Shooting Streamed on Facebook Live in Springfield, MA

Shooting Streamed on Facebook Live in Springfield, MA

Shooting Streamed on Facebook Live in Springfield, MA

In Springfield, Massachusetts, a group of upstanding youths got involuntarily involved in a shooting that none of them saw coming. While having the dealings, the video of their interaction was being streamed on Facebook Live, and the livestream captured the moment of the shooting. It’s not clear from the video where the fire is coming from.

According to the backinfo I got, the kid on the left got hit in the head and died. The black kid got hit too. That’s all I know. If anybody has more backinfo, please share in the comments.

Props to Best Gore member @tnw699 for the video:

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198 thoughts on “Shooting Streamed on Facebook Live in Springfield, MA”

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          2. I know the entire back story to this as the person who was killed is a friends cousin of mine. The group was shot up because the driver in the car had beef with some one in the neighborhood they hit the wrong person the 3 outside was all innocent damn shame.

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          That’s a true story as far as I know. Offa da telly..

          1. Soz, but I just can’t see that being true. No way in the world would ‘the firm’ allow Diana to be put in danger like that (I’m talking before she was divorced and became a target herself)……..

    1. A bunch of kids think they are tough shit these days. Most of them are just a bunch of worthless pussies who think the world is full of butterflies and ponies. THIS right here, is real shit. If this happened to more uptight teens, there would be no need for harsh discipline. Then again, they have become so soft where they believe “discipline” has the same meaning as “child abuse”. I lived through that era and always thought it was bullshit. Anyways, these kids are just as tough as a dog’s diarrhea poo.

    1. Very true @rayf. To see those comments pop up on the side means ‘people’ were actually sitting there watching this BS. I can’t even begin to comprehend what sort of losers would sit there and watch such boring garbage, assuming no one had any idea the shooting was going to happen. I can think of a thousand things I’d rather do before i resorted to getting more involved in someone else’s crappy life over my own……..

      1. Well put! Even as someone relatively around the same age as these lads and who would see sluts post their dumb stories every single fucking day on the Instagram pages, I’m able to realize this is just brainless rubbish. The world is completely fucked!

        1. And rest assured, (no pun intended) the suicide rate will continue to skyrocket. With no human “interconnectivity,” the concept of virtual reality and reality become one.

          This is a problem that will inevitable destroy the human race. Simply, because it is widely accepted by our corporate media, whose focus is making you a consumer, as opposed to one, finding their own place in this world.

          Addictions spread well outside the drug/alcohol paradigm. Again, it will only get worse. It’ll never get better I’m afraid.

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    1. I doubt it. It’s because there are NO cashiers at the convenient stores for the niggers to start an argument WITH that would typically result in a double homicide shooting. In ANY major city that’s where the murder rate would DESPERATELY rise or drop…

  6. To me it is a setup, dude is pointing and smirking like, it will be him, we may get hit but he is going down. The headshots were easy, not that i wish or pray harm. Hmph!! >=|

    Just being fkkkin cray! Apologies.

  7. LIVING ON A CHAIR by bad jonny

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    1. @Dyke On The Run
      This is what i got out of it, and the tune i picked for it,,, well lets just say that it worked, or complimented it quite well might i add, lol. 😉

      Da-FAuuuuuck??? Cause Da Negro-Man,,,
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        1. IN THE SPAGHETTO by bad jonny

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          1. Yeah, love it .. I often watch the concert it’s from :
            Elvis, that’s the way it is!
            So glad they made a tape of his ‘Vegas’ days.

          2. I Gotta check this concert out with my Wife as we never saw-it but heard that it’s an incredible performance from the king himself. Thanks For The Tip brother @BadJonny

  9. I HOPE by bad jonny

    I hope this Corona virus really kills
    The people
    Of the World
    Who now need some thrills

    I’m watching all the filth porn
    Then I watch the ‘stills’

    Sick of chingy doctors:
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    I’ll push you through the window
    Over the window sills

    Watch your body splatter
    Like a grape
    It gives me chills

    Why should YOU be left alive?
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    They say “O hold ya breath ya all”
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    They closed down all the titty bars
    Closed down all the grills

    “O just need essentials
    Food and tea .. no frills”

    “O and some kegs of beer
    Till you get your fills”

    “O If you’re over 8o you will die
    ‘Cause you are over hills”

    “O We hope this not start panic
    Burning cars & looting tills”

    “O We training National Guard now
    They’re practicing their drills”

    “O Ma and Pa are dying now
    Hope they made their Wills”

    “O The lawyers suing their estate
    To finalize their bills”

    You people are all suck-holes ..
    I don’t care about your ills

    1. In response to your post and the post about trucks in the US, posted yesterday.
      I had a nigger try to carjack me back in the 80’s, and in the 90’s a thief caught in my garage by my ex, as our newborn slept in the house. So yeah, now I keep myself armed. I target practice, but don’t hunt. I don’t brandish it or even show it to to anyone. And certainly don’t equate it with my manhood, nor with my pickup truck that’s 8 years old, beat up with almost 200,000 miles, and used on my small ranch. I could buy a new one today, but don’t need to impress the neighbors, and the Chevy runs like new still.
      Yes there are people in Texas like that, as with anywhere, but I don’t know anyone who fits that stereotype.
      Unless you live here you wouldn’t understand. If you live in city in Texas you have the right to protect yourself, unlike places like NY, and many countries where you can be charged with homicide for killing a burglar in your bedroom. If you live in the away from the cities you not only have the right to protect yourself from criminals, but snakes and other dangerous animals. It is also wide open country, if you need help in a hurry, good luck getting the law. To give you some perspective the King Ranch is 20 miles from me, its larger than the State of Rhode Island, and this is just a ranch.
      So yes we like and need our guns and trucks in Texas, and most of us have utilitarian use for them and no need to equate them to our manhood.

