Stabbing During One on Nine Fight Caught on CCTV in Thailand

Stabbing During One on Nine Fight Caught on CCTV in Thailand

CCTV video from Thailand shows a man fighting against a group of about 9 attackers, one armed with a knife. During the fight, the lone man gets stabbed multiple times, but holds up pretty well against the aggressors.

Later in the video, another man shows up and manages to argue the attackers out of continuing. By that time, the stabbing wounds and the loss of blood they caused caught up with the victim and he collapses.

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  1. If you’re going to survive, you need to one-up your adversaries. They bring sticks, you bring a knife. They bring knives, you bring a machette. They bring machettes, you bring a pistol. They bring pistols, you bring an M-4 full automatic carbine. They bring M-4’s, you bring an RPG. etc, etc, etc, etc… Well? That’s how nations do it.

  2. Did he pull through & make it? I’m sure the 9 dudes think they’re so tough, you know, taking out one other guy fighting by his lonesome. I’d like to see how they handle themselves one at a time. Cowards.

      1. How deplorable to suggest such a thing, judging people by the colour of their skin !! 😀 Anyway, the answer is no, Pakis, Indians and other Asian nationalities, are of varying shades of brown. It’s the South East Asian’s that possess a yellow tone.

  3. When you’re overwhelmed by degenerate scum first rule is to always find a corner, if not that then turn your back to the wall, extend your dominant arm and defend with the other. Don’t forget to show that your legs are active as well, in this way they will have to get to you, often with bruises. Most attackers will be dissuaded.

  4. 9 on 1 bro are you serious.” Maybe he had it coming” Probably not. You don’t understand how people act in a crowd all of a sudden the bitch made seem to grow balls when they with they homies. But you ain’t shit without your homies. Much props for holding his ground though.

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