Short Video of Dead Brazilian Getting Chopped at with Axe

Short Video of Dead Brazilian Getting Chopped at with Axe

Short Video of Dead Brazilian Getting Chopped at with Axe

Somewhere in Brazil, a young man was killed in the backwoods, and his killers decided to show off for camera by attempting to chop him up with an axe. But as it goes in South America, the blade was dull so every nick at the corpse failed to deliver any serious chop up effect.

The video is short, but it’s still a reflection of what everyday life is like in the flip flop kingdom.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Short Video of Dead Brazilian Getting Chopped at with Axe”

  1. I think we would see the effect take place if the pussy would just use the axe correctly or could it be the fact that whoever crafted that axe sure made one shitty job of doing it, but who am I kidding its brazil, the country is full of faggets and queers, they just can’t do anything right.

    1. The Bringer Of Sorrow
      You are so right about your comment it’s funny brother. We should open a business, riding around with a specially built bike that would be equipped with sharpener. It would operate by simply putting it’s center kickstand and by peddling it you would have the necessary power needed to sharpen any/all types of machete and knives. πŸ™‚

      But being that we are after all in Brazil, you’d probably sharpen your 1st. and only blade, only to be told to stand still while a flaming fagot/tranny would test it on your neck, and fuck-off with your bike. πŸ™

      Thanks for accepting my friendship. πŸ™‚

        1. The Bringer Of Sorrow
          Yea,,, i hear you man. There is so much violence, and hate in that Country it’s crazy.
          I’m sure that there is lots of good ones also out there in Brazil, but they never make the headlines cause as the saying goes, If It Bleeds,, It Leads.

          And The King The Morbidity Of The Online News Is Best Motherfucking Gore Brother. πŸ™‚

          1. They’re dying like flies from Covid in Brazil right now. The siccarios will have to be quick about their work before their targets die of the virus. It’s actually pretty ghastly.

          2. @Laura
            That sucks as it’s gonna be a lot less gore fr us, lol.

            But Don’t fall for this Fakedemic Laura, as it is one of Satan’s biggest Jew Lies, right up there with
            #1-The Holocaust Lie,, or The Holohoax as we The Awake like to call-it
            #2-The Spinning Globe-Earth Lie,,,
            #3- And now with Covid-19 Lie.
            Which are All lies designed to keep us living in complete fear all the time.
            They should start videotaping the ones dying in the hospital beds, than they would quickly see that they are old people already dying from emphysema, heart conditions, cancer and the like.
            Then the people will see, and come to realize that Brazil is one of the biggest Jew-Boot-lickers the world over once they see that all the death certificates are labelled as Covid-19 deaths, lol.

    1. Those hand held axes from the corner store are strictly for girl scout marshmallow roasts. What you want to do is use a Felling Axe with a 1-meter handle. Accuracy isn’t important. Just give it your best two handed windup and come down with all your might.

    1. Would it be a little controversial if the person behind this screen was a half-breed or a black person? I don’t know which of these two your country uses hahaha, black? answer your questions ~ White Boy

  2. In the video they talk several times that are the “troop of 23”, most likely some faction that even though I’m Brazilian, I don’t know what is,but by accent, is a faction from Rio de Janeiro,I just don’t know if it’s affiliated with the Red Command (CV).

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