Staunch Bootlicker Executed by Cops for Answering Door in Phoenix, Arizona

Staunch Bootlicker Executed by Cops for Answering Door in Phoenix, Arizona

Staunch Bootlicker Executed by Cops for Answering Door in Phoenix, Arizona

Let me play a retard here for a minute and try some of the bootlicker rhetoric:

He should not have resisted. He should have followed orders. He should have licked boots like this guy right here… Wait!

Color me shocked. What we have here is a staunch bootlicker who, like the hoards of fellow brainless NPCs, dedicated a lot of his time on teh interweb and elsewhere to sniffing the police brown eye. Until his heroes in blue came a knocking on his own door. Good riddance!

His name was Ryan Whitaker of Ahwatukee, Arizona. He was executed by Phoenix cops after answering the door with a gun. According to attorney Marc J. Victor of Attorneys for Freedom, answering your door with a gun is legal. But your rights mean fuck all if you live in a police state and lick boots thinking the cops give two shits about your rights.

He complied with the order to open the door, and got on his knees, but the cops still executed him within seconds. The citizen killers then made his woman stand there and watch her man die. No call for medical, nothing. All they cared about was that their asses are covered.

Ryan Whitaker had no known criminal record, mental health issues or DV complaints. His family spent weeks protesting because the cops didn’t want to release the body cam footage. The family used to lick boots as well. Level of justice = poetic!

So to quote myself:

Dear bootlickers, please never stop licking boots like a loser that you are. The world needs to be cleansed of the lowlifes like you, and the surest way to achieve that is by letting cops kill you. The cops don’t discriminate and will get their rocks off on whoever is the nearest. The awake people know that and take appropriate measures. Keep licking boots and there will be disproportionately more bootlickers killed by cops than sane people, which is exactly what the world needs right now.

It’s working. Go bootlickers and go cops. You deserve each other. Just as promoters of leftism deserve their multiculturalism.

The bodycam videos were released heavily censored, but the idea is there.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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168 thoughts on “Staunch Bootlicker Executed by Cops for Answering Door in Phoenix, Arizona”

        1. Every profession has idiots working in it. I am not a cop bootlicker, but they do have a hard job and all they have to do is fuck up once and their career and possibly life is over. Same with the military. It’s a hard job, but it also full of retards that don’t make the job any easier.

          1. Agreed coffindodger like you not a cop bootlicker, 2nd Cop (Body Cam 02) appeared he was not confident in his ability (even with his partner right there) to control the situation. In my assessment they were both WAAAAY too laid back in there approach to the scene, yes I know calls like this happen many times but one should always be on their A+ game to expect anything so that you don’t resort to the end game.

          2. Roofer, loggers, pilots, and most construction workers have more dangerous jobs.
            You may SAY you don’t lick boots but you just reinforced the MYTH that cops have a dangerous job.
            Yeah you’re a fucking boot licker alright.
            I won’t bother to link all the sites and studies that show cops have NEVER been safer.
            Grab a clue after you come up for air from licking boots.

          3. I totally agree with you. Not a easy job at all especially when you have retards like most of fucking dip shit on this channel that want to kill you but I guarantee they’d be the first ones they call when these little pussies on here or get in a situation they can’t handle themselves with a keyboard and a mouse. So go suck some NIGGER dicks. I’d rather lick boots than suck cock for crack like you and your mom. Come play over here and I guarantee you would be begging for a cop, fucking pussy retard.

          1. Fuck cops. They take advantage of their power 24/7 and use it to do ANYTHING they want. But imagine pretending they don’t have dangerous jobs while you sit on your ass on a gore forum lmao

    1. Let’s see how well your ignorant ass responds when someone you love is executed in front of you, and then you’re forced to stand within feet as they moan and die slowly. I’m sure you’d at the very least piss your pants and sob like a fucking child.

