Shop Owner Fights Robbers, Gets Shot in Head

Shop Owner Fights Robbers, Gets Shot in Head

A typical Brazilian ensemble of two armed robbers on a motorcycle picked on a shop in Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil. As one dismounted and went inside to rob the owner off money, the other waited outside with the motorcycle running to provide quick get away from the scene.

But the shop owner was reluctant to hand over the little earnings he had and fought with the robber who walked in. So the guy with the motorcycle came to the aid of his fellow scumbag and shot the owner in the head at close range. The two then quickly ran away.

11 thoughts on “Shop Owner Fights Robbers, Gets Shot in Head”

  1. Two Bikers & Brazil the two of ’em never miss a beat .
    Scene often repeats itself with the duo on the bike never saying no to commissioning of a new crime every now and then.
    In most of these kill and flee cases one hardly sees the cops in a close proximity as if Brazil has no cops.
    There’s no escaping the crime happening each day more or less with a similar pattern ………..
    Its the Crime well orchestrated once again.

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