Spanish Nationalist Josué Estebanez vs 50 Antifa Fags Subway Fight

Spanish Nationalist Josué Estebanez vs 50 Antifa Fags Subway Fight

Antifaschistische Aktion (Antifa) are an extension of Zionism, bred and financed to impose direct violence upon nationalists and patriots in countries where nationalism and patriotism still exist. Antifa support everything that’s disgusting and vile and oppose everything that’s noble and fair. There are many notable cases of Antifa fags imposing the destructive Zionist agendas by attacking patriots and nationalists. On December 9, 2000 for example, Swedish Antifa fags, assisted by hoards of immigrants beat to death 17 year old Swede Daniel Wretström. Best Gore recently featured a video from Oslo in Norway showing Antifa Fags (aka Multiculturalism Sheep) attacking Norwegian nationalists.

Because Antifa Fags do the Zionists’ dirty work, Swedish ZOG sentenced three of the murderers of Daniel Wretström to forty hours of community service and contact with social services. Two others were ordered to pay 1800 Swedish Crowns (about 200 Euros) in fines, and one was released on parole and ordered to also pay 1800 crowns in fines.

Over in Spain, over 50 Antifa fags attacked Spanish nationalist by the name of Josué Estebanez de la Hija at the Legazpi subway train station, in Madrid. Josué Estebanez was on his way to a nationalist meeting held by a Soanish nationalist party. Dozens of armed, far left Antifa Fags were also on their way to the same meeting because they can’t accept nationalists and patriots in their country and wanted to attack them.

Armed with knuckle dusters and tear gas grenades, the Antifa fags boarded the same train Josué Estebanez was on. As a nationalist, he was not looking for trouble, but as Antifa fags, they were. Trouble is specifically what they look for and trouble is what they got.

Because he was alone and they were dozens of them – armed and looking for a fight, Josué Estebanez pulled out an army knife and tried to ward them off by showing no fear. If he didn’t, they would have knocked him down on the spot and beat him to a pulp right in the coach.

During the escalating tensions, Josué Estebanez was attacked and beat to near death. In self defence, he managed to kill one of the thugs. If the thug respected the right of the nationalists to hold peaceful meetings, he would still be alive.

Now remember how I told you that Swedish Zionist thugs were ordered by Swedish ZOG to pay 200 Euros in fines for murder of Daniel Wretström? Josué Estebanez de la Hija was sentenced by Spanish ZOG to 26 years imprisonment for having stabbed two Antifa terrorists in self defence after he was attacked by a mob of over 50 of them. No wonder Antifa fags are always able to go around hunting nationalists and killing them at will. If all they face in terms of punishment is a slap on the wrist, while their victims could go to jail for 26 if they have the audacity to defend themselves against the unprovoked attack, then it really comes as no surprise that Antifa fags are the most violent thugs in Europe.

Josué Estebanez de la Hija is a political prisoner held illegally by the Zionists Occupied Government of Spain because he represents Spanish patriotism and not servitude to the international Jewry.

Props to Best Gore member @CelticKikeKiller for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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86 thoughts on “Spanish Nationalist Josué Estebanez vs 50 Antifa Fags Subway Fight”

  1. Throw all of those thugs in jail for disturbing an otherwise peaceful daily commute. I feel for the guy they were after, but I also feel for anyone else who wasn’t involved.

    If I was on that train, and it filled up like that, two thoughts would come to mind:

    1. Some shit’s about to go down. Time to get off.

    or (if this took place in the U.S.)

    2. Great. What are all of these people doing boarding this train all of the sudden? I’m not about to become part of some dopey internet stunt, am I? Get me the Hell off of this thing!!! (Heads for the door)

    1. Yeah because in America I’d get arrested boarding a bus with a couple ninja stars much less a pocket knife…but as you stated sometimes running is best option…I’m pretty sure no one would call you a puss for running from 50 armed brainwashed sheep(I was gonna say retards, but that would be unneeded insult to truly mentally handicapped people)

        1. Defended himself from what?The guy in the red hat hadn’t struck him yet. He grabbed the guys shirt (maybe to mock what it said or something who knows) then the guy preemptively stabbed him. If he would of waited another second i’m sure he could of claimed self defense since we can all agree they would of attacked him. But he used lethal force without an immediate risk of loss of life to himself or someone else. I don’t know about their laws but in Oregon that’s how it’s written.

