Severed Human Legs in a Tub – Ravensbruck Concentration Camp Photo

Severed Human Legs in a Tub - Ravensbruck Concentration Camp Photo

Nazis had it awesome. They got to experiment with real humans and ran tests on actual human parts. I wish I knew what the purpose for keeping these severed legs and one human cut in half in a tab was, but I’m sure there was some scientific aspiration to it. Unless a Nazi commander fancied picked humans as an accompaniment to his evening dishes?

The photo is from RavensbrΓΌck concentration camp. As many as 130,000 female prisoners are believed to have passed through the gates of RavensbrΓΌck. Must have been a treat for whichever male Nazi was assigned a job there. Hardly any pecker to thousands of pairs of labia is a very attractive ratio.


Many thanks to Best Gore member Hawk for sharing this awesome video about the greatest man of the 20th century:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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138 thoughts on “Severed Human Legs in a Tub – Ravensbruck Concentration Camp Photo”

      1. No Man… Has ever came close to the raw Charisma that Hitler displayed in his Rallies.

        A Man who truly cared about the fate of Europe and the fate of Mankind.

        If the great Men and Women of my country who fought against Hitler could see the abhorrent state of their Nation today…

        They would agree with me in saying we should have joined with Hitler.

        1. No, He was Charismatic, And he was great at speaking, And convincing the masses. but it has nothing to do with his actual emotions, For all we know he could have been a physcopath with very little emotion but a great amount of empathy like most people in Government. He didn’t care about the Nation, he probably was just like most people in government, High on the crack of power, Which is more addictive than heorine.

        1. Thanks for this link Nicole as I am confused about this issue… I think it will answer a lot of my questions.

          All I have to go on is the crap they taught me in school.
          And since all but one of my teachers were horrible bores I never paid much attention anyways.

          I have learned more here on BG in the last 2 months than I ever learned in high school.

          1. Amen to that! I also never actually paid attention in school, simply because I had and still have the idea that all of my teachers I’ve had in the past years, were just random hobo’s who were picked up from the street. Their ways of teaching.. It was just sad.

            I also learned a lot from BG, but most important thing I learned.. The truth about humanity and its cruelty, and the power to make people believe in any-fucking-thing.

        2. An interesting and informative read Nicky…

          Same here Leslee, the little we were taught about the Holohoax was biased to a ridiculous degree.

          I don’t expect any Germans to agree unfortunately… As it is illegal in their Nation to deny the lies.

          1. Ken…

            I watched all 67 minutes of David Irving’s conference…

            I had never heard of him prior to this.

            I am a convert… The guy is great!

            @Hawk. I must apologise to you. I disagreed with your Holocaust denial several posts ago (despite me not knowing enough information in the Holocaust to comment extensively).

            Now. It feels like a light has been flicked on.

          1. i have a bananarepublican pseudonazi on my facebook, he’s so fuckin hilarious when talking shit about JEWOLIWOOD and he Holocuento…shame he does not seem to talk english, lately he seems to be in the russian putinian trend like TROOPER, hahahaha, what a collection of freaks i make cruising the internet

      1. And?

        John F. Kennedy was addicted to the same shit Adolf Hitler was: Amphetamines.

        If you think Hitler was bad… Perhaps you would like to pull up the statistics for Mao-tse Dong and Joseph Stalin?

        Plus you factor in the amount of people that are going to die this century thanks to the benefits of ‘multi-culturalism’… A Hitler dominated Western world doesn’t look so bad.

      2. Knew him personally did you?…..Didn’t think so, all you know about him is what you’ve been told or read in the history books (that were incidentally written by the victors). One of the classic rumours that someone else has already touched upon was that he liked his niece, not his girlfriend, to piss on his face, this rumour was started by his political enemies at the time and has since been admitted as such. Also, as to him killing millions, I think you’ll find that he didn’t actually kill anybody, there’s even speculation as to whether he actually killed anybody during his time as a soldier in WW1.

        1. Also, ‘got what he deserved’ may not be strictly true, there’s a theory (and a book about the subject) that he was in fact flown out of Berlin in the last days of the war to Denmark from where he was aided by the Americans and made his way to Argentina with Eva Braun where he lived until his death in 1962. I’m keeping an open mind about this theory simply because I don’t know for certain what exactly happened in those last days but think about this, no remains of Hitler or Braun were ever found in the gardens of the Reich Chancellery, the skull fragments that the Russians kept and insisted that was Hitlers have been proven to be that of a female (maybe Brauns’ – who knows?).