      1. What a bunch of commie shit. The authorities who over-do their jobs the most by trying to FUCK hard working American people over for PROTECTING themselves IS fucking ridiculous. Like if they HAD half a functioning brain, they could only ASSUME what MOST LIKELY had happened if they had found a dead smelly street nigger in MY house with EITHER the front door kicked in or a shattered window in plain sight. But no…they’re more concerned about reasons of suspicion and probable cause bullshit. Like uhh…”Mr. Officer who thinks he’s a trained professional?…WHY the fuck else would be there be a filthy beaner-nigger lying DEAD in my living room with a television in his arms???”

    1. It’s really in-depth too, racist one liners is one thing but we got open letters and essays.

      I always thought it was funny that there is a lot of women haters in here, when there is a few women on here too, lulz.

          1. Thank you for clearing that up flip-flop, I thought you may have meant that in a sarcastic way. There are some Trump haters on this site, I would say mostly from other countries, who don’t understand the alternative.
            Thanks again

    2. So what you seem to be saying, is you don’t enjoy the women hate?

      I think its more projection of the frustration at their own lack of understanding of how to get one in the sack than hate per se, but feel free to offer your own theories…

    1. He received a transoccipital lead infusion. It works like a charm!

      I’m loaded for bear (literally and figuratively) and ready for intruders from the south. My pick up truck is full of gas, my weapons loaded…I’m a ‘Murican dammit!!!

      1. I thought Brokeback said guns equat to the penis “A gun is just as much what makes a man as his Penis is”. Is there something your not telling us Illegal?
        And goddamnit your one of those “mericans” who owns a PICKUP, shame on you!

      2. @illegalsmile55 The surgical procedure you refer to was very speedily executed. I was never in Springfield, the nearest I got to there was getting lost coming out of Worcester heading back to the Cape. I was with an lovely and excitable young New England girl called Christine (“Irish – Eyetalian”) who had driven me to Lowell to visit Jack Kerouac’s grave at Westlawn Cemetery. I even paddled my feet in the Merrimack! That was a great day… though it was thirty-three years ago this Summer! Kids knew how to behave themselves back then.

        Wankdust Towers has the drawbridge UP and the moat flooded. My car boot is loaded with gear for the capture and processing of Wild Brown Trout and Salmon when the occasion arises on my forays into the Scottish Hinterland. I have cut back on the masturbating to help preserve and sustain my precious bodily fluids and the purity of my soul during this difficult time.
        Many dishes have been prepared and racked on shelves in my freezer cellar. The weight of Paprika’d Beef Casserole is testing the mid-section shelving. The wine cellar is sufficiently stocked to see me through until July (some nice bubbly laid aside to celebrate your young nation’s Independence Day – I have some fireworks too).
        I miss Ol’ Gyllenhaal though.

  10. If you rewind/forward very slowly at the time of the shots, you can see blood exit the victim’s mouth or face.

    The guy next to him recoiled not only from the shoots but because blood spurted in his eye.

  11. Curious if the site is under attack again. My browser was put through a security check before allowing me entry. I’ve got no problem with that, as that is a smart thing to do. Hackers need to be flown down to Mexico for a Gore-fest.

    That said, one more time I will remind who ever makes said decisions that I have five servers with over four Terra-byte of bandwidth every month. I would be willing to offer my services should they be needed.

    My servers are set up to begin to send us emails should we come under attack. We have built in five security checks. By the time they reach the fourth level of security, the server is programmed to shut down vs allowing someone breach that last security block. It is easier to restart a server than it is to reprogram a server.

  12. THOSE WHO DIED by bad jonny

    Those who died
    Wanted to die

    “This is your bed Mr Woo ..
    Now rest your head and lye”

    Struggle for last breath
    Lungs collapse with sigh

    Soul drifts away
    “Softly to night sky”

    “O you fought a gallant one ..
    O how you did try”

    He was a lazy cunt
    Just like the last fuckin’ guy

    Or that fat white slut:
    “Gee am I gay or am I bi ? ..”

    Now we’re all locked in
    Like piggies in a sty

    Illuminati has vaccine
    Look them in the eye

    Trump’s eyes beady like a rat
    They’re sinful and they’re sly

    Trump’s eyes red just like a rat
    Ready for next lie

    “O stay home and rest yourself
    And watch ‘The River Kwai’ “

    All humans are now fuck’d this day
    May as well get high …

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