Shooting at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Aftermath Video

Shooting at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Aftermath Video

Here’s the aftermath of the shooting at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. As was the case with the pic of Stephen Paddock dead, the picture above was provided by many people, so it would be too much to list you all. But a group props to each and every one of you who took the time of their day to send them in.

Video below was provided by @JacobTheGreat. It shows the aftermath of the shooting filmed from the ground level. The guy filming may at first glance sound like a douche, but he makes a very good point by asking: are these people really dead? If so, where are the entry and exit wounds? I mean, here at Best Gore we have seen a ton of videos of trauma a shot from a high power rifle can do to human body, so he was definitely right to sound the way he sounded, even though I think a lot of it had to do with being drunk.

Here’s the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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260 thoughts on “Shooting at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Aftermath Video”

    1. Sad that one moment these people were alive and relevant and some even envied by people then gone out of the conscious world we experience were those things bear any meaning. Regardless of who is responsible, people died. Don’t go wearing tin foil hats on this one.

      1. I like how u said some were probably envied and maybe some fucked over people n did people wrong…im sure some of them got what they deserved and there are people who are happy as fuck that they got killed like fuckin dogs….im happy if they got what they deserved…

    2. “I might be the first to say it…” but you’re a fuckin’ moron. RIP to your measly little brain, which perhaps once functioned semi-properly, but now is clearly as useful as the punk ass ineffective executioner. Fucking idiot.

    3. I believe that the government did have a hand in this also. According to 911 tapes, officers that responded to the shooters location arrived there 25 minutes after the first shots. The officers then were told by dispatch to stand down until SWAT could enter the room 1st. SWAT showed up 35 minutes later.
      How many lives were lost because of this neglect in “serving and protecting” us citizens?
      Yeah, hooray for the swines

      1. @sanbeagle 0 lives were lost because of this. SWAT was on scene but clearing floors above and below where he was located. It didn’t matter how long it took them because he only continued fire for 9-11 minutes. He was probably dead before they made it close to his floor.

      2. “I believe that the government did have a hand in this also.”
        Your beliefs are irrelevant. All that matters is evidence. What is the basis for your belief that this was not simply another lunatic going off the rails?
        Police are not paid nor trained to take on people with arsenals of weapons. I doubt they turned up with shields or anything more than bulletproof vests, and whilst I strongly dislike the police at the best of times, attempting to bring this to an end is well beyond the training of a normal policeman.

          1. lol, you dont think a 60 year old can do this? my father is 70 and he’s as springy as a damn 40 year old, a fucking 100 year old can do this shit…

      3. These vegas cops are fucking Reno cops, they are only used to prostitution and drunks … anything else would render them useless….. wait for SWAT!!! I’d would have been like Sir I can’t here you your not coming in clear break!

        Then I’d do my fucking job

          1. You sound like such a fag. Praising the death of people because of the way they’re dressed. You are so pathetic and so is anyone using the word ‘sheeple’ YOU’RE PART OF THE HERD TOO WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. can’t wait until you’re caught in the middle of gunfire so we can see the video of you bleeding out and dying while I sit back and laugh at the people arguing over whether or not you were a government actor.

          2. I never said anything about dress…n if i end up on a video do me a HUGE FAVOR… laugh your ass off because i am a useless pathetic fuck lol…but you really do sound like a fag getting your panties in a bunch over what i have to say. As far as being part of the bunch…you really gotta taste how sweet my dick is to know how different i am…..n Nataska i thought we were lovers n friends beautiful…

          1. Wanna hear a funny story @happy usually I get flack from my wife and other family members because I refuse to watch the Man’s media outlet(CBS,NBC,ect) due to the fact they push the narrative that the government or those in charge want them to push since finding this site a couple years back I wait till it’s covered heAr and try to draw my conclusions but after the shooting she comes home from her night shift job and proceeds to wake me up and ask me “what’s bestgore saying about the shooting” then goes so far to use my phone to paruse the site hahaha my response “it ain’t no fun when the rabbit has the gun huh honey” lol. Not sure if she’ll become a Pattron of the site but I send this to show an example that I’m doing my part to promote the site in a positive light

          2. Cheer brother. Fact of a matter is, just by switching off the tube, you do more for yourself than you could imagine. The entire TV programming is just that – programming. They are programming the viewer’s mind, molding it to what they want it to be. You switch it off, and you hit them twice – once by being off limits for them so they can’t program you, and the second time by having them waste all the resources they pour into said programming, which is now going to waste because it’s still leaving you unmolded despite the heavy millions poured into all the shows, and news reports, and what not. Good on you mate, and cheers for the plug 🙂

    4. If anybody knows the dude who recorded that, give him a high five.

      Some stone nuts and a good heart. world needs more like him.

