Shootout Between Gunmen of El Americano and Hipolito Mora in La Ruana, Michoacan, Mexico

Shootout Between Gunmen of El Americano and Hipolito Mora in La Ruana, Michoacán, Mexico

I’m sharing this video because it’s been a long while since we’ve heard from Mexico. Unfortunately, I do not have a video that would be in the same class as those from the past. There is no gore in this video, only a sudden, somewhat intense shootout which allegedly left 11 people dead, although none of the dead are shown in the video. So unless you’re a fan of Mexico, or interested in the unique situation in the country, you may want to give this video a pass.

The shootout took place on December 16, 2014 in La Ruana, in the state of Michoacán.

In the beginning, the video shows a group of men belonging to Luis Antonio Torres aka El Americano (The American) approaching an illegal checkpoint controlled by the man of Hipólito Mora. El Americano monitored the situation from a safe spot on a nearby hilltop and commanded his crew via a radio.

Near the ranch “Los Palmares”, on the road between La Ruana and the junction with the Buenavista-Tepalcatepec highway, El Americano’s men were joined by “Fuerza Rural” – a paramilitary civilian force of vigilantes, also known as “auto-defensas” (self-defence).

When they reached the barricades set up by Hipólito Mora’s men, they verbally challenged each other until son of Hipólito Mora lost his cool and fired three shots. That triggered violent shootout which left 11 people dead, including Hipólito Mora’s son himself.

None of the groups really wanted the bloodshed, but when you have a bunch of untrained men with rifles, once someone starts shooting, they all go for it.

From what I understand, neither El Americano, nor Hipólito Mora are drug traffickers, so their respective groups don’t count as “cartels”.

I also understand that while Fuerzas Rural are not government sanctioned, they are tolerated as lesser of two evils, and potentially also sometimes useful in fights against cartels. They are however far from being noble defenders of their own people – as their name would suggest.

Based on what I was told by my insiders, Fuerzas Rural are thugs no different from drug traffickers. They are driven by green and the “protection” they offer to local individuals and businesses comes at a price – they collect “protection tax”, which is just a fancy term for “racketeering“.

So to sum up what really goes on in the clusterfuck of a situation captured in the video below, it’s like that:

Two Mexican self proclaimed defense forces decide to flex their muscles and ended up having a go with each other. As a result, you have people running around with guns, and without any apparent plan in mind, they come to a roadblock, where they try some talking, but progress to heavy fire, end up pinned down, and then run away. I believe “clusterfuck of a situation” just about sums it all up.

At one point in the video, one of the gunmen goes up to the cameraman to ask how to remove the safety. Basically, some of these people were given guns but don’t even know how to use them. No one is really sure of what to do, and no plan is coordinated. They got into a deadly fight even though they are not each other’s enemies.

Truly one big fat clusterfuck that cost 11 lives. Shooting starts at approximately 4:20 (unintentional):

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    1. Shit they could do with some basic infantry formations, I was talking to a guy last year on another site, he was Mexican living in the US, last I heard he was heading home toilet up a civil defense against anyone who was bothering his village, he’s probably dedicated judging by the vids.

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  2. Looks like fun but all I seen was a lot of ducking and scared faces. These guys need more training. I hope there’s a part two of this video soon of the aftermath. Friendly fire or not it is what it is.

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