read, we have in the vicinity of 30 – 35 million negroes and 45 million muzzies. Quite sinister, isn’t it. They have 3 – 4 kids per couple too, on average, while we dumb Europeans have 1, at best. Europe will be am awful shade of brown in 30, 40 years, if nothing changes.

  6. Well god damn how many albinos do they have over there? I’ve never even seen one in person, the closest I ever got to one was my albino rabbit I had for 10 years…miss her 🙁 I bet they’re not even real albinos…that’s cheating!

    1. “Psst…hey @little-foot. Wanna buy some magic bones? They come from white niggers in Africa.”

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  7. I have heard that the albino killings happen a lot in Tanzania, I’ve seen pics of little albino girls 5-6 years old with their arms cut off, plus lots of other albinos of differing ages, chopped up, but still alive. I think this happens because the are so many albino Tanzanians, they have many more than most other African countries, ans Malawi is right next door to Tanzania.

    1. Someone once told me that when God chose to spray paint their color on, he made them stand against the wall and put their hands against the wall. After spray painting their bodies, God set them aside to dry so he could lift them and do their hands and feet. But then the new shipments of Asians started to run through the design floor so he skipped the final step. This explains why black folks have white hands and feet and Asians don’t have creatively different features: creator was overworked and underpraised…

          1. It’s religion…….of course there are a million variations of a story.

            I heard in Bible school little kid Georgia yep that black people came from the dirt

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  8. I remember when Snoop Dogg posted a pic of an albino African and compared it to a pic of Iggy Azalea, sooo funny. The African entertainers throw ‘so much shade’ on poor Iggy. One woman who hates Iggy is called Azalea Banks, she calls Iggy Azalea “Igloo Australia”, I had to laugh. Iggy Azalea is a white, Aussie female rapper for anyone who doesn’t know (or care, lol). Even her boyfriend is black, she takes her black appropriation very seriously! 😆

  9. One of the main problems of the albino trade in Africa is that they are ALL so superstitious, most politicians and others with money in Tanzania will buy the bones too, to give them an edge on winning elections and business deals etc., they simply don’t care about human life, especially ‘white’ Africans who they will see as ‘ghosts’.

  10. I just love the fact Mrs.Karma came in full effect on this post. Gives me a little hope in humanity to be honest. Also it’s from Africa too! There are good people everywhere guys. Have some hope and dope 🙂

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  11. @obliterator
    Albino’s = Indigenous humans that migrated north to Europe and actually EVOLVED and developed SUPERIOR technological and sociological aptitudes (Darwinism)…
    Ironically, these pathetically primitive baboons have historically reacted to this with fear and ignorance…

    Now, welcome to the 21’st century where libtard induced social constructs forgive the apes…ignore and intentionally suppress biology and science while they blindly dictate/interpret life as “feelings” instead of “reality”…
    *This theory equally holds true to the cock hating third wave feminists…

    1. albino doesn’t refer to caucasians?.. and caucasians did not originate in europe but in western asia / caucuses aka caucasian mountains were armenian, georgia, iran, azerbaijan,eastern turkey meet.

      I agree that blacks are the least developed race. they are literally invented nothing in history, no real civilization, no real society, and everything they have is from being colonized by european powers. some will say this is racist but it’s just fact. They are the only race that has a large starving population in a continent surrounded by vegetation, water, animals, fish etc.

      I don’t hate any particular race but blacks clearly don’t are less developed.

      1. in school we learned that you shouldn’t judge other societies from a western/euro perspective and so if the blacks for example had no cities, technology, architecture etc it does not mean they are primitive and worse it just means.they didn’t want to create those things bc it isn’t a part of their culture and what is important to them??. which sounds like bullshit to me.

  12. Africa is so interesting?.. It’s like going back in time to the stone age. Witchcraft and magic? no wonder they are starving to death in a continent surrounded by water, animals and tons of land.

    1. @Persian, you should read about the Australian ‘natives’, the aboriginals, they were REAL stone-age people only around 200 yrs ago, (until Europeans came) they still used stone weapons, no metal anything, at all. They still used flint tipped spears for hunting along with other wooden clubs etc.

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