Somalian Man Sets Car on Fire and Stabs Three People in Melbourne, Australia

Somalian Man Sets Car on Fire and Stabs Three People in Melbourne, Australia

Somalian Man Sets Car on Fire and Stabs Three People in Melbourne, Australia

In what is being labelled as a terrorist attack, a 31 year old Somalian immigrant identified as Hassan Khalid Shire Ali ignited a pickup truck loaded with gas bottles into a ball of flames, and went on a stabbing spree that left one person dead. The attacker was then shot by the police and reportedly died after being transported to hospital.

The incident happened on Friday November 9, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. Before being confronted by the police, Hassan Khalid Shire Ali stabbed three people. 74 year old Sisto Malaspina, owner of Pellegrini’s cafe on Bourke Street, died from the wounds.

Hassan Khalid Shire Ali reportedly came to Australia in 1990, but had his passport canceled in 2015, after authorities learned he had plans to travel to Syria.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Ian McCarney said Hassan Khalid Shire Ali was inspired by ISIS, but did not appear to have direct links. Mossad surely approves, even though their Israeli Secret Intelligence Service project is getting its ass beat.

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118 thoughts on “Somalian Man Sets Car on Fire and Stabs Three People in Melbourne, Australia”

      1. The thing is, police around here aren’t all equipped with guns. We also usually aren’t able to shoot unless they have fired their own gun first. I’m sure that the officer that shot him at the end will have his guns’ discharge be tolerated.

        1. Oh and cops shoot people with knives all the time. Admittedly high profile cases like the Lindt cafe siege they screwed up by waiting causing hostage death, but most cases they have no problem using their guns.

          1. Midnight Oil is band. Diesel and Dust is album. Song goes “How do we sleep when our beds are burning…” Great album from the ‘90s

        1. Fun fact… “Chunder” comes from the penal ships that ferried the criminals to Australia back in the day.
          (That’s a prison ship btw… Not a big Cock shaped ship or a Pork Swordsman’s orgy ship,
          Hmmm.. On second thoughts..
          Those sailors did have a certain reputation though, didn’t they.?..
          They even had a “Cockswain”, “Cabin Boys”, a “Head”, “Whips” & a “Poop deck” FFS. )
          When someone got seasick & vomited over the side they’d shout “Watch Under” to give anyone who had their head stuck out a porthole below a “Heads Up” that a stream of gut soup was coming.!
          (They constantly had their heads stuck out ‘cos it was fucking hot & stuffy, they were supposedly no better than those African slave ships).
          “Watch Under”.!! got shortened to “Chunder”.!!.
          Imagine how fucked up your day would’ve been if you’d finally kicked, bitten & punched your way to a porthole for a gasp of blessed fresh air & just as you start to enjoy it… Some cunt hits you full in the face with a stream of projectile spew.!.. & you without any way to get cleaned up.!!

          1. @hopingfornemesis I know what you mean but we’ve had things in the U.S. happen already.. there’s people shooting at politicians here. Things can spark off relatively quickly and being prepared to the best of ones ability (yes, with firearms) is a starting point. We do have that ability in the U.S. especially in Texas but you know, it sucks that you guys got disarmed so easily. I’m not trying to sound like an ass either. I don’t like any of it.

  1. Come on people, he dindu nuffin! Australia needs some cultural enrichment too. These are the joys of multiculturalism, proving once more that diversity is our strength.

    This recent terrorist attack, just like many others that already took place, and also just like the extremely high and disproportional crime committed by these people in the countries who receive them with open arms, is another proof of the fact that rapefugees are not the only problem. The real problem is any person coming from Africa and the Middle East while bringing and maintaining their evil, filthy and counterproductive “culture” with them – which is 100% incompatible with ours and will always be so. Even if they come legally and in small amounts, they are literally a bomb waiting to explode – literally, in some cases. They are part of the (((globalist))) agenda, and that’s why Leftists are so eager to defend them and turn a blind eye for all the shit they’re doing, but these subhumans also have a global domination agenda of their own – which is pretty similar with the globalist one regarding White Genocide and the replacement of White people in their own countries.

    If all of these Africans and Arab rapefugees or even the ones who legally immigrated were Japanese, or South Korean, or even European, do you really think all of this shit would be happening? Not even close. Not even 10% I would say.

