Silva – Santos Hybrid is Shot and Leaks Blood and Gore Everywhere

Silva - Santos Hybrid is Shot and Leaks Blood and Gore Everywhere

A young man was shot multiple times in the village of Riacho Doce, in rural Caruaru. The victim, identified as 20 year old Rafael dos Santos Silva, a resident of the community. He survived the shooting and managed to make his way to the Hospital Regional do Agreste where staff attempted to save him but he bled out on the gurney. And man, did he bleed.

Dos Santos Silva… ok, guys. Last time we had Silva dos Santos. Now, Dos Santos Silva. Are they fucking with us? I think they’re fucking with us. This has to be a joke, right?

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  1. Are the da Silvas and dos Santos mating with one another…not sure how I feel about that.

    That blood caused a random question to pop in my head. If a woman has a phobia of blood, what does she do every month when she has her period?

          1. Ok, I?ll try one…


            A wemon is a demon,
            crawling up my mind;
            Hidden behind my urges,
            writing corrosive rhymes;
            I?m a slave to its whispers,
            and despite all aim for decency,
            it forces me to do its will,
            until I desolve in a realm of irrationality.

          1. I love all things abnormal. That’s why I attempted to stay in school for mortuary science. I took abnormal psych, learned about parasite etymology, communicable diseases. God so much. I spent more time in school than graduating with hardly any degree. But I do have a few but really what good are they other than a piece of paper saying I’m really smart in that field of study. I changed my minor and major so much. I love all things serial killer related. So yeah. There I go again. I should really shorten my answers but I’m a talker

          2. I live in fear of my own boogers. Every time I blow my nose I try not to look at the tissue, but I just can’t help it and pass out immediately afterwards.

          3. “My google search history is full of regrets.”

            Hahaha! Just how many of those frozen screen fines have you paid, Nextie?

            Hahaha! 😆

          1. There is never such a thing as too curious. I want to know something about everything. Being curious is a way to solve things that otherwise would’ve been unsolvable

        1. Not sure you want to open that Pandora’s box @LF. My stomach just churned a little thinking of the possibile combinations we could get with the Vulva Eater and period blood….whole bucket of yuck, I’m almost sure of it lol.

          1. @CQ 🙂
            Unfortunately, I had a flustered bloody “Stephanie” on top of me once. When I woke up she was gone and it looked like a god damn murder occurred on top of me and in my bed…

          2. Lmao @DOS!! I can’t help but be curious 😀

            I think I remember you telling that story on here once. That was really shitty of her not to tell you.

            Hahahahaha!! I don’t even know what to say to that…completely speechless lol.

          3. It was one of the most intense copulations though, and not that far away from a murderous atmosphere. Screaming, scratching, slapping, punching,
            choking, and a sea of tears and blood afterwards. Beautifully insane. 🙂

          1. I mean like a spate of bloody Mary river . I wonder how that may feel to be feeling totally ripped and a women seen bleeding their love holes out for about a week or so but then that must really be some life sucking bout a women getting faced with
            cause all ya see them thereafter is feeling totally run down . ……the feeling is bad

        1. Aw siniko. That’d make a marvelous tattoo. Imagine a bloody tampon, string waving behind, and bloody wings. I would be impressed at the absolute shameless bravery of anyone who got it tattooed.

          Blu. I am perfectly OK during aunt flows visit. I m not in any crappy mood, no pain, I’m good. I can’t image if that time of the month meant pain, exhaustion, mood swings etc. No way. I’d be talking to my doctor about some vitamin supplements…melatonin, echinasea something

          1. Heh, I would rock that tattoo if it wouldn’t limit the type of women I could attract. They’d know I’m down but would they be? And, no, I don’t prefer it but I’ve found myself in situations where I went too far to turn back, so I just went through with the deed. If girly is rude enough not to warn me, she’s getting a deep kiss right after I go down

    1. Is that a real thing in your hand @evilirish1 if I may ask
      what make is that mate ? and do you carry live cartridges on you sometimes or its simply an exact scale replica of the real thing you’re posing with.
      what if ya see a guy named Da Silva around
      will ya let go or Go Bam Bam Bam

  2. Kinda sounds like “Alien VS Predator” crap… now they are morphing to be one mixed with another. 😆

    It seems that on both situations the DOS Santos won over the Silva curse… just because he was not a true Da Silva. 😛 The theory seems to stand correctly.

