Single Blow to Head with Club Ends Altercation on Street

Single Blow to Head with Club Ends Altercation on Street

Single Blow to Head with Club Ends Altercation on Street

In an unspecified country (India, possibly?), two older men got into each other’s face and kept the tensions between them high as both kept arguing and getting physical.

One of them couldn’t keep his hands to himself and continued laying them on the opponent. Armed with a bar, the other guy angrily kept pushing the aggressor away, until his nerves snapped and he delivered a blow with the club to the head of the opponent, laying him flat on the ground in an instant, putting an end to the entire altercation

I like the first guy who came to the knocked out fellow. He picked up his hand, but when he saw the fellow was out cold, he just tossed it back. I don’t know what the outcome was for the downed guy, but it could be quite bad. Even fatally bad.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video. It reminded me of this one:

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107 thoughts on “Single Blow to Head with Club Ends Altercation on Street”

      1. Hahaha I was thinking the same thing. He telegraphed that blast like the crane kick in The Karate Kid.

        Just like Johnny, he still walked right into it knowing nothing good would come from getting close to the wheelhouse

    1. How did it come to this?


      Guy in light blue: For the money you owe me, I want a BJ
      Guy with the club: Are you insane?
      Guy in light blue: I want it now, come-on
      Guy with the club: I’m warning you, don’t come closer
      Guy in light blue: Then you must send in your son, wife, anyone.
      Guy with the club: That’s enough

      BOOM!!!!! Settled

      Moral Lesson: Don’t owe anyone money. Don’t let anyone owe you money. Don’t go asking for BJs. Especially not from a guy with a club. Whenever you dare to get intimate with another man. Apply the ancient Japanese proverb

    2. Hahaha.., Now That There is Some Great Modern Day Slapstick.,
      “Gimee that stick”
      “No It’s my Stick ifound it.”
      “I saw it first, Gimee..!”
      -Back n Forth a few times…
      “You want my stick..?”
      “Yes.!, Gimee..!!, my stick…”
      “Take it Then..!”
      “You Dumfuck look at you now”
      – walks away –
      “……….my stick.”

      1. @carnage-2 What do you think of this? a recycle bin. A place where we dump old videos from the past that are still up so new members can see them. It seems such a waste that once a video gets old no one watches it.

        1. Could be cool. I’ll watch an old video, mostly the ones in the Related Gore section (which kinda is a recyling bin ‘cus they’re usually pretty old) right underneath the main video if it catches my eye, but I’m mainly here for brand spankin’ new gore and of course for the comments. Also, typically only leave comments on the new shit, I think most people that frequently visit the site do the same, unless it’s one of those, “I’ll leave my two cents here” type deals on an old video that no one is really commenting on anymore.

          1. yes i sometimes comment on the old ones but it’s about as silly as talking to an empty room once everyone’s left the party. If you know what i mean

          1. yes i wanted to see the amon goethe hanging because i’m a particular fan but there are some old nazi hangings around just that i can’t get the amon one

          2. This ain’t the fuckin’ History channel!!…
            JP, I like the old war footage, as well.. Mark, get your lazy ass on it, a.s.a.p! 😉

          3. haha carnage, it’ll get all posh like the bbc if we get a history channel, come on mark, we’re coming up with some good ideas here. Is shitting classed as gore cos i got some good vids of japanese girls shitting

      1. I’m just happy to see baboons go apeshit on each other… although, a leg bone instead of a stick would’ve been nice. Could’ve said somethin’ cool like, “Night, night, bitch! See you tomarrow.”

        1. haha The leg bone to the stick. Well i suppose it does involve a degree of evolution. Do we have any spare guns floating around for the poor fukkers?
          Surely saying “night,night” would have lost the surprise element, as if he needed to surprise the dimwit. I wonder if he’s less intelligent now than he was, probably never thought he’d get whacked.