          1. in oregon, they must be idiots, here in Texas, the “three strikes rule” doesn’t apply, so long the other party is presenting itself as threatening, you are with in the law to defend yourself. Your law pretty much states that you must allow yourself to receive bodily harm before defending yourself, pretty stupid if someone was to come at you with a club like a neanderthal

          2. Yeah, he should have waited to get beaten by the 50 people, then try to defend himself from 50 people that sounds like a winning strat.

    2. Carlos Palomino(deceased) got everything he deserved! He went to go beat this kid up with 50 of his cowardly friends. I feel bad for Josue he was just defending himself, because he know the alternative.

    3. I don’t see how he was defending himself until after he started stabbing people. Looked like HE started it. Yeah some people got on and looked like they were sizing him up but nobody really tried to hurt him. A guy got in his face and he stabbed him. Maybe if he didn’t have that knife in plain view, looking like he wanted a confrontation, the whole mob may have said some shit to him and that may have been it. Or he could have just got off the train and caught another. Sometimes I wonder what it is that the poster is trying to get us to believe.

    1. Brass knuckles, also sometimes called knuckel dusters are weapons used in hand-to-hand combat.

      Depends what they’re made of (Some plastic, some metal, some of steel.)
      But they make hand to hand combat very unfair, One strike can brake anyone’s jaw, bones and even kill.

      Some are even spiked or have blades. to maximize the damage. Both sides here seem to play dirty. I do not cheer on the neo nazis nor the Antifa. Both can burn in hell.

  2. The English Defense League staged a peaceful protest after the savage murder of Lee Rigby. A small element of anti fascists showed up and started throwing bottles and attacking elderly members of the EDL to prove how great cultural diversity is. Antifacists are just hipster entitled rich college kids that like to fight against anything while hiding behind political correctness. It did work this time, all of the antifacists were arrested but the media still painted the EDL as the bad guys, only casually mentioning the violence of the anti fascists.

    1. Because they are Left-Wing terrorists, and most of the mainstream media is Left wing.

      They do this same shit all over Europe.

      They turn up to Protests/Demonstrations against Immigration (Which we all know is tearing Europe apart) and they get violent and turn a peaceful protest into an all out war.

      And the peaceful non-AntiFa don’t even respond back most of the time, they just get pelted with bottles, beaten etc. and the police don’t do shit.

      But if they did respond, the police would arrest them savagely.

  3. I do believe if Spain would “legalize it” the violence would slow down….nah just being an ass with that statement…that is fucked up to the 10th power, I hope the officials get a copy of this video and do the right thing, I doubt that will happen because cash talks a helluva lot louder than logic, reason, and justice

    Ps Spain has the largest pot plantation on EARTH I think its something like 300,000+ plants

  4. I can’t stand these leftist marxist motherfuckers….they start shit all the time and when they get their asses handed to them they cry to the fucking media and the law comes down on whoever gave them what they deserve…cunts!

  5. I don’t really whats going on there… he stabbed one of them and short time later the whole train is empty and he runs forth and back, but suddenly there are lots of people again, and after a cut in the video the train is empty again. Then you see gas coming out of the train and see that guy running out. What? lol

    1. Are you two that thick or are you blinded by indoctrination? No offense but its clear as day. The guys peacfully standing on a transit, he sees a group of pricks so he arms himself. They surround him and are most likely threatening him. One guy gets in Josu? ‘s face and gets a jab. They run because they’re pussies. He runs up and down the transit to avoid getting swarmed. Tear gas goes in and he flees.

