Shooter Fires at Man Lying on Ground, Then Rifles Through Him Before Shooting Him Again

Shooter Fires at Man Lying on Ground, Then Rifles Through Him Before Shooting Him Again

Shooter Fires at Man Lying on Ground, Then Rifles Through Him Before Shooting Him Again

According to the info I got, this happened in China. Doesn’t strike me as China, but we’ve seen stranger things at BG. The video starts with a man lying on the ground getting shot with a long gun. The shooter then rifles through the wounded man, and ends up shooting him in the mid section or hip area again before leaving the scene.

I have no idea what exactly is going on. The long gun shooter obviously didn’t want to downright kill the other guy, and the whole set up doesn’t have the feel of your typical armed robbery. It even seems as if the shooter took a handgun from the wounded guy. Bizarre on several levels.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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71 thoughts on “Shooter Fires at Man Lying on Ground, Then Rifles Through Him Before Shooting Him Again”

        1. See this is what happens when you get fat, you can’t be bothered to get up even when someone’s shooting you, notice how he only grabbed the shooter when he put his hand near him saving him from moving too much, damn lazy bugger

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      1. @ip-config
        Good observation… but the camera man was much further away than it looks. Notice how many times he zoomed in. I think he was at a safe enough distance off the road. His talk also reveals he’s unsure what the shooter is doing with the victim’s pocket. sounds like “要钱吗。。” (does he want money)…

        1. Yup, ur probably right. I saw the camera man zoom out and in. Maybe he was behind something but it looked like if the camera man can see him, the shooter could too. Just a bit too much exposure for my taste. Even if a ways away, it looked like he was risking getting the bizness just like the first victim.

      2. This happened in Malaysia, the victim died with heavy injury to leg and arm. The shooter suicide afterwards a few kilometre away. Bullet to the brain inside his car. Probably because of unsettled argument that prompt the killing.

    1. That’s what I was thinking, what kind of ammo was he using, probably bird shot, just cruel at that point, should have been 1600 fps 00 buckshot, that would have been more interesting for us to watch, next time think of our needs, sheesh

  1. This scene not happen in china but malaysia.. Some say this happen when they got drunk, and man with white shirt say he sleep with his wife shooter,the victim dies at the scene… And the shooter suicide in his car after that….

  2. This what it looks like being shot with birdshot. If you are obese or on angle dust you’d be hurt very badly but not dead. Albeit, thanking your lucky stars you weren’t shot in the fucking face. -951-

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