Son-In-Law Stabs Father, Tries to Kill Self in Tabapuã, Brazil

Son-In-Law Stabs Father, Tries to Kill Self in Tabapuã, Brazil


His son-in-law killed his father-in-law on the night of the last Saturday (17/11/2018) in Tabapuã, São Paulo, Brazil. Then he would have tried to kill himself on the couch in the room.

According to the victim’s son, Luiz Carlos Martins, was around 8 P.M. when his brother-in-law, Renato Rodrigues, would have arrived at the family home in the Morada do Sol neighborhood to commit the crime. He came in with a truck and threw the vehicle against the wall of the father-in-law’s room.

The unsub came down armed with a knife and went towards the victim, 52-year-old José Carlos Martins, who left the room in which he slept to see what had happened. Renato struck several blows against his father-in-law and killed him inside his own house.

“I was out and got a call from my mother asking for help. When I got home, I saw all this tragedy. I’m not comfortable with that, “says Luiz Carlos.

In committing the crime, Renato sat on the couch and tried to kill himself with knife blows, but that was restrained with the arrival of the police. He was arrested in the act of murder.

At the exit of the house, popular tried to assault Renato, but were restrained by police officers. The criminal was taken to Catanduva and the body of José Carlos to Instituto Médico Legal.

It is not yet known what would have led the perpetrator to commit the crime, but information from the family itself asserted that the father-in-law did not accept the daughter’s relationship with Renato. The crime shocked Tabapuã.

Special thanks to Best Gore member @cabelo for providing crucial information!

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    1. Yea,,, especially the one on the floor that was the cameraman Sister, and ex of the Son-In-Law. He gives his Sister a slap in the head to while Calling Her A Prostitute, and blaming her for his Father’s Murder. Sad State Of Affairs, as the dude on the couch looked to be flying on heroine, or Coke! 🙁

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  2. That was disturbing…
    was the guy at the beginning in green the killer? He has eyes of a psychopath that just had a manic episode. The trick is to look at the eyes lol& stay the fuck away from the crazies!!

  3. Dead father was probably trying to keep them apart or did keep them apart and was the reason she was now his “ex” girlfriend.

    Trying to keep him from his daughter because he was abusive or disrespectful is one thing but keeping them apart just because YOU don’t like him even though they’re happy together is another… if it’s the latter then this bastard got exactly what he deserved.

  4. That happened in Tabapuã, São Paulo – Brazil, last November, 17th. The perpetrator went there to kill his ex-girlfriend as he did not accepted her breaking up with him. Her father (José Carlos, 52, aka “Bin Laden”) tried to protect her, but ended up stabbed instead.

    Source with pics (in pt-br):

    The camera guy first yells at the assassin telling he had destroyed a family over a woman, also calling him names, etc. Then over his own father’s dead body, he blames his sister for being a bitch bringing the killer into home, saying that he have advised her and the family about not trusting the perpetrator at all.

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