Skull Grazed by Sniper Fire, Enough to Kill the Terrorist

Skull Grazed by Sniper Fire, Enough to Kill the Terrorist

So this terrorist is hiding in a trench, trying to keep low to avoid getting shot, but without peeking over the protecting barrier he won’t know what he’s shooting at. So he tries to poke his head out just as little as he can to catch a glimpse and bam. Headshot!

He only gave the Syrian sniper inches to work with, but that was enough for the sharpshooter to off him. The sniper merely grazed the terrorist’s skull, opening a hole to exposed the brain, but it seems to have been enough to deliver the kill. Awesome. Including the epic Ennio Morricone music. It’s a Bashar al Assad propaganda team production, but good video never the less.

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

Two more videos of random dead people from Syria. Props to kac and thedickknows:

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    1. Instead of doing research on big bombs etc…the US should find out how to create a product that can be put into the water so the women and men will be sterile…inside of not many years…they will all be gone…no more problems.

    1. Fuck yeah one of my all time favorite movies is The Good the Bad and the Ugly, the rest of the Dollars Trilogy is just as equally good too and the Ennio soundtrack really is what makes those movies masterpieces. Its is kinda hard to imagine that they made those movies in Italy and Spain and not the american south west but that just goes to show the genius of Sergio Leone

  1. Now that’s what I call great video, short and sweet. Smooth camera work maybe shot hand held, great sound and editing. I wouldn’t mind being a grip on their next production. Thanks for the upload!

  2. why the fuck the “for a few dollars more” theme?????… wonder the allahuakburian was operating a US provided shitty colt carbine…….America Fuck Yea is so fucked up that their next generation assault rifle is designed by the belgians, and now they gotta get rid of all this COLT crap by equiping these acburians….well im drunk fuck,

    1. Fuck dude im from america and couldn’t agree more on the shitty weapons they got our soldiers using.My grandfather faught in the vietnam war his M16 jammed so fucking much that he “captured” an AK47 from one of the guys that ambushed is squad when he first got out there. Still have that old rifle and to this day ive never had it jammed the russians sure know how to make a good gun.

    2. Tulio you must be talking about the FN SCAR MK17 right? Personally I think the military should go back to using the Springfield M14, but if they wanna play around with MK17s and HK416s then let them. Which one gets the contract is gunna be tough considering HK and FN Herstal are both really great companies producing some really great guns…Colt on the other hand no matter how much I love them are falling behind big time. One thing Colt does very well is produce high quality handguns like the 1911 and the few revolver models its producing today…but as far as the M4 goes it could use a bit of improvement but for some reason Colt is just not wanting to work on them which is a very stupid thing for them to just blow off considering that many militaries and law enforcement agencies use their rifles. You would think that because so many agencies and militaries use their rifle they would constantly work hard on improving it but sadly that’s just not the case. Hell even their handguns are starting to fall behind in time. As a fan of Colt I really wish they would get their shit together and become the company they once were. It really feels like since they’ve cornered the market with their M4s they just stop caring or got lazy and feel they don’t have to do shit…who knows maybe they don’t wanna do shit anymore maybe in the process of putting out so many damn black rifles they just stopped caring about the M4s quality. Either way if I had to choose between the HK416 or the FN SCAR MK17 I’d go with the MK17 due to the fact that it shoots the 7.62 NATO…it doesn’t hurt that the SCAR is made in America too.

      1. The FN SCAR looks pretty much like a “carbinized” version of the good old trusty FN FAL that Tulio used in Banana Republic’s military high school, that stuff had only 20 shots of 7.62 and its automatic mode was pretty much useless (unless you are a cheap mexican narcosicario bent on shooting 80 rounds to get a kill) but you could still have that shit submerged for hours on muddy water on a flooding zodiac and the shit would keep shooting after only 10 mins of maintenance with a piece of linen or cotton. Ive heard stories of colt carbines blowing up in the face / hand of the shooter after similar situations…

        1. The FAL is a gem, afterall there is a reason why there are more of them than AKs, ARs, or HKs in military hands.
          A major reason why the U.S. military adopted the 5.56 had alot to do with what you said about the 7.62 being useless in automatic fire. The SCARs ordered by the military are going to be MK17s 7.62 which I think is great idea since the 5.56 is obviously lacking. Originally they wanted to go with the MK16 5.56 but decide against it. Their is talk about the military wanting to adopt the 6.8 SPC round which falls in between the 5.56 and 7.62, if they did adopt the 6.8 it really wouldn’t take much to convert all their 5.56 weaponry to 6.8, a couple changes to gun and they’re ready to roll. SOC has already been using the 6.8 with great results so only time will tell what happens with what.

  3. I think the round hit him high on the forehead, hair line, and exited the top. He’s angling his head back to peak. If the top wound was the only hole blood would be rushing out. Just my observations. Great shot and finally excellent camera work.

  4. I always laugh when I see all these videos with the “bye bye” at the end. These two words tell everything about those dead people’s lives….. Play gun games,then gone.. Bye bye.. Ha ha ha…..

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