    There is a very interesting post here at BG regarding the Brussels terrorist attack that took place in 2016. I can’t find it right now, but perhaps Mark @happy can remind of us the title so the ones interested can check it out. Basically, the post compiled dozens upon dozens upon dozens of photos of muslims who, after the attack, took pictures of themselves celebrating and holding cards with support for ISIS. The vast majority of these muslims, if not all of them, were in European soil (or any other White country) – some of them right there in Belgium. They were not rapefugees, but people who legally immigrated there. Meanwhile, a bunch of brainwashed Leftist sheep were protesting in Belgium against islamophobia, xenophobia, racism and in favor of mass illegal immigration and countries without borders.

    Despite all of this, the most important thing one can do is to revolt against the ones who are bringing the scum in and organizing them against us. You know who I’m talking about. It’s funny how many people forget or ignore this. Some of them intentionally do so, I’m sure. People need to eradicate the disease instead of just fighting the symptoms, otherwise the symptoms will keep coming each time more stronger and in greater numbers.

    1. “Despite of all this, the most important thing one can do is to revolt against the ones who are bringing the scum in and organizing them against us“.

      Yep. This is what the Brexit was all about.

      Poland and Hungary operate on a similar wave length as well.

      We get called racist for everything nowadays anyway, even for drinking milk and choosing white bread over brown bread. Might as well embrace it.

      1. @empty-soul

        “A Jew cannot insult a German. Jewish slanders are but badges of honor for a German opponent of the Jews.”
        – Joseph Goebbels

        Replace “German” for “anyone sane who isn’t a brainwashed sheep and has seen the truth” and there you have it.

        Too bad the cuckservatives are in power in the UK. It’s better than Labour, that’s for sure, but UKIP (the ones who came up with the Brexit) should be the ones in command. Sadly, the vast majority of people are still too much of a sheep to elect someone who will shake things up and offer a different alternative. Same thing happens in a lot of other countries, of course. Take a look at Germany, where the German volk are apparently incapable of taking that traitorous hag Merkel out of power.

        Fuck the European Union! Hard Brexit now!

        1. I’m busy listening to…
          “Ordinary Men : Reserve police battalion 101 & the final solution in Poland” by Christopher R Browning.
          It’s available on the “Audiobook Bay” as a free Torrent.
          It’s bloody interesting, The Nazis used them to do a lot of the rounding up & to carry out mass shootings.
          There’s some brutal shit in it.!
          It describes how they’d get home to the barracks after a “Jewish Action”, get plastered drunk & have to spend the evening picking out all the bits of bones & brains then scrubbing their uniforms & themselves clean.!
          I wouldn’t want that shit on my conscience.
          (or my face & uniform for that matter)

          1. LMFAO army of cucks vs one jungle bunny with a pointy boi, they have fucking tasers, pepper spray and batons for this exact reason but are too scared to use em. probably because he was a innocent hard working black member of society who lives life like a nun.

          2. Yer he did nothing wrong. Just killed a guy who thought his attack was an accident and went to help him.
            Filthy mongrel, wish he didn’t get shot.

          1. i know what u mean, but i couldnt fight for this government in the uk right now, bunch of cunts. fuck being a govvie..

  2. This piece of shit Somali fuck was def an Alansnackbar. Witnesses heard him alansnackbarring . The elderly man he butchered was well known and a famous cafe owner,one of the original Italian migrants here.

    The Somali turd blew up his own car with gasbottles to instill fear and kill as many people as possible. The elderly gentleman went to help the Somali ,thinking he needed aid and saving from the burning car. This was his thanks from this Moslem dog!

    The pos was a terrorist. His family was caught two years ago planning to blow up the City Square and St Paul’s Cathedral,the main Square and Cathedral of Melbourne.

    Many people have immigrated to Australia :it is one of the newest countries in the world and no ,no other people do or would have acted like the Islamic turds. We have Greeks,Turks ,Yugoslavs etc and no murders occurred here because of their wars overseas ,although the Turks are almost wholly vicious uncouth gangsters as they are in France and Holland. Our Yugoslavs never attacked and killed Aussies here even when Aussies and Americans were bombing Serbia and helping the headchoppers. Such is European civilisation and Christianity.Contrast it to Mohameddanism!

    1. @hopingfornemesis I wonder if Australians will tire of this and actually do something about it?
      My guess is that nothing will change, it will get worse, and people will love every second of the terror.. I wonder if any children of politicians will be killed. That would make it even more fun.

      1. They’re saying it will cost too much for our government to monitor the terrorists. So, I guess they’ll just continue to let shit like this happen. Good thing we’ve got heroes that attack the snackbars with trollies

      2. Not while sleazy apologists rule our airwaves and everyone is terrified of having their lives ruined via social media by being named an islamaphobe.
        A phobia is an irrational fear, ergo there is no way of being an actual islamaphobe.