      1. Just your use of the shitty buzzword ‘snowflake’ lands you in dodgy territory, you lazy dumb wannabe political-minded shitfuck. Go choke on a right wing newspaper and fuck yourself whilst you’re at it. Thanks x

    2. why is she even speaking to them? Her alleged boyfriend is dying in agony on the ground and she is making small talk with the fuck who killed him? Don’t open a door with a gun in your hand like it’s a safe thing to do. That’s why they put peepholes in those doors. If you think someone is out there who you need a gun to face then leave the door closed.
      None of that excuses the pigs. They have to have their hollow point bullets taken away, and if it was my call, they would also not be allowed to wear their vests. Who the fuck are they to wear vests and make it illegal for citizens to wear them? Who gave them permission to carry bullets which are ‘illegal’ for ordinary citizens? We suck, as a society and a counrty. We lost our nation/people status long ago when we let jews start telling us what to do.

      1. More whites are killed by cops per capita every year than niggers.
        Niggers do a great job killing each other. Keep it up. Cull the entire herd.
        The most racist people on earth are Jews. Jews ARE NOT WHITE.
        Deal with it nigger. Let it sink in.

    1. It only counts when niggers die as a result of some far fetched white action.
      Niggers killing each other non stop and Jew media ignoring it is prrof positive that no black lives matter unless it can be used as a political battering ram against whites.

  1. Really bad video. Shoot first, ask later… or better don’t ask.

    A thief enters a bank, points his gun at the cashier and demands that he give him all the money.
    Once with the loot, he turns to one of the clients and asks:
    – And you, did you see me stealing?
    – Yes a little bit.
    The thief shoots him in the head.
    He addressed another person next to him:
    – And did you see me?
    – No, the truth is that I hardly saw anything …
    The thief hits him twice on the head.
    He turns to a family that was beside him and asks:
    – And you, did you saw anything?
    The man answers him:
    – I didn’t see anything … but my mother-in-law did, I saw her recording you with her mobile.

          1. they are pathetic boys. They laugh at people getting murdered by the police, while they shirk military service because they are physical cowards.

  2. I’m all for police reform but if you abolish them completely crime will go up as the niggers of society take full advantage of the situation. Just look at Chicago for example and how much crime has risen since the police stopped patrolling the nigger infested areas.

    Crime also went up in these white lefty Democrat areas as well for the exact same reasons as a result of Saint George and his modern day crucifixion and the riots that followed.

    Now. We could police ourselves of course but lets be honest here that will still result in dead niggers and the like because most people are not going to take any chances. Just take a look at that dead Jogger American that got killed a few months back by the citizens of the neighbourhood his dumb black ass was burglarising. This of course will still spawn nigger/libtard riots and counterattacks.

    Really, there are no simple solutions that I can see. Not for a multicultural/multiracial place like America anyway. The only way self policing would work is if it was used in a homogeneous society where pretty much everyone held the same group identity and belonging and works from a similar moral framework.

    Having multiple groups existing within the same space and time that all hate each other, are alien to one another and all constantly struggling for social dominance tends not to lend itself well to self policing in my experience. Just take a look at the Pakistani community of England for example who considered it moral and righteous to rape white children because their religious sensibilities allowed for it and who then called English people racist white supremacists when they got angry about it. A bit hard to self police then when one side considers child rape fine and the other does not. Such conflict will always end with rivers of blood.

    Its the same with the niggers, they are too different to white people behaviour wise. Oil and water. They even prop up their criminals and hero worship them. Just look at Saint George Floyd the career criminal nigger scum now held up like the holy fucking mother.

    Sigh, multiculturalism sure has made things a lot harder to fix that’s for fucking sure.

    1. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but let’s look at some options with logic. But before I get there, I highly and I mean highly doubt crime has risen in any area where police stopped policing. History shows us it’s exactly the opposite. When NYPD threw the tantrum, they could not race back to work fast enough because their absence in the street resulted in far less crime being committed, and the people reporting the overall greater sense of safety.

      More recently, the same thing happened when Atlanta cops threw a tantrum:

      So yeah, I highly, highly doubt crime goes up when cops stop policing. Though I have no doubt the hard core cop cheerleaders in the MSM would skew facts and misinterpret them in such a way. They invest billions of dollars in whitewashing the cops and portraying them as capeless heroes all the time. They need to make their money’s worth somehow.