          1. No, no.. I saw what happened, I just thought the way the video was, was kinda confusing. Then I realized that it was switching betweens different angles. Lol, no offense taken, sorry if I flashed. This situationis really jacked and i hope something happensto set him free.. 🙁

        1. Fucking cowards who can only find bravery in numbers, see how the first few walked by him and then moved away quicktime when they see he has a weapon to defend himself with and the guy who instigated the confrontation only did so because he was surrounded by his buddies. The arrogant prick went out with the intention to cause harm to someone and paid the ultimate price, I love irony.

  6. These same scummy Leftist cunts also attacked an old middle-aged man in Britain after the murder of Lee Ridgy, too.

    My opinion? They should be wiped out, but as you said, the moment you defend yourself against they you’re getting locked up. You have to let them basically beat you senseless. And of course, nothing will happen to them.

    Seen this same thing time and time again. These Far-Left terrorists causing nothing but problems at protests and demonstrations, turning the place into a warzone. Most of them are brainwashed University students. After they do this, they go home and watch their girlfriend fuck an immigrant from Africa.

  7. Nationalism and Liberalism(multiculturalism)are some of my favourite subjects because so many people make emotional comments without any self appraisal or facts.

    I have spoken at length many times on this subject and so I will attempt to keep it short and concise this time.

    When you look at Japan, China, India, etc, do you think of them as nationalists, racist scum, if not then why not, these countries are well known for having an indigenous population well above 90% and they have strict immigration laws too.

    It does beg the question then why those who hate nationalists in their own particular country and want to see them hurt and killed do not view the above countries with the same mindset and hatred, for the so called nationalist is only a person who wishes to have an indigenous population at a similar level as the above countries, the fact that the “nationalists” act with violence at times is a pointless discussion because so do the “liberalists”, so did the IRA, so did the Africans during apartheid, violence is just a tool and human beings will use it because it is an immediate solution to immediate problems.

    My conclusion, If you’re one of those who do not mind the fact that Japan, China, India, etc have and keep an indigenous population above 90% but hate the same “nationalism” in your own country then fuck off and leave your so called “nationalists” alone you hypocritical bastard.

    1. Honestly, from what I’ve seen, it’s been almost always the Left-wing terrorists (AntiFa and the like) resorting to violence and attacks.

      There was a minor demonstration held in Sweden iirc in Malmo, with about 50 people against Immigration (which we all know is tearing Europe and other places apart) and a huge swarm of AntiFa terrorists descended on that like a horde of locusts and turned the place into a warzone.

      I have little doubt the AntiFa are also full of Muslims, too. At least in England, so there’s always a chance you can get beheaded going up against them.

      My opinion? This guy did nothing wrong. In lieu of what these people are, and what they will do even to older folk, means the situation is life or death. So jab that knife under their throat with enough force and quickness to thin the herd, because if you go down, it’s over.

      Unfortunately, the penalty for protecting and defending yourself against Left-wing murderous terrorists is prison.

      Josue Estebanez isn’t a murderer. He’s a martyr. And I hope he serves very little of that 27 years due to changes happening in Europe in the coming years.

      The people need to wake up.

      The breeding ground for these Left-wing parasites is in the Universities. In America, these people go on rampages and shoot up schools, in Europe, they go around like thugs and beat up on people outnumbering them 5 to 1.

      1. @Silenced,

        I share the same opinion, in my experience it is the left wing “liberalists” that resort to violence the most.

        26 years imprisonment was a nice clear message and told us all that we needed to know about the Spanish government and it’s justice system, anyone who goes against government promoted policy regardless of right or wrong in any situation will be dealt with accordingly.

        Against fifty attackers it is always a matter of life and death and he acted in self defence, this jail term is political.

        The Spanish population is in a lot worse shape than I thought, to think that the Spanish who kept up the fight and helped defeat the French during the Napoleonic Wars now wants to be invaded so much they kill their own people, Jesus wept, no wonder they have such high unemployment.

    2. @empty…what would the indigenous population of the United States and Canada be?…and what about places like Argentina, panama, Peru, and other South American countries, they are pretty much dare I say homogenous in their look and culture…to me it seems only the white settled countries are under attack from these assholes, not saying it’s right, but that’s what’s happening

      1. Canada, America etc. represent a unique situation, but not hard to sort out, really.

        The indigenous population in the US and Canada would be Amerindians, and Europeans.