  3. We now shamefully have a problem of Sudanese here. We have no other Blacks-excepting Somalis and Aborigines- to speak of like the Usa /UK or France.

    As usual we gave them asylum only to have them run amuck in our town centres with their American Black attire, chains baseball caps etc Disgusting troublemakers who need to be horsewhipped and dumped back in Sudan again. Such are the burdens of being a vassal of Uncle Sam.

        1. @hopingfornemesis I don’t mean you personally I mean “Australians” in general as in the government and everyone who seems to automatically go along with their agenda… there’s many cucks in America too, shit. I’m not trying to be a dick I’m capable of mocking every country and its people including my own. It’s a sad thing to be cucked and I don’t wish it upon any people, and I’m doing my best to avoid having people make me into one!

      1. American foreign policy is pretty stupid, I agree. I don’t approve of my country occupying Afghanistan and Iraq, and then we leave and it turns back into shit again anyway. I understand greed, power, control, etc.. it’s all bullshit to me. It’s all evil… but there’s opposing forces at work as well. I don’t know how much influence we have on Australia however, I always thought the issues in Australia were because of the “pommies” in UK (muzslums now).

        We don’t want somalis here in Texas heheh.. they’ll start stabbing people on the street and blowing up vehicles. We already have coons doing that shit.

  4. Aww Melbourne Australia. Thats where I plan to move to once the United States is totally taken over by disgusting liberals and democrats within the next 4 years. I don’t even want to know what kind of insane disgusting cuck or feminist whore will get elected in 2020 cuz Trump is too stupid to get reelected. I just wanna leave and never look back. The beaner horde will be allowed to flood in once ICE has been disbanded by (((THEM))). I hate this jew run shithole!

  5. Police here in this great country of our (Australia) only use deadly force as an absolute last resort, as can be seen here in this very video, the first responders had no riot shields or armour to protect them, mebbye the states could learn from this.

    1. or maybe your cops should learn from others..

      what will happen if the guy pull out a gun when the cops are close to him ? they just died .

      imho as long the guy have tryed to kill someone, you shoot it at sight. maye not kill him, but a bullet in legs or arm is enougth to put him down for good.

      sorry but for me, this is as stupid as the situation here in france, where the cop officer tryed to negociate with a terrorist and get killed.
      its useless and dangerous. cops have guns, they dont have gun for use them when someone shoot on them, they have gun to put down dangerous peoples. and someone who already stab multiples peoples deserve a shot.

      1. Yes i see your point, but the guy didn’t have a gun, and the cops knew it, but I completely agree, if the guy had a gun, then they probably wouldn’t have let it go as much, here in Australia, they try to keep terrorists alive, so they can extract information out of them and intelligence.

  6. Fuck off, Australia is overcrowded!
    Too many fucking immigrants not enough bullets..
    The Australian government is a fucking joke & weak as piss.
    Pauline Hanson for Prime Minister, she warned us 20 years ago about this, but no-one listened, now look at the state of Australia, it’s a cesspit.
    close the borders, start deporting these scum!

  7. why the cops didnt shoot it at first sight ?

    where are the real cops when we need them ??

    guy even try to stab the cops, wtf… he burn a car and stab peoples.. if i was cops there i just shoot it straigth without any other question. just bam ! done ! move on !

  8. Nothing better than seeing one of these extremists get what he deserves. Dumb son of a bitch. It’s just a shame they had to waste a good round of ammo that would’ve been better used on hunting deer or the such. P.S. I hope that piece of lice food is fucking dead.

  9. I live in Australia… The newspapers and news programs labeled this as a “lone wolf” attack while stating that his whole family were KNOWN to be involved with isis and he shouted Allahu Akbar during his little rampage. I know for a fact that they’re telling us it’s just one guy who’s pissed off so society doesn’t get scared. But, honestly, we should be fucking scared. That’s the only way something will get done to stop this shit.

  10. What??…I don’t understand .. No riots after a white cop shoots a deserving nigger? That’s should have been followed by acts of ruthless pillaging . We are all groomed to believe that White cops aren’t allowed to kill niggers.

  11. Poor old dude. To put up with 74 years of bullshit on this planet just to get your life taken by some shitstain, instead of by his own means and way. Any future attackers like this bitch out there, next time do us all a favor and please just focus on taking out cops. Thanks from the general public around the world

  12. Somalia. FFS. It’s like there’s this baby volcano in the middle of the country that farts out 250K babies every 2 seconds and they’re landing all over the place and you can’t tell monkeys from babies while you’re tripping over them and no one knows what the fuck to do with them all. They just shovel them on to a boat, let it float away and no one gives a fuck where it lands.

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