          1. hahaa yep, he’s so dim he can’t even open a corner shop. i wanted to get a dimsum joke in but he’d have to be chinese

        1. yes, gotcha lol 2001, i always get those muddled up, great film. no these aren’t evolving, the white man helped them evolve a little bit by giving a helping hand but as we see since whitey left the trains are still the same trains as whne we left. fukking retards are de evolving, i say carpet bomb india pakistan the middle east and africa, those are my fantasies, that’s what i dream about , nothing against the people just that they shouldn’t be allowed to breed or we will be killed by them as we see in SA and other parts of the world

    1. haha fuck either she has a great microphone on that gadget or that was a hell of a pop. These are the ones i’d like to keep on file, i love coming back to these. Don’t you get a little thrill from these SS ?

        1. our glorious leader, if it’s anything like the sharp pain of being hit with a switch, i can understand! those sting!!! do you think a sugar cane would have killed the dude? or would it be too flexible? so confused over this new turn of events.

  1. Ka-Smack, lol, *Foul Ball* And The Little Brown Dude Limps Away to 2nd. Base The Bigger Man. 😉
    As For That Tall, & Lanky Man, Well, No More (Walking-Tall) For That Handy-Man, as he now lies low. He Gots Smacked So Hard That Near the End of the Video, I Swear That You Can Even Hear The Birds Still Whistling Inside That Fucking Dudes Head!

  2. Holy shit… lol. I worked with a couple of guys that got in an argument once. One guy had a piece of pizza in his hand and smacked the other guy across the face with it… lol. Better outcome than this.. and funnier.

      1. I work with old construction workers and they can be mean. LOLOL! The guy that smacked the other guy with the pizza was an old bastard. I loved him though..he was a prick. LOL. I love miserable old guys.

        1. @t-t-love Lol i know what you mean Twiggy. I worked in construction for years and apart from the many accidents there were a few injuries from fights. I remember one old man and a young man got into it over a young girl (all were black by the way) anyway the old man poured a bucket of wet plaster over the young fellow, hilarious, and the thing that made it even funnier is the girl wasn’t interested in either of them

          1. i live in an all black street , except one kosovan inbred family that fuck their sisters next door, and my neighbour who is a jew. lol

            i get the tough deals , trust me…

            you get to know different races, and once you know them and be civil theres no problems with being hateful… black always feel that once a white is being hateful they are racist.. lol, theyre funny…. and yeah theyre all so sexually motivated and do not care about consequences.

    1. Like 16 years ago, in a drunken stupor, I smashed a half sleeping friend in the face with a gyro, at point blank range, on a Metro North train while still parked in Grand Central at 2:30 am.

      My friend is much bigger than me, and immediately jumped up ready to kill me… but in that friendly way a pissed off childhood friend would want to kill you.

      A good samaritan sees my bigger friend trying to grab hold of me and not knowing we are friends, jumps to my aid. His good deed immediately gets him knocked out by my buddy – one left hook breaks his nose and leaves him on the ground unconscious. The good samaritans girlfriend freaks the fuck out, jumps up and pulls the emergency alarm.

      If youre wondering what happens in a post 9-11 Manhattan, when someone pulls the emergency alarm on a train still docked at Grand Central at 2:30 am….within 45 seconds, members of the US army rush the train in full military gear and rifles, detain you, your drunk friend covered in gyro, and an innocent bystander with a broken nose, in zipties and hand you over to Port Authority

      1. hmm…i use FF too for this site. maybe the Addblock extension and partly the uMatrix script blocker are causing this issue. but i’m not interested in fully deactivating them, so i have to live with it.

  3. Seems inevitable that the situation resulted in such barbarism… Anywho, looking forward to the sequel that documents the comeuppance of the man’s oldest son to exact revenge on the name of family honor.

  4. He need to be put aside for easier breathing but he was probably on back after they take him.
    -Probably survived but if not, know that he was maybe out of air..

    Btw, the punched guy probably didn’t take possibility of attack at all. He just uses intimidation and he fail.

  5. These people are the slowest fighters in the universe. I just seen 2 Indian women fight in slow motion for 3 minutes. WTF is it too hot to pick up the speed Mr. And Mrs. Patel? Fight like you actually mean it! The aggressor in this video got what he came for!

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