          1. hahahaha, the fleeing to argentina (aka banana republic) rumours….in the early nineties, a funerary obituary was published anonymously in one of the top selling argentinian diaries for a guy named “FLODA RELITH” (read it backwards) but nobody (except some conspiration freaks like trooper and hawk) took it seriously….

          2. Haha!

            Bloody ‘ell Tulio.

            A practical joke from a million miles away!

            Na. I reckon Hitler blew his own Brains out. He was too much of a Patriot to jump ship and watch his beloved Deutschland get raped by Communism and aggressive American Liberalism.

  1. If it weren’t for their testing we wouldn’t have the medical knowledge we have today. That is a pretty fucked up statement considering they forced people to undergo these experiments.

    I recall reading about a pregnant test subject that underwent certain lbs of pressure to her abdomen to determine at what weight would expel the fetus.

    1. Haha…

      I have this mental image of a Baby being blasted out of some lady’s bits.


      Sad that people had to go through this shit though… But their sacrifice was well worth it. And all is Fair in Love and War.

        1. Without experimentation and vivisection… We would still be living in the stone age I should imagine.

          To be honest, I would prefer research to be performed on the scum of society then on some poor little animal.

  2. Pretty gruesome experiments they had going on at that time. Don’t know if they can rightfully justify their actions by saying “it was all in the name of science” but we have to admit that each an every time there’s a world war there’s always some kind of medical or militaristic advancement that is brought upon by countries competing with each other.

    The weak become the stepping stone for the strong, its too bad these people didn’t have a choice though like organ or blood donors do.

    1. Well up until the later 1930’s Germany had the U.S.’s full support in a lot of their endeavors, and the U.S. said it was all in the name of science… Where do you think the U.S. sterilization laws came from?

  3. According to Path? documentaries, the experiment consisted in the following:
    1) The nazi orders to the jew to jump. The jew jumps.
    2) One of the jew’s legs is severed.
    3) The nazi orders to the jew to jump. The jew jumps.
    4) The other leg of the jew is severed.
    5) The nazi orders to the jew to jump. The jew doesn’t jump.
    6) Conclusion: if you cut both legs of a jew, it becomes deaf.

  4. Has anyone played “Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection”? when Mark said about the experiments + the picture I got nostalgic and reminded of that game πŸ™‚

      1. Sad thing about the game you can’t replay the stages after you beat it unless you keep different savefiles which i did not.. first desert & mummy levels are boring i like the snow levels + beyond the catacombs

        i dunno if my PS2 disc works haven’t played it in a long ass time when i get my new PS3 this Decemeber I’ll be sure to get the new Wallenstein game i don’t care if the reviews were bad it’s a fun game

          1. @tulio and jesus, I don’t know those games, but they sound awesome, the last time I played A “computer” game was resident evil! more power to you guys!

          2. @lunatic

            Tulio & I were talking about a First Person Shooter where you kill Nazis/Mummies/Undead/Nazi Mutants it’s bad ass & gory i still remember when you shot someone with a rocket launcher the body explodes & you see the body parts laying around but yeah RE is okay if you love Zombies πŸ˜›

        1. I had the PC version, the one that started in a castle, continued in a village, then in a zombie infested crypt and it kept going until you had to kill that giant resurrected king . Anyway, killing nazis always feels good

          1. Yeah seems the PC version was quite different the one I have doesn’t start in the castle, when you progress the game you get to the castle afterwards + other levels and the ones you mentioned.

      1. @daweeka That’s some old school business. My friend’s mom never let us play that shit(we were like 10 or something thinkin we were badasses) because it was too violent. Instead we had to doodle around on Microsoft Paint. We probably drew pictures of stick figures with boobs while she wasn’t looking.
        I was deprived.

        1. are you kidding? i own the original PC Wolfenstein and that shit is not violent! it’s like a joke but yeah you can get lost in the nazi maze shooting the dogs was so fun! πŸ˜‰

          1. the legendary original wolfenstein from the early 90s, oh god, I played that crap with my shitty IBM PS1 with an 80 mega hard disc! Later DOOM would not run because the requirements were too much for my PC, altough y sometimes managed to run it with those startup diskettes that liberated your EXTENDED and EXPANDED memory, what a battle it was to have a game to run at that time!

  5. I’m 100% German on both sides of the family. My grandpa was a Nazi but would never speak of it. I had his Officer ‘Ss sword for a long time. There were many nights I spent looking at it wondering how many people’s blood had been on it. I guess, in the end, your heritage is your heritage and that’s that.

    1. Be proud of that heritage. Your Grandpa fought for something so great and good. for everything noble and worth living for.
      Your Grandpa probably still dreams of those days gone by, of what he fought for and what was lost… all those years ago… now that old age has stripped him of his former warrior status, he has to watch his country get taken over by Jews and gypsies and imported packs of Muslim and young Germany Wiggers.