      This is pretty raw, something i would expect in the middle east.

      The guy was a millionare and retired? pinoy wife? what the fuck is going on.

    5. Led by newly elected conservative Prime Minister John Howard, it announced a bipartisan deal with state and local governments to enact sweeping gun-control measures. A decade and a half hence, the results of these policy changes are clear: They worked really, really well.

      At the heart of the push was a massive buyback of more than 600,000 semi-automatic shotguns and rifles, or about one-fifth of all firearms in circulation in Australia. The country’s new gun laws prohibited private sales, required that all weapons be individually registered to their owners, and required that gun buyers present a “genuine reason” for needing each weapon at the time of the purchase. (Self-defense did not count.) In the wake of the tragedy, polls showed public support for these measures at upwards of 90 percent.

      What happened next has been the subject of several academic studies. Violent crime and gun-related deaths did not come to an end in Australia, of course. But as the Washington Post’s Wonkblog pointed out in August, homicides by firearm plunged 59 percent between 1995 and 2006, with no corresponding increase in non-firearm-related homicides. The drop in suicides by gun was even steeper: 65 percent. Studies found a close correlation between the sharp declines and the gun buybacks. Robberies involving a firearm also dropped significantly.

    6. I can guarantee you this is real. I live in Vegas, i had friends at this concert who were sending me snapchats as it was happening. A friend of mine who just became a cop said his sister and his partner who were both at that concert were shot (but they are going to be ok).

      1. Well..who cares…maybe casinos shouldnt put themselves in a position to take all of someones money…of course he shouldnt go to a casino n spend all his money…but gambling is addicting…so if ur gonna outlaw addictive substances then outlaw casinos…but no they keep um open cuz people want to take peoples money…so fuck him n fuck the casino equally if thats the reason for the shooting. But could also be his bitch or he just wanted to kill people…or there is some hidden agenda…who gives a fuck…im sure alot of people who knew the victims and knew some of them to be POS would want to shake paddocks hand. I can name a few people i wish were there n got their hair popped!!

    7. What bugs me is that the media only has 2 pictures of Paddock. 2?!!?! And in one you cant even see his eyes! He might be a fake person like Adam Lanza and the the 911 “Vic-sims” created on the computer. If he is then its def a false flag.

    8. how does a 64 yr old have such birdseye vision that he doesnt need binoculars, eye glasses, spotting scope, or any scope? wheres the shooting goggles? i havent been to a gun range in my life that didnt require safety glasses. after awhile you so use to wearing them that shooting without them is unsporty. so what the hell are the numbers for dialing in the right trej. that the shooter wrote down for?

    9. This guy is a feaken hero. He goes from one person to the next. I want to suck this mans balls. This guy really turns me on. He is a hero, we should sing God bless America for him at yankee stadium. Can I piss first. Oh say can you see. See my dick? It’s up your girlfriends ass.

    10. Welcome to America. What a FUCKING SHITHOLE. You dumb pricks saying ‘false flag/actors’ really are the DUMBEST Americans of them all. Americans are fucking weird and this is just MORE proof. What a joke. Ppfftt…..

    11. How about RIP victims? Maybe there’s more to this, but Paddock is no victim. He’s shuffled loose the mortal coil and now understands the true nature of reality…that we were created by a loving God for a certain purpose…and that he wasted his own gift and robbed others of theirs. He now understands justice better than you or I.

      1. He said his mum was a nurse so probably how he knew basics of taking pulse and directing aid.
        Bodycam footage is landscape – this was short portrait so was just holding a phone.

        People just don’t pay attention any more!

