Stabbed to Death While Sleeping

Stabbed to Death While Sleeping

The man in these pictures was allegedly sleeping on the table when murderer came and stabbed with him some kind of kitchen knife. If you ask me, I’d guess he was stabbed in a fight but this knife went right through his lungs and perhaps even heart so the fight ended for him right away. He was able to crawl on top of that table to take a rest which ended up being eternal, but rest nevertheless. The table otherwise seems pretty uncomfortable to sleep on and he would have to be a real heavy sleeper to never hear an anxious murderer approaching him. Most of all, he would at least roll off the table, wouldn’t he – if he was stabbed sleeping? I don’t know. No further info besides the fact that he was allegedly stabbed while sleeping.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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16 thoughts on “Stabbed to Death While Sleeping”

  1. ya gotta admire the way everyone is just watching as if this is a normal occurace to see a man “sleeping” with a knife in his chest…

    as for being asleep while stabbed i dont believe it.. unless he was wearing ear muffs or something. hmmm

  2. I think he was not sleeping on that table. He was stabbed on the right part of the lungs; the opposite part of the heart, so the wound is not that lethal and the man can still run and escape and I think that table is just the place where he died because of blood loss and not the actual place where he was stabbed. If he was stabbed while he was sleeping on that cursed table, then the table should have been bloody, but the table just looks fine.

  3. i think he was put on the table when he died, maybe by the murderer, maybe not? it just seems a strange place to leave yourself to die is all. if the knife was left in on purpose then maybe the killer wanted to display the body…
    i do like this picture, photos of people with the weapon still protruding their body like this arent too common 🙂

  4. I think it is possible that the guy could have been sleeping on that table, especially if he was drunk or on drugs, then a murderer could have easily approached him, too. But is a stab in the left lung fatal? Is there an artery there which would cause internal bleeding? I also seem to see more than one stab wound. …I really have to get in to these things more and do some research …

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