Stabbed Brazilian Man Dies Surrounded by Sea of Flip Flops

Stabbed Brazilian Man Dies Surrounded by Sea of Flip Flops

Video from Brazil shows a young man lying lifeless on the ground after he’d been stabbed to death. His death gave the whole neighboring community an opportunity to gather round and socialize.

Whether aware of it or not, the victim died surrounded by a sea of flip flops. All kinds of shapes and colors could be within a few feet of his corpse.

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  1. I know this is a violent area, but the crowd of little kids staring was a little disconcerting. I suppose it’s no different than rubbernecking at an accident or similar violence kids see in inner cities.

      1. You’re right! It doesn’t have to end like this for those kids if they get the hell out of Brazil.

        I suppose they should emigrate to Europe for a better life where they’ll be happy forever after?

        They deserve better. They deserve the well earned life of Europe!

        1. @little-foot
          If you’ll notice, all the people who get killed by the two guys on a bike ALWAYS have smooth necks! Hmmmm….???
          Me thinks Brazil should have more wrinkly necks if they wish to live! 😉
          It pays to be constantly looking over your shoulder!

  2. I must say that is a beautiful video, if only he’d had his coffee after filming. Oh and I’m no expert, but I’d say somebody shot him., then planted the bloody knife to throw off the investigation.

    1. That was my very first thought after I hit play!

      Fantastic resolution, decent editing, proper camera orientation, actually focusing on the subject once in range instead of swinging the camera around haphazardly so that ninety percent of the video is motion blur… I give the camera-person a 9.2 overall with a minor deduction for not using a tripod/motion stabilization software but with bonus points for the close up of the fly at the end.

      Hell, I wish we could hire them as an official BG correspondent.

  3. A whole lotta people a whole lotta flip-flops
    Come on people gather around
    There isn’t much on me to be found
    My bamboo &Me lay still on the ground
    One of my flip-flop has turned around
    Behold I wish I could keep it bound .

    1. Bound no longer to the mortal plow,
      But resolved to wander where the corpse was found,
      Astounded aura draws a morbid crowd,
      Unfounded causes left his torn guts drowned,

      A thousand culprits in this board-hut town,
      But a shrouded subject, who stuck the poor drunk clown,
      Just renounce compassion when the force comes down,
      Open mouths don’t last long, so don’t point them out

  4. So, I’ve been places like that…the hot, humid weather dictates flip flops…otherwise you get foot fungus 😉 your feet sweat so much it makes wearing any other footwear an impossibility lol. Having said that, does anyone else find all the children standing around like it’s school picture day slightly disturbing?

    1. @earthy
      Its not unusual for the kids not to see as they mostly must be often used to the gore and blood on the streets their neighborhood and places . Infact after the murder many must have stayed back home with their parents coming up with an excuse that their child(ren) for the day is/are unwell.
      They get desensitized overtime seeing so much disturbance taking place around them.

        1. @Earthy ,
          girl you seem way too soft and you need to harden up around here .Kids these days are the rougher kind and can take everything in their stride .the good times the bad times the upheavels you name it.
          Its but natural for anyone to be immune to all that blood and gore on a daily basis . Kids get desensitizeed easily as its that cat kinda behaviour within them being curious and open to anything and everything .

          1. @blucon, you’re probably right. I’m a contradiction in that I’m all kittens and rainbows, but have an obsession with Gore. I’m to terms with my own love of the macabre, but often find it hard to reconcile other’s love for the same lol!

          2. @earthy, I cannot explain my obsession with gore, other than to say I’ve always had it. As soon as I could read properly (6-7yrs) I would flip through my mum’s Stephen King books looking for ‘gory’ bits, I read James Herbert’s The Rats at about 8 years old, and I haven’t looked back.

        1. @earthy
          I am the same way – a contradiction. I have always been drawn to anything that most people would consider disturbing. It’s part of the reason I became a nurse. So you are not alone, and just know that you can be exactly who you are here at BG. We’re all a little weird and wacky – that’s what makes us family!

          1. @deadsnapdragon how dare you imply that we are all a “little” weird and wacky. No, ma’am, I won’t stand for that. Get it right. I am full blown crazy! There’s cyanide in my drinking water, drinking water drowns my apple seeds and the CIA planted mini cameras in my Lucky Charms cereal! No one is safe!

          2. As well as being able to appreciate what we see here. Sometime, I was maybe 5 years old my parents had gone for a visit to the LA area. On the way back we passed a wreck. The police and ambulance wasn’t there yet, the bodies were uncovered. It didn’t register to me what death was. No one wore a seat belt so the victims were pretty mangled. My interest in gore began there.

        1. @siniko
          I am so sorry! You’re absolutely right, Bat-shit crazy it is! Please forgive me, and don’t kill me in my sleep tonight! (actually I have surgery tomorrow, so let’s see….cut up by a stranger who will charge me an outrageous sum of money, OR cut up by a BG member who will do it for free?? Okay, you win. My room is the one with the wide-open window, and the ladder leaned against the window sill. See you later!)

  5. I half expect these crazy flip flop enthusiasts to be like lemmings: one wearer dies, more swarm to frenzy. Two die, more. Whole community dies, even more. Ripe for the next bestseller vampire/alien/poltergiest/kraken/[insert monster here] trilogy.

  6. I bet more then 50% of them have “Thank God, it’s not me…” thoughts.

    They live in violent society and this is the time to relax a little bit due to fact that something violent would not happen few days. They chill and socialize, hoping that this will end things like this.

  7. That sweet young babe at the beginning of the video was a scene stealer.

    Oh, I just realized that this video also had a dead guy in it. I did not get to that part. I kept replying the beginning when then young babe is seeing walking.

  8. Never get how a 7000 year old flip flop design, has stayed in style for so damn long. I couldn’t even walk with that shit on my feet, let alone run LMAO

  9. Damn, I saw a friend’s puppy get ran over by a truck when I was a kid, and that about wrecked me. These little kids seem to be okay with the whole “Death done horrible” aspect of their lives. Yep, raise em up tough, and to have no compassion whatsoever for their fellow man.

  10. i hate flip flops. they almost have a life form all of their own after this site. when i see them all i think of is the stench of unwashed and filthy feet. feet that step in blood that could be infected. the screams of some nearby 3rd world associate who also then dips and wallows in blood. i think of small deformed and frail looking children with raggety clothes and fly’s on their face stood around. i hear a loud hum of a motorcycle or the hustle and bustle of noisy traffic in the background. i think of bugs and huts and shanty’s half built and falling apart and the sun baking. eugh flip flops are a disgusting and beastly site they can burrow into your mind and become the stuff of nightmares.

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