    1. Right, I agree—just some guy who actually gives two shits about humanity. We see not a mere fraction of sympathy, or the slightest extension of caring aid to mankind, in most videos of carnage from third-world shitholes. Say what you will about Americans, but we outnumber by the millions, exhibited care for our fellow man, in need of aid or critical companionship, as compared to the vast majority of the fuckface dwellers of India, Syria, Pakistan, etc. Props to these people in the video doing their best—such as @jacobthegreat—for restoring a bit of my faith in our American population. You, my friend, are my very definition of HERO, and my sincerest thanks go out to you for that, truly. <3

      1. @deathfetishfemale I’m not sure if he was the dude in the vid, just the person to upload it for Mark. What’re the fucking odds of that, eh? Him being a gorephile and fortuitously being in the thick of the nation’s worst massacre?

        But yeah – life’s cheap in the third world. It’s the one thing they have far too much of – people. Well that and flip-flops.

        1. Shit happens in western society and even in BG “oh poor souls oh heros they are warriors oh my GAWD they are cutie pies oh my gawd they are the best in the world oh my gawd welp them poor souls”. Death comes when it comes just like when you are commenting rubbish in freak accidents in other countries. Although this is an act of craziness compared to man being reduced to minced meat by a truck somewhere in India in the end we will all perish and not one person will a shite!

      2. Get off the bullshit…in other countries you will be the next victim of a necklacing or beheading if u jump in…its a whole different monster…n this guy probably pretended to care so as to have a reason to film…he didnt help anyone…he just went buy shakin corpses n moving already in pain people more probably furthering their pain n trauma…

  1. Some are suggesting the Las Vegas shooting was done by the anti-gun movement, and the ‘shooter’ was just a patsy they murdered to take the blame. The purpose? To justify their gun confiscation in America, coming soon…

    1. I think a Marxist was just embracing his ideology and killed a lot of people while at the same time attacking our gun rights as well. It’s an old Jewish tactic: cause the problem and then offer the solution and you know he knew what his compatriots would be saying about guns after his deed was done GIVE US YOUR GUNS GOYIM!

    2. “Some” meaning @happy haha….
      Didn’t happen after VT. Didn’t happen after Columbine. Didn’t happen after Sandy Hook. Ain’t gonna happen now. If that’s their true aim in implementing false flags then they fucking suck royally at it. And have even less of a chance with an imbecilic Republican president that obsesses over his ‘optics.’ Maybe it’s easier/better for some to blame an amorphous boogeyman than face our true savage nature – sometimes (most times) it’s just a lowlife loser piece of impotent shit. Makes one consider the literal existence of evil. The hearts of many men are dark and destructive and you don’t need a conspiracy to suss out that truth.

      1. Clearly never been to a concert of any decent size.

        They clean up afterwards, not during. Or while people are bleeding out.

        Classic Dumbass.

        Seraphim Seranata? where the fuck are you from? I bet shit rolls down your street daily.

  2. If you notice in the latter picture of the alleged shooter, there is a 38 snub nose revolver above his head. If he “commit suicide” kinda a strange place for it to land. Just some food for thought.

  3. Is that first dude Christopher Roybal? I keep seeing articles about him and there are pics of him with his shirt off and he has those pawprint tattoos. Looks like the same dude. Kind of a sob story so maybe he’s an actor too who knows

  4. Tbh we should take more in consideration the fact that they all seem to have no wound at all. Right, they are bleeding but man, with all the videos i’ve watched on this site I can’t believe the gunshots didn’t do more damage on their body than that.

    1. And the shooter apparently had HP rifles that he fired at the targets from the distance. Those rounds should have been decapitating the people or splitting their skulls open. I mean it’s one thing to tell someone who’s never seen what an HP rifle does to a human body, but here at Best gore we’ve seen tons of videos, and they near evaporate skulls they hit. WTF? Riddle me that.

        1. Hi Mark,
          I hunt deer and have a few of what you would call “high powered” rifles. If you assume that the guns they showed us were the weapons used here, I’m not surprised by the results.
          At the distance they tell us of 1100+ feet, much of the velocity has bled off and an AR-15 (.223 caliber) is a skinnier bullet than we use for deer. In fact its not even legal to use .223 for deer BECAUSE its too small. The videos where arms fly off or heads explode are usually either very close range, or .50 cal snipers

          1. ^ Bingo @cjschriver3 ! .223 is for prairie dogs/paper targets & barely big enough for coyotes @ 300 ft./100 yd.s … Very small bullet but still deadly if it finds your vitals & at that distance of over 300 yd.s /1100 ft. There would be NO exit wound unless it hit your earlobe* or a finger !

