Shootout Between Mexican Marines and Los Zetas – 3 Sicarios Killed

Shootout Between Mexican Marines and Los Zetas - 3 Sicarios Killed

Recent video from the town of Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico shows a squadron of Mexican Marines storming a Narco Rancho allegedly used as a base by Los Zetas sicarios from Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon. During the shootout three Zeta sicarios were killed – two on the ground, one inside a vehicle. Several sicarios managed to flee but were searched for with the use of military helicopter (not sure about the outcome).

The marines also arrested two females – can be seen in the video at 5:09. It has not been clarified whether they were found to be prostitutes, employed to cook/clean, of if they were sicarias or kidnapped victims.

The shootout took place at dusk when it was dark outside so quality of the video is really poor. But it does look like the Zetas have been getting quite a bit of a beating both from rival drug cartels and from Mexican military lately:

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41 thoughts on “Shootout Between Mexican Marines and Los Zetas – 3 Sicarios Killed”

    1. @lippedoutdemon, they probably were not the best marines. Think about it – the cartels are useless at beheadings, useless at aiming when they are shooting, do they really need to send in the best of the best Marines?

      1. @gunkgirl
        they are usless because anyone can join the dam cartel…when the zetas started it was said that they where all ex military…blah blah…then all of sudden you saw failures of life joining them trying to have money and cars….and ofc getting killed in the process.

    2. in mexico a cop cant carry a gun unless he is from the academy. Since anyone can become a “cop” . If the army sees them with guns they will take them away lol…i know because I have been in jail in sabinas hidalgo (the city mentioned in the post xp) and no one had a gun lol not even the chief or w/e the name is ….

    1. Keep in mind that many cartel members are ex military marines/soldiers so with that in mind it will take a while for one to kill another when u keep in mind the experience and skills each side has

      1. @gioM16 not really only the zetas but many of them are a bunch of worthless money hungry scum only doing it for the glamour lifestyle and quick money.. And you are going to say how do I know this .. Well lets just say I’ve been around poor beaners that change their whole lives when they start selling drugs and joining the cartels -.-at one point they are good people the next they act like a bunch of smug assholes buying shit they don’t need, there is this kid that my brother knew he was in the business well lets just say he ended up in a ditch with his head and limbs cut off O_o shit if best gore is that well informed you will see the little shit on here pretty soon. Now we play the waiting game ^_^

        1. No, you don’t know. The paramilitaries are with the cartels as well. If you don’t know already, Zetas, and a lot of the paramilitaries were trained at the School of the Americas. A backfired CIA operation that is and has been in progress at least since the 80s. To militarize South, Central Americas for coups and such.

          Most of them are well trained. They wouldn’t be alive if they weren’t. They also spend that money on sensible things, like bulletproof suits, cars, and weaponry that could probably make a US Marine look like a pip squeak. Grenade launchers are pretty much mandatory on assault rifles there.

          They travel in convoys of between 20 and 50 bullet and blast-proof trucks, loaded with assassins, who are bullet proof from head to toe.

          These guys are no joke. But there’s no point in saying that, US of A will find out soon enough, the hole they’ve dug for themselves. But I’ll say it anyway because Bestgore is going to take off!!

          Zetas are crossing into Texas, Arizona, etc, already, and have had shootouts with US police and military.

          Sinaloa cartel has probably already embedded it’s roots in the US.

          You guys are fucked. But keep believing you’re ready for them.

          On a side note, El Chapo has solidified himself in Colombia already. Also, his Sinaloa cartel has expanded to Europe and Asia.

          1. @Counter-idiocyUnit I know that *some* cartels members were trained by the U.S army and I also know alot of the zeta cartel members were deserted members from the Mexican military because the pay was shit.. And alot of the cartel members are poor beaners that have no military training lets say more of third hand training I wouldn’t really call the marines a powerful military they are what you call *grunts*there are lots of other tougher military branches and special forces like the navy seals, delta force and many more the army rangers are much more tougher than the marines ^_^ so I’d like to see the fucking cartels go head to head with the U.S.A’s special forces trust me the cartels would get raped 3 times, yeah some zetas are spreading to the north but the problem is that they don’t kill a shit load of people like in Mexico they are afraid of the cops and the migra O.O

  1. I womder if some mexican emtrpenour would consider a “cartell reality show”. Film the different famillys, keep score each week, video tape the brutal exicutions, give points for the goryiest, I mean the news stations in mexico and south america in general have no problem showing a lot of gore on TV any way, why not a reality show?…please?

  2. Hi everyone. This is my first post. I always love the vids where Zetas get killed, they are the worst of the worst among those cartels. I guess you could say I have a personal reason for hating them so much and enjoying their demise. My own boyfriend was shot by Zetas

  3. You won’t see drug cartels take over countries like Iran or China, only democracies. China would bring in death squads, tanks, bombers, etc. They would never allow criminals to gain control over large parts of the country. There is a price to democracy and that is weakness.

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