      The reason is simple – the cops police, not protect. They treat citizens as subjects and enforce their behavior according to the way TPTB want them to be. Cops are not peacemakers, absolutely never put the citizen’s safety above their own and are never willing to find the most peaceful and least violent solution possible to disputes and danger. Consequently, with police you get enforcement, not protection.

      So what could be the alternatives. How about allowing the free market, which regulates many other aspects of our lives, also regulate security? For example:

      In Detroit, where cops did what they do – enforce but do not protect – the people sought solutions the taxes funded thugs could never provide, and hired from private companies to do the job. With that, the company has incentives to provide required service, or based on free market rules, someone else could get the contract. Cops don’t have the incentive to act on their supposed duties because they’ll get their fat pay cheque one way or the other, and there is noone else to steal their jobs. Instead, they are incentivized to write traffic tickets and throw people in cages on made up charges so stocks of prison companies don’t drop.

      The cops are funded by money extorted from their victims. But if a private company doesn’t provide protection in the way their customers expect, they will go out of business. Business model of police is based on generating revenue by enforcing the anti-human, freedom-limiting prohibitions. Keeping people safe is thus at best secondary, but usually not on the list. In either case, with court ruling to back it up, cops’ safety is more important to the regimes than the safety of citizens, so not only do cop have no duty to protect the citizens, they will turn on any citizen just in case he or she might in some instance become a threat.

      But perhaps the best way to see it is by organizing a protest to exercise your right to free public speech. Do it in opposition to to something like the government policy on mass immigration from incompatible countries and you’ll quickly learn the kind of “protection” your stolen (taxation without representation is theft) money pays for.

      1. Yep. I would be fine with dropping the police if there were workable alternatives so I’m not going to stan for the police when the footage shows them to be murdering bastards. I will instead focus on the alternatives for this debate.

        “The cops are funded by money extorted from their victims. But if a private company doesn’t provide protection in the way their customers expect, they will go out of business. Business model of police is based on generating revenue by enforcing the anti-human, freedom-limiting prohibitions. Keeping people safe is thus at best secondary, but usually not on the list. In either case, with court ruling to back it up, cops’ safety is more important to the regimes than the safety of citizens, so not only do cop have no duty to protect the citizens, they will turn on any citizen just in case he or she might in some instance become a threat“.

        The same thing applies to free market enterprise as well though if the rich and powerful create a monopoly via mergers and buyouts. You end up with one or two companies controlling the industry and of whom are owned by the very same people who currently lobby and control our governments. That being the bankers and the financers etc. It all still follows the same mechanisms of “limited choice-public funding-lousy service” like every other monopolised practice.

        As for contracts and winning bids, well lets be real these things are always bought via threats and bribes no matter the industry in question. Just look at how G4S keeps getting contracts despite being utterly corrupt and absolutely useless.

        To conclude. The police are the tool of the money men via proxy, the government. Free market security however is the tool of the money men directly. Very little difference at the end of the day and we will still be dealing with all the same problems.

        I would much rather keep such things from further privatisation then if it can be helped because opening our security and countries up to be owned and controlled by more and more faceless people from around the world is not going to make things any better. It would make it arguably worse in fact.

        1. Our countries are already controlled by faceless people and the establishment of the police only shows how we let ourselves get tricked. The cops serve and protect them from us, yet at the end of the day it’s us who foot the bill. So in essence in the present model, we are funding their security and our own oppression.

          As I said before, the obvious end goal is to turn the whole world into Palestine and the police will be the force that keeps us battered down and helpless. Pretty much every country in the world participates in the crushing of their own citizen and the economy with the plandemic. It would be a fool’s job to think they would not follow through with the rest of what’s expected of them, including the unceasingly more ruthless police copying the Israeli occupation forces with mandatory boot on people’s faces.

          Any kind of dent in that plan will hinder the planned descent of the world into the Palestine. And should the sane people succeed in ridding the world of bootlickers, an actual functional change could be achievable. Once bootlickers are gone, the floor for alternatives can open. Luckily, with the cops being trained to hate and oppress their own countrymen, their lust for blood and the thrill of butchering humans and getting away with it grows uncontrollably, so bootlickers expose themselves to the unavoidable by supporting their own sworn enemies.