      1. I think there is a variable not being considered here. I’m not being a know it all here… but being a prior army combat scout and from a family of military and police officers I do know a lot about weapons… oddly enough a 223 (5.56) would not do a lot of damage to be seen externally but more so Inside. I’ve seen a comment talking about a skinny bullet of the 223 and he’s right but also if you combine that with full metal jackets, which is most likely what he was using (fmj, which is standard military rounds because of the Geneva convention) it would make just a small hole both entering and exiting. A fast moving round like the 5.56 on top of a full metal jacket or armour peircing round would hardly make an exit, it would just zip right through you… but if lead bullets like soft nose or hollow points was used its almost if the bullets explode like small grenades alittle after impact, ( some are designed to go so far inside before ” exploding or mushrooming” ) making huge exit wounds and vicious wound channels inside. Geneva outlawed the use of these rounds because lead from the rounds can be lethal years after the conflict. What’s ironic is U.S. police carry lead based bullets …… lol

  5. I agree with that statement
    We’ve seen what the Taurus handguns do to Brazilians.
    Why wouldnt we be seeing skull,and brain matter?
    Why aren’t there any Gaping holes in these ‘victims’
    How do they coordinate these acts
    I wonder.

    1. I have a Taurus .44 mag and the bullets weigh in at 240+ grains. A .223 round is 55-62 grains. Force=mass X acceleration
      Lighter bullets=less kinetic energy
      Of course, the .223 is going much faster than a .44, but it would be easier to understand if you just went shooting once in a while.

  6. Well this pic looks pretty real to me…lots of dead groupings.
    True, tons of litter and cowboy hats. It really could be the work of a lone millionaire maniac!? …but the fact people truly feel something’s not right (tho many people just like to troll) makes ya always have to question our government and media (which they totally control %) . Now I for one truly believe Sandy Hook was a hoax of some kind.

  7. I like the comment in the Daily Wire.

    The murder toll in Las Vegas on Sunday makes it the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.
    Know what they call that in Chicago? June.

    Actually, there were 84 murders in Chicago, just in June, according to, which keeps a running tally.
    There were 76 murders in July, 50 in August.
    And there were 59 murders in Chicago last month, so the death toll in Las Vegas — again, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history — was just a normal September there.

    1. Mass shooting=occuring at one time. Slight difference no?

      People just don’t pay attention any more! Holy jeebus.

      Also the fact that it wasn’t the biggest mass shooting in US history.

      *sigh* …gonna go have a wank.

    1. Clearly real death to me, more the motives and “given facts” that i cannot honestly believe.

      This website gives you the opportunity to make your own opinion, just like you did 🙂

      Take a look at the dudes lifestyle and profile, his character.

      Even the video above makes me wonder why the police officer insists on being a cunt when this dude is saying he has got AMTs helping people which i assume is some form of paramedic. Not everybody was dead there but the Cop said they were all Deceased? Broken logic.

      1. Yeah I was thinking that – who the fuck does that policeman think he is, has he personally assessed everyone? Leans me further to thinking it’s false flag and he’s already been told what his purpose there is.

    2. @Nexus666
      Aside from the slight note of condescension, your statement may be more truth than fiction.
      The above video was interesting to me. I guess I am desensitized to a degree, but, I’m able to imagine how surreal it must have been for this guy walking through blood and dead bodies. I wonder what it would be like were I in the same situation.
      When I share videos similar in nature with friends, they are horrified. They’re accustomed to prime time tv and SNL etc… The Walking Dead is the only “death and gore” that they ever see.

  8. This guy filming is a worthless douchebag. He cannot help, doesn’t know how to help, yet runs around acting like he’s trying to help so that he can run around filming without getting yelled at for collecting gore. He shouts “I know nurses” and “there are no EMTs” yet “I have medics”.
    I hope his friends fall for his fake tears.

        1. I did not mind the gore. However yeah I did notice he did not help at all and was just acting so he could collect gore. Like the first dude he went up to he wasn’t even there for like two seconds and he’s like “I SEE NO ENTRY WOUNDS OR EXIT WOUNDS, I CANT TREAT” as he barely feels up the dude or thoroughly looks and then he storms off to film more gore haha

          1. Yeah lol. Then all he did was shout “we need an EMT!! EMT’s!!” As if none of the EMT’s were aware there were people laying all over injured.