        The Amerindians being here before us (Migrating from Serbia iirc), but the Europeans built the Countries.

    3. What would you know about the “apartheid”!?…

      Apartheid, Jim Crow laws etc, all they did was force blacks NOT to integrate with whites. In the federally imposed black history month we learn that blacks have been able to be powerful historical figures, get college educations and live lives equal to that of whites, even during times of “oppression”. They were just made to do it separately.
      Well, the problem there was that they couldn’t sustain and take care of themselves. The “oppression” was that they were forced to live amongst, and sustain, their own people.
      They have to force themselves upon whites because we support them!! Find me one nation, city, state, hell neighborhood that is completely black and is civil! Go ahead, I dare you. You, can’t, it don’t exist

    1. Doesn’t matter. AntiFa is a Left-Wing terrorist group, the group Jose belongs to are classified as Right-Wing, and are against genocidal practices like Immigration and the like.

      That means, in the eyes of the Governments of Europe, Jose Estebanez is a racist Nazi and the AntiFa people who attacked him are heros.

      The truth is, Jose is a martyr, and the only chance he has of not serving all those years, is if the Spanish Government is radically changed.

  8. The anitifascists are against right wing fascism. So they use as much violence as possible against right wingers. They fight nasty, with meathooks, bike chains, knives, guns etc. . That makes them no better than the ones they oppose i.m.o. .

    1. They aren’t against Right wing fascism. They are against anything that they don’t agree with, and they enforce their beliefs with violence.

      One of those subjects is Immigration – we all see the damage Immigration is doing in Europe. Islamic protests in England, with Brits being attacked and murdered by Muslims. Sons being beaten, daughters raped by Muslims.

      Riots in Sweden, rapes, assault all over Scandinavia, etc. We all see it.

      Protesting against this is considered racist by these pricks.

      Even the murder of Lee Rigby and the demonstration that followed against Islam immigration was met with violence from these scum.

      1. ‘ They aren?t against Right wing fascism. They are against anything that they don?t agree with, and they enforce their beliefs with violence’.

        Now, now… that’s a bit extreme . They are against right-wing fascism ; and I don’t think it’s that uncommon to be against things you don’t agree with ; and they certainly don’t use violence to enforce all of their beliefs .
        I’m not a fan of antifa or of their members, but they’re not like you describe .

  9. ‘Antifaschistische Aktion (Antifa) are an extension of Zionism, bred and financed to impose direct violence upon nationalists and patriots in countries where nationalism and patriotism still exist’

    How beautifully said.

    Fuck Antifa and Cultural Marxism!

      1. Not really,same as always,lot of blacks from former colonies,specially Angola. They speak our language and go to the same church,if you ask me i would prefer they werent here but in general they dont cause much trouble.In general.In small towns like mine you go days without seing one but in Lisbon they have few large housing apartments offered by the state,they live there for free mixed with gypsies,brasilians,and some from east like romania or ucraine and they dont get along so you imagine how that is,but overall its peacefull

      1. I just saw it…

        I can’t believe I never knew about this. Another martyr taken from us, to inspire us.. and it just seems like no matter how many of us have to be killed, raped, bullied, beaten.. we do nothing in response.

        The chains of our Governments, wrapped around our necks and hands, the batons of our Police are hard and strong, that’s for sure.

        I can’t believe in the following years this happened, I was going around listening to garbage hiphop and dressing like a fucking idiot. Defending Blacks and the like.

        When I remember what I was like, I’m filled with shame. What an utter embarrassment I was.

  10. a truly Fascist party is the only way to save White Europe. but the Khazars and their Holohoax have pretty much made sure that can never happen.
    they would remove the sunni, gypsy and African scum. sure, we would have to make certain sacrifices of self expression but all in the name of The Greater Good. to be able to walk the streets of London and Paris again without fear. to be able able to teach your children to be proud of their White heritage instead of being ashamed and apologetic about it. all citizens would be trained in combat and would be the first line of defense should their proud nation be threatened. truly Europe could become a modern Sparta in terms of national pride and military might as well as a center of higher education and cultural enlightenment.
    or am I way off base on this one?