      1. Thank you for your kind words-and just after I wrote a scathing rant down below. Your words honestly did bring tears to my eyes, they’re still there as I write this. It’s so hard and confusing when one group tells you to be proud, yet another says you’re evil scum.
        Grandpa is dead now-many, many years, but I know he was proud, he kept his uniform hidden far back in a corner of the bbasement.
        Again, thank you, my friend. Tonight the wings of your avatar were a soft, warm blanket under which I could rest a very weary head and a heavy heart…

        1. I can only echo Hawk’s sentiments Scars…

          My family were on the ‘other’ side… But I am sure that had they not been lied to… And they could see the sad state of our nations today…

          They would have fought together hand in hand. As nature intended. And not against eachother.

          Be proud. And stay hopeful!

          All is not lost!

          1. Thanks, sweetie. A big, wet goobery German kiss right at you! Thank you for understanding everything I couldn’t say.
            You guys really are something special.

  6. When ever I read about Nazis, Doctor Mengele (the angel of death) comes to mind. His main interest was identical twins. The experiments were horrific, some major surgeries were performed without anaesthesia, attempts to reattach the amputated arms of one child onto another child, two children were sewn together to create conjoined twins… all kinds of terrible experiments and tests, it goes on and on…after his experiments the children would be killed and disected. Yes, thanks to human experiments we gained a lot of knowledge. I only wish we had got it by conducting the tests on the Nazis.

    1. Mengele was a great man who was insanely brilliant. He made discoveries way ahead of his time because of his experiments. Half of our current medical knowledge, if not more, comes from him and his work.

    2. I am 1/4 German. I can’t express myself as well as some here. I do have much empathy for people however, and can easily imagine the terror felt by the innocent children who were the “experiments”. I realize the Germans were not the only ones who have done such things. I definately don’t believe “the end justifies the means” no matter how much knowledge is gained. When Megele was exhumed in 1992 and DNA tests proved it was indeed the doctor, the South American country were he was buried offered to return his remains to his family. They were not interested. His bones current reside in a S.A. museum.

      1. Despite my intense rhetoric on the subject… I agree with you Sharon.

        As much as I despise the Jew scum… The majority should have been deported out of Germany and sent to their homeland in Madagascar.

        But at the same time. I lean towards Human experimentation on the real nasty bastards… The bankers, the lenders and the politicians.

        Hell. I would agree to Human experimentation on Bankers and Politicians even if they weren’t Jewish!

        1. Tom, I love children SO much that I can’t stand to see one harmed. One of the recent posts Mark has on here, the little girl that was killed( in Syria?, Palestine? I don’t remember where) she had long brown hair and looked like a little angel, do you know the one I mean? Anyway, I couldn’t even comment about it, I was so upset…You’ll notice, I only mentioned Mengele in this post, because of what he did to children. It isn’t my intent to disrespect anyones opinions/views on here…as I said I’m 1/4 German.. (*tongue in cheek*) no Irish or Manx relatives unfortunately,you “American” chap πŸ˜‰

          1. I remember that post sweety.

            I understand your anguish. Although I am pretty hard hearted in my lack of empathy for the Jews or the Muslim scum.

            Haha… The Americans confuse me truth be told.

            I despise their Government. No doubt about that… The people strike me as optimistic, intelligent, kind and charitable… If naive.

            Strangely. I have no Irish relatives either. Well none that I know about.

            I am 1/2 Manx, 1/3 Scottish (And Ulster Scots) with the rest being English, German and French.

      2. Prussian retarded warmogering scum needed a scapegoat to blame for their epic screwup in WW1.
        Surprisingly, the people they sent uncaringly to the slaughterhouse for their stupid imperialistic ambitions 20 years earlier, again screwed up and threw their support massively on an insane guy up to repeating the whole process again with a vengeance. That proves that even the (perhaps) brightest people of its time can behave in a bananarepublic-like way, but explaining that phenomenon would require a lot more space that we have here.

        1. Tulio.

          The German people turned to Adolf Hitler because they felt that the shoeing they were given in WWI wasn’t sufficient enough for them to have had to swallow the Treaty of Versailles…

          The Allies didn’t finish the job in WWI. They only marched to the border of Germany and the German Government threw in the towel…

          This left the German people with a sour taste in their mouths as they still had fight left…

          The chances are the Jews did force the German government to surrender… Simply due to the fact that Germany was teetering on the edge of a Communist insurrection… Communism is anathema to Big-Business Jews.