          2. I know this type and that is why I despise him so much “Mr busy” running around inserting himself into everything yet accomplishing nothing. “look how I emptied out the stockroom!” meanwhile all the stock is loaded and stuffed down aisles unworked and otherwise untouched. what did he really accomplish with that hyped up simulated triage? he’s parading as though he’s “got this” and all he did was run up and prey upon the weak and shattered and his claim to fame is his mom is a nurse? she probably died in car wreck late 80s HATE that dude

  9. Rad! Sorry (not sorry), but… rad? Also, can we get some EMTs? No? How about maybe a janitor up in here for all this trash? Cleanliness is next to… oh, that’s right, there is no God, I forgot. Medic!

  10. ZAll you dickheads who dont care about these poor family members i hope you all slip in the shower and break you necks i bet you would not say stuff like you have here on the streets because you would be on bestgore titled linched for talking shit on bestgore fuck faces

  11. It’s very clear to me that this one was a false flag. I do believe there were multiple shooters. My theory is that there was one person shooting from the hotel and at least two others were shooting from closer distances. But I have no clear evidence for that.

  12. I don’t remember having read the slightest comment on the number of war rifles the dude had in his Mandalay suite or at home.
    Nevada is one of the most permissive state when it comes to buy high caliber weapons, including AK, AR15, M4 or even a Barret 50.
    FFS, if you muricunts can’t make the relation between all these deadly killings performed by insane fuckers and the possibility for any low IQ scum with a clean criminal record to buy such toys, you’re braindead as fuck!
    A handgun at home to protect your family, life or relatives can be understandable, but why such HP rifles?
    We all know that many of you are pussies who can’t fight bare handed & are proud of your gay marines that need air support from A10 when “surrounded” by 3 talebs in flip-flops.
    Make America weak again with Dump as Potus, after Obama.
    Putin will teach this bald orange prick how to behave.
    Iran, Syria, Iraq, Houtis and Hezbollah will get rid of your best useless ally, aka IsraHell.

    1. america is a shit hole stuffed with mexicas and niggas, and some peculiars predators every once in a while like this one
      blaming third world countries doesnt makes you better
      shoulda received some of those bullets instead

  13. As I said before, this incident is a hoax. The narrator of this video is finding that out. He is confused and can’t understand why things are the way they are. I have worked in trauma centers and emergency situations many times. I was a hospital security officer, and I worked for the mental health center for years, so I know what trauma is and looks like. None of these people that are shown in this video are dead and seriously injured. This is a Hollywood movie with crisis actors involved.

      1. Idiot. I don’t keep a measuring tape on me either, but guess what, there are people who do, if they are on the job, hired to do shit that requires this type of equipment. You may not keep a jug of fake blood on you, but guess what again, idiot, crisis actors do. They don’t even need to buy it. They are provided it as part of their job. But hey, got to keep the sheep going, right?

        1. LOL where, exactly, do you suggest they’re hiding said jugs? Up their butts? I mean, maybe your anus is stretched out enough from your head being up it, but somehow I don’t think that means you could fit a jug of fake blood up there. Or maybe you’re talented, who knows?

    1. A hoax? Are you serious? You asshole. My nephews baseball coach is coming home in a coffin. Shot dead at that concert. Now we get people like you that wanna come out with moronic
      bullshit about a hoax, about crisis actors. I guarantee you the man in that coffin is not acting. I knew him, I know his family. My nephew played baseball with his kids. His name is Brian Fraser. He is definitely dead, no acting. Perhaps you shouldnt spew such ignorant bullshit, those are real people, those are real deaths. Have some goddamn decency and respect.

      1. I dont think its a hoax. But youre part about decency n respect is utter bullshit. Because if you had any decency and respect you wouldnt be here trying to view the ghastly death and undignified state of death that these other people met. Yet, here you are not allowing ur “nephews coach” n others to have their own dignity or respect of privacy in death for them and their families because you needed a looksee. I think you just got on here n other social sites to post about this person that you know as some sort of claim to fame. To show or tell others that this incident hit closer to home than most abd therefore you have more claim to an opinion. As i said i dont think it was a hoax…but dont talk about decency n respect…most all people are devoid of that unless to garner some superficial attention or make a point.

  14. There’s a lot of people that deserve this more.. These thrill seekers don’t deserve this, but at the same time a lot of them blame other people but won’t give up their handguns and auto’s . How many of these people would have healthcare under trump to even treat these industries?