    1. All good things must come to an end man. I feel your pride in your heritage and where you came from but you just gotta let go and wake up. Sometimes change is good. Live and let live, grow as one and you’ll see with hard work, you’ll live in a much better society. Someone’s appearance and/or geographic background does not make them a bad person. Learn to separate the ignorant/evil from the good.

  11. Everyone looses their civility when they are forced to defend their country from invaders. Everyone has the right to defend their country, but I hope that Spain goes to the dogs, they deserve it. Hahahah.

  12. Was there any prior video to this one?
    Because what it is shown is the next:
    The guy inside was also looking for trouble, otherwise he wouldnt be packing an army knife.
    The guy in the train started talking shit, then one confronted him verbally and got stabbed. He murdered someone.
    If they (Nazi’s) really want to defend the country, join the fucking army or the cops and stay the fuck there.
    To me, both sides are idiots. Immigrants should ignore the shouts of the nazi’s and work
    And Nazi’s should shut the fuck up and work.
    Leave the “invasion” to the army.

    1. exactly. its funny how nationalists blame their problems on immigrants when in reality the problems have been there even before the immigrants. Take russia, their country is war-torn and dying of starvation and poverty. What do they do instead of rebuilding and regrowing? Hey lets all be nazis and kill immigrants! Who cares if Nazis tore us a new asshole and is the reason why we’re living like shit, I just feel like blaming my misery on other people who just want to work to feed their families.

  13. Antifa are scum,We have them here in Florida,they attack anti abortionist and everyone who opposes them they have the media backlash them as a ‘Nazi’ (not me,i am a Nazi.)
    most of them are pussy Sharps who only boot down around there other mates are preteen punk rockers high on meth.

    1. Punk ass bitch fagtifa cunts are a joke. They’ve messaged me with death threats many times and I always reply sending them my address and ask them to come find me, stating that I’ll be waiting alone and so far none of those clowns has ever set foot anywhere near my place.

  14. I know its kinda late replying to this post, but this topic is so much in the news so I had to reply. same thing is happening in Greece, the Antifa are always looking to beat up on people who have even an ounce of pride for their country and destroy peaceful protests nonstop without the police interfering which clearly means that’s what the government wants. they attack and kill at will without almost any concequences. If you defend yourself the law will make you look like the criminal. its happened so many times I have lost track.
    in the last elections they would gather around election offices and promote fear and even attacked people when people went to vote (even an elderly man in his 70’s was attacked) . of course this is forbidden, but the government once again did nothing to stop this.
    what I don’t understand is how are they so well organized and funded for putting up flyers/ posters when they are so few. they even recruit immigrants to help them they are so few in numbers.

  15. I once met some Spanish nationalists, they called me ?monkey, poor, garbage eater, lousy, animal, ape, nigger, sudaca, racist (why?) , slag, uncivilized, dirty, worthless piece of shit? and told me ?get off Spain, stupid indigenous, we taught you to talk and being a human, go back to Apeland? ?you didn?t even know how to clean up your ass when we arrived?
    ?If it weren?t for us you?d be breeding llamas in the jungle? ?we are Latinos, we are Mediterranean you are indigenous and speak sudaca? ?We should have exterminated you and not mixed with your primitive race? ?Columbus should have come to India and the world would be perfect?
    And I?m white, descendant of spanish, this is shit

  16. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing I find more pleasing than watching ANTIFA members being killed. I fkin love it, I mean I love it so much it gives me an erection. Im literally whacking one off right now, while playing the video on repeat as the knife goes into that scumbags heart and out again. HAHAHA I fkin love it!!!! Please post more videos of ANTIFA members being eradicated! Everyone of those cock suckers that are killed makes the planet that much safer. That man should have been given medals and awards, not jail time.

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