          1. I understand your end goal but the means you suggest we take to get there won’t work to reach that goal.

            Private security itself tends to be staffed full of ex-military/police due to it having transferable experience at better pay rates. You are getting the same people then but with a different owner. A owner not answerable to the public.

            The only possible way to make it work is if you form a security company staffed full of rent-a-cop types with no past or present affiliation to military or police, train them up and run it as a Public Limited Company/Publicly Traded Company with shares that can only be sold to Joe Public and not private investors. That way the company is both funded and answerable to the taxpayer in every sense of the word and can be shaped and reformed by their will only.

            Further more, to make sure no particular ideological group and or political party could hijack it via indoctrinated voter bases they would have to separate and stratify it per state so that the racial/social/political makeup per individual state determines how the rent-a-cops operate in that state so for example if the niggers and libtards want people to be able to rape, steal, murder and riot in their states they can do so and be fools to themselves only without hurting the other areas. This would create an adjustable level of policing/security that is both fair and equal thus staying true to the will of each areas collective of voter/taxpayer.

            Anyway. I am nearing the end of my first bottle of red for the night so my mind might be wandering a bit here. I am enjoying our debate though. Such battles are the spice of life.

      2. “So yeah, I highly, highly doubt crime goes up when cops stop policing.”

        Have you seen Africa? What about Haiti? Brazil by chance? Do you think these shitholes have less cops or more cops than we do?

    2. Spot on mate, it’s gonna be civil war on the streets of the western world. The invasion if multiculturalism/multiracialism is by design by the Cabal to destroy the west to usher in the New World Order!

    3. I could go 50/50 with it, we all know most niggers could not hit the broadside of a barn even if the gun was bolted down to a bench for them. Just look at all the shootings 100+ rounds fired and the only one hit was a sprog sleeping in its crib. The majority killed are going to be the white guilt non gun owning liberals but less of them the better. It’s their fault we are here in the first place with their nigger coddling, stupid gun laws, public social projects and letting every mother fucker who can’t support themselves elsewhere but make it here the promise of sanctuary. At least the homeless junkies haven’t made it out to the country.

      On a side note I’ve been buy my own ammunition components and loading my own now for a few years now. I can’t order out of state anymore or will go though the state’s “background check” that tells them when, where, who, how much, what kind, etc. One day soon they will come for my stuff but unfortunately it was all lost last week in a fishing accident. Yep in the ocean somewhere, officer.

      1. @The Captain – you have a big opinion of yourself, like anyone’s going to want to storm into your shitshow of a trailer, fleas and feral dogs, – you, stinking of catshit and covered in week old cum. The fuck you think you’re gonna do, have a shootout? Most likely you’ll shit yourself and cry, or you’ll fumble your own shotgun and shoot your tiny cock off. The only way they’d back down is upon seeing you hit such a small fucking target.

        I think you need to write your memoirs now so we can all have a laugh at the blatherings of some lonely old cunting loon.

        1. Your username name just cries out that you are a bisexual liberal 120 lb sack of shit. Using your username, let me take a crack at analyzing you.

          Your name is Nigel. You composed your gay little comment while loitering in a crumpet cafe. You were one of four flaming homosexuals hanging out with a chink, two stinks, and three females with fucked up hair who identify as a different species every other hour.
          You grew tired of talking about all of your vinyl records so you posted your comment. Congratulations. You get a gaylord award for the day.
          You don’t have a job, you don’t want a job and you would only be a sniveling, complaining liability to your employer if you did have a job.

          Assuming that the niggers you love so much don’t kill you first, you will slowly mature and grow out of your misguided liberal mindset, unless you live in San Francisco.

  3. Thank you cops (cherry tops)
    For putting this useless white piece of shit out of his misery of sad abysmal life
    I mean, playing Crash Bandicoot? Really?
    With his ‘blonde stripper’ girlfriend (