  15. Pero como??? no es que USA es un pais tan seguro ??? que aconseja a sus ciudadanos no viajar a ciertos paises de Latin America porque son peligrosos ??? Seguro hay un error de información, esto no debe haber ocurrido en el SEGURO pais del Norte…. donde todo está bajo control y no hay criminalidad….. Debe haber un error…. chequeen la información por favor…..

  16. I’m just ‘blown away’ (get it, get it??) by all the head shots….from so far away and how the bullets were just spraying people as they fled…shit he must be able to thread a needle like no one’s business!

  17. The Gov wants total gun control b/c elites want to rule over the masses unchallenged. Mass shootings convince the morons to give up their guns. With each mass shooting they up the ante to pull at our heartstrings, first the Sandy Hook false flag, then the homos in Orlando & now they break a record killing almost 60. They will not stop till they get what they want. A Gov armed to the teeth & a citizenry unarmed & able to defend themselves against a tyrannical Bolshevik Gov.
    I’ve seen multiple interviews with survivors who said that there is no way there was only one shooter.
    This was an outdoor concert, why erect fences like that? Its like someone wanted them trapped in there not able to escape for maximum casualties. Fuck the Gov.

  18. All you conspiracy theory nut jobs are out of fucking control. How about this, instead of sitting on your fat lazy ass in mommies basement, you go out and actually gather evidence and prove something. Just don’t sit on your ass and BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG!!! Repeating a bunch of stupid shit some other fucking loser made up for attention. Because that’s really what this is about isn’t it? Attention….no girlfriend, no social life, actual skills or experience. Just a way to get attention.
    Making all kinds of fucking stupid claims that don’t even have a foot in fucking reality.
    Hey dip-shit! Sandy Hook happened you asshole, real fucking kids died. Don’t think so? Borrow some gas money from Mom, stop shoving burritos in your fat fucking face for a few days, fly to Connecticut and do some snooping around. Holy fucking shit balls are you people dense. You going to say this and Newtown were “Government conspiracies” to take away your stupid 90 year old Marlin bolt action rifle that your grandfather never had time to shoot?
    Prove it! Evidence! Or SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    1. I assume, in order to be saying all this, you followed your own advice and completely de-bunked this as well as Sandy Hook with facts and information which you took time to investigate on your own time. please share the imformation noone can deny with the rest of us please.

      1. Hey Ace,
        Let me ask YOU something. Do you think the bullet holes my wife assisted in treating while working at the Danbury Hospital in 2012 were some figment of her imagination? Two weeks before Christmas, do you think my wife just decided to join up with the Government “suddenly” in some “elaborate fucking HOAX” in some crazy impulse? What about the nightmare she continues to have to this day. How about the post-traumatic syndrome she still struggles with having seen little dead children with bullet holes in their bodies, slaughtered indiscriminately like fucking farm animals. Is she “acting” when she goes off into a crying fit? And how now even now 5 years later we still can’t have a normal Christmas holiday because of the unbearable tragedy that unfolded in front of her eyes reminds her of that awful day? Is she still acting there Ace? I don’t have to investigate a GOD DAMN THING.

        1. @Travisjon if what you say about your wife is true, hope she gets well, but you have to understand this is not intended to discredit you or your wife. the intent is to finally get some truth about these events and others. when people question something and ask for proof you should be happy. On the other hand if you see people not questioning anything and take as truth anything and everything they are throwed at, I would really not be happy at all. Part of the problem is people filling up forums with tales that are untrue in order to sway public opinion. at the very least you cannot deny that.

          1. maybe I am a total asshole but it sounds like your wife at very least needs some counseling or therapy if five years later she is making you relive tragedy and crying fits and ruining every Christmas that is not fair to YOU but you seem to coddle such behavior and otherwise reward it so happy holidays to you and yours

        2. Your wife has crying fits still? I think ptsd is the “in thing” now….everyone wants to say theyve been through trauma. I feel most dont give a shit unless its someone they really loved…but if i witness something traumatic i can use it as a claim or recognition that “ive been through alot n seen alot”…no one cares…some can try to empathize or truely empathize…but losing sleep wont occur unless they want it to.

          1. @john helloo? The rest of the world is not you, if you react this way, it doesn’t mean that other people will react like you aswell. If you’re so desensitized to such horrors, good for you, but sane people will not recover so easily.

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