          If the Germans were looking for a scapegoat… They would have done it after WWII as well… But because we gave them a massive fucking kick in then… They knew that they had been well and truly beat.

        2. german-prussian warmongering faggots spent like 30 years planning the offensive that would eventually become WW1. When the war started, the retarded kaiser Wilhelm (a puppet of the prussian generals who really ran the country) promised his troops they would be “home before the leaves start to fall”.
          By october 1914 they were about 50km away from Paris after they sucessfully diverted the attention of the french from the north to the centre, and blasting into France trough Belgium (in WW2 they did the exact opposite, both times sucessfully fooling the french).
          By november, they screwed up as the Von Kluck army that broke through Belgium got way too ahead of the rest of the army. French recon planes noticed the gap and poured all their shit on the Von Kluck army group until they got it isolated from the rest of the german forces and partially surrounded, with the germans having to choose between staying and fighting risking envelopment and total anhilation of their main army, or retreating to defensive positions. They choose the later, and their war was already lost then, even before 1914 christmas.
          The rest of the war was an inhumane struggle of each side trying to bleed out their adversaries, with the germans doggedly refusing to leave france and aknowledge defeat, and their adversaries (particularily the french and their italian puppets) insisting in bloody stupid and senseless frontal assault tactics.
          By 1918 the german economy and industry was already destroyed by the war effort, with some german troops having to attack allied positions just to get some AMERICAN (fuck yeah) fresh canned food and water.
          So yes, they could have continued fighting and ending like in 1945, but 1918 german politicians were not as insane as Adolf was, only retarded enough to bleed their country out in a war that they had already lost by the end of 1914.

  7. Anatomical study on human bodies was nothing new at the times of the World Wars. The difference is that many abominations and terrible events took place that created the current “Rules of War” if you will. There are the med. students who practiced on fresh cadavers and the mad scientists studying for centuries to unlock the human source/answer of being. But those situations are far different from subjecting other humans to such tests, though some plausible, many were simply absurd. Money and lives wasted on the “research” of sick fucks. I am half German but I hold no pride in the Nazi party, and either did my family. They were losers, which is all there is to say in the end. The only people that idolize them are close-minded, feux-idealist idiots

    1. Bravo, my friend, bravo! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Most people don’t stop to think that if Hither had his way, they’d be the experiments in concentration camps now, if they were alive at all.
      I’m not attempting to be rude or mean, but how many of you who support the experiments are 100% German? Because if you’re not, by his way of thinking, you are not of the “master race” and therefore are deemed material for medical research, torture, or labor to death.
      I’m safe, are you?

      1. @made of scars, I’ve read your posts on here and understand you loved your Grandfather, as much as I loved my Grandmother, Im sure. I do not think you are evil scum because of your heirtage. That is something none of us have any control over. Some of my relatives were in the German military as well….I love the point you made about being 100% German…”I’m safe, are you?” That is rarely, if ever brought up, in these types of discussions, and is the absolute truth! So Bravo to you! In my post I meant the Nazis who did the experiments on children should have been the ones the experiments were done on.As a mother, I cannot help the way I feel, even if I were 100% German I believe in my heart I would feel the same way. I appologize if I offended you, it is just my opinion.

        1. No dear, you didn’t offend me in the least-i’m a mother, too, and I believe all children are sacred. When you give birth, it isn’t just a baby that leaves your body, but also your heartsometimes it’s just so hard to know where one fits in in this world.
          you’re an honest, outspoken woman, and I hope you stay that way. Don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind!

          1. @Hawk, I’m sorry for jumping in here, I know your comment was to @made of scars, but since she was replying to me…@made of scars, yes, it IS hard to know where one fits in this world, I’m still looking. I thank you for understanding what I was trying to say, and for your kind words! I enjoy reading your posts on BG, please call me Sharon πŸ™‚

        1. Hawk-I’m ready when you are! So kind of you to offer! πŸ˜‰
          Kels-thank you, dear.
          Johnny-unfortunately you are right. But even though you are a mean, petty, shrivvle-hearted one, i would still fight for your right to live. Now fuck off and leave me alone-you’annoying me.

  8. HItler used to lie on his back and have his girlfriend piss on his face. He suffered from chronic halitosis due to to extensive tootIh decay/abcesses Basically he was just a really creepy guy we would have all avoided.