      1. Rather it be a low budget crappy horror movie than a AAA one directed by Paul W. S. Anderson… 😆 That guy managed to pick up something as awesome as Aliens, and something as brutal as Predators, mixed them toguether, and still managed to get the movie to fucking SUCK!… HOW!? 😕

        1. I haven’t seen that movie, but I’ll take your word for it and avoid it. If you ever wanna see a hilariously bad low budget horror movie, check out Night of the Lepus. It’s about giant mutant rabbits that eat people. XD

          1. Hmm, i think my sister once talked to me about that one before… I do remember the plot though. 😆 I suppose it cant be that much stupid than Zombie Strippers were… 😕

          2. I’d probably ruin every movie with my criticism… 😆 But its not my fault that movies today only tend to have those cheesy crap parts just to please the masses… ugh… 😕

  3. Ok, this is turning into utter comedy, dos Santos da Silva, pffft… Brazil has so many more names to offer like “Amazonas Rio do Brasil Pimp?o” or “Benedito Fr?scolo Jovino de Almeida Aimbar? Milit?o de Souza Baruel de Itaparica Bor? Fomi de Tucunduv?” or “Gerunda Gerundina Pif Paf” or “Holofontina Fufucas” or… etc, etc. I wouldn?t be surprised if a new augmented hybrid would come up like “Jesus de Sacramento Divino dos Santos da Silva e Amor”.

    1. I am sure that Hybrid star in the making would feel damn lucky to go with the last name [email protected] Queef
      ……….and I’m betting on this he is gonna be immortal too .
      so it got me thinking now if they all have Jesus as a joinder somewhere within their names they at least will have a chance.

          1. Thanks blu. My sons good, excited for Halloween. He’s going to a ninja or something. I haven’t a clue. But it will be raining so that’s a complete bummer. Got to hold onto umbrellas all evening. I’ll tell him you asked about him though.

    1. Oh mysterious one. I wish your uncle safety. I don’t know if its just a local thing, or an anyone is fair game kind of thing. I know there are many parts of Brazil that are breathtakingly beautiful. I would LOVE to go into the Amazon Rainforest at least once. It’s been a dream of mine to visit rainforests, see the great barrier reef, and jellyfish lake in Palau, and go spelunking into some of the massive caves. I have so much more but its late and I’m a chronic insomniac.

      1. 2:46 am …………ewwwww ! how deep in to the night you stalk girl ????
        that’s one weird timer of a time to be up and about hooked up here .
        are the yawns staying on and what about the princess called “SLEEP”
        has she bid goodbye for the night…..

        1. I have chronic insomnia blu. I don’t sleep well at all most nights.

          Mysterious One: that’s good to hear he’s somewhere different. It’s just troubling seeing no much Brazilian murders. I wouldn’t want to go there to those particular towns no way. As for spelunking I heard it was dangerous if you don’t practice caution all the time. I’ve climbed up short cliff faces with the same kind of gear, but those weren’t very high at all. Just my bucket list 🙂

          Since I don’t ever get adequate sleep, I tend to ramble incessisively and often.

          1. Anna is right about exercising caution @Ellen sugar
            I’d suggest ya to discard that bucket list of yours .
            its good to be safe than to be sorry
            Being sleep deprived is the worst thing to happen
            but how do ya make it up
            do ya sleep during the day ?
            cause to sleep is a must
            I wish I could sing for ya some soft ballads to catch for ya your multiple forty winks

      2. Hy trainwreck! He lives all the way to the south of the country, the gore we see on here is mostly form the northern part. As for visiting, i`d rather not! I don`t want to make BG headlines : tourist dead in spelunking “accident”. Bloater fished out of water.

        1. Yeah Mysterious one. I’m sure I’ll never do any of those things. It’s disappointing but I’ve got some health stuff I won’t get in to but it does prevent me from doing anything like that. I need to learn limitations. Even snowboarding isn’t something I should be doing or surfing. God if I think about it too much it gets me all upset. But I’m alive and flourishing and that’s good.

          Blu: I don’t sleep all day. That’s something I don’t have the luxury of doing even if I could. I’ve learned to live on a few hours sleep. Caffeine helps exponentially. But my mind is fuzzy a lot. Sometimes I feel like I’m moving when I’m not. I refuse to take any more pills so I’m trying other methods. I fucking ranted again. Sorry

  4. “” He survived the shooting and managed to make his way to the Hospital “”

    what the fuck !!!!
    its me, or on the pics i can clearly see he got shooted 2 time right in the head ?

    dat was a strong guy for an da silva

    1. No, not a hybrid, antropomorphia. That would mean it’s intentional. This is undoubtedly another failed genetic mutation. That or they are double agents, trying to insure a few more moments of survival.

    1. Hi Nini ………… ?
      is your name an arabic one ?
      Didn’t see ya around never ever or may be you were there long before me but never showed up from the time I happened to be here.
      nice seeing ya around here.

      Oh yeah! …….. you’re right about silvas and santos getting all fucked up and cursed . ….and if ya care to go back from the start ya will see there is no dearth of them ……………..
      Death Lord seems much happy there.

      1. Hi Blucon, I’ve actually been here way longer than most of the people who post frequently , I don’t post as much but I’m always around 🙂
        And no it’s not Arabic , at least I didn’t think so, but it’s not even my real name. You seem new to Bg. Welcome home brother ??

        1. Hi there @Nini
          I thought that name was an arabic one but what’s in a name anyway
          So there you were all along away from most of us ………….ha haha
          was it some sorta hiatus
          anyway thanks for your having chosen to show up here all of a sudden ??

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