      1. Without jewgling that I would naturally presume it’s either a chocolate fetish or clown fetish (Coco the clown you see), however I honestly don’t know what it means so I did jewgle it and it came up with 2 options, your statement was one and some shit about philly cheesecake was the other. So now I’m stumped, unless it was a spelling error and you meant to say he was a coprophiliac, which I would have to probably agree with you there seeing as there’s a rumour that he messed with 6 million turds. Joking aside though I reckon the governments in the west were kicking themselves after the war had ended and they realised just exactly what they had done. It astonishes me when I read some of the comments by people on here given our stance and experiences with the ‘sheep’, we distance ourselves from them but then continue to make ‘sheepish’ judgements (Popek Rak springs to mind for one). People need to remember that history is written by the victors, both truth and lie.

      1. hahaha, I dont know…perhaps I should abandon myself and get carried away by the Adolf Man?a….when younger I was quite the strategy game freak….ah the old PANZER GENERAL! it looks so lame today, but you had to burn your brains to shit to win that game

  9. @ trooper 72 man you should just put a gun to your head and pull the trigger you stupid filthy American goon,Im Irish myself and proud to be,no human being has the right to mess with life.

    1. Haha!

      If you were a man of integrity and bravery… You would have posted this up top in a ‘reply’ to my own comments… Instead of posting it down here like a PUSSY!

      You are wrong on me being an American… It is common knowledge here that I am a Manxman.

      I don’t know why you felt the need to publish the fact that you are Irish… Most people are nowadays. Especially Americans.

      Haha… You are blatantly an underaged Mongoloid because your comment makes absolutely no sense.

      I agree… No Human should mess with another Human’s life…

      But their are many things greater then Human life in this world… Those being Nationalism and Religion.


      1. My God, did we have a fart backfire today and leave us extra cranky, dec82?
        that was a pretty sad and immature thing telling Troop to put his gun to his head. You have a long way to go before you reach his level of understanding, intelligence, and humor. And as for the American comment, well, why don’t you come back to preach when your own people stop blowing the shit out of each other? In other words, pop that whiskey tit out of your mouth and grow up some.

  10. trooper 72 man you should just put a gun to your head and pull the trigger you stupid filthy American goon,Im Irish myself and proud to be,no human being has the right to mess with life.

    1. Well mate, if that’s the best you can come up with I’d give up right now, lol!! All you’re going to achieve is making yourself look very foolish in front of everyone else. In fact, fuck it, carry on – I could do with a good laugh, been a bit of a shitty day, although seeing this has perked me up a bit, Narco-gore and anything to do with the death of millions of jews makes me happy….. MUAH-HA-HA-HAAA!!!!!!

        1. Looks like we have a deal then, time is something I have plenty of these days, of course it all depends how you wish to use me as a toy though. Unlike Trooper and Hitler, I’m not into shit but I don’t mind the odd golden shower (better than a Zyklon B shower, right?) and my teeth are typically English (so the Yanks are so fond of saying) so that won’t matter.

          1. Well Deedub, I do conside black electrical tape and black eye liner viable forms of clothing…
            And time, what sort of time do you have-rolling stones or pink Floyd?But one thing-my mask Never comes off.

          2. Tulio – only cos they hate/d the English.

            Scars – ‘Black electrical tape and black eye liner viable forms of clothing’ – my god I’m getting excited!!! As for ‘time’, definitely Floyd, only Stones stuff I enjoy listening to is their pre-1970 stuff, can’t say I’m a fan of anything after that.

          3. Ireland wasn’t neutral in WWII.

            It contributed 80,000 men to the British war effort. Not to mention the lending of Irish aerospace.

            Allied pilots crashing in Ireland were ALWAYS returned to the Allies.

            Axis pilots crashing in Ireland were ALWAYS interned.

            The truth being. They had no choice in the matter of who they cheered for.

            We were prepared to occupy Ireland if even a single Irish politician cheered for Germany…

            So the Irish out of an instinct for self-preservation… Cheered the team that was ready to give them a kicking if they didn’t.

  11. Don’t forget….the people who follow Hitler, are sheeps…yes that is what they was. They thow away there own opinion for the opinion of the F?hrer.
    I’m German and I live in Germany. My Grandfahter died in the Age of 36 in Russia.
    I don’t think, that Hitler was the greatest man of the 20th century.

    1. @best shore
      I agree with you……..he was amazing in his way of speaking and firing up the people…and i do give him some kudos as he trully believed his own belief and fought hard for it….but def not the greatest man of the 20th century….that is actually kinda sad…i am sad for this human race…..they are all fucked

  12. I find it funny…some here say, that they are 100% or half German. If you don’t live in Germany, you are no germans. My Grandfather (Father) was in World War One, my Gandfather (Mother) was in World War Two, my Father was in World War Two (he was only 16 Years old). My blood is clean of jewish…but I’m not a Nazi, not even my Father, or one of my Grandfathers (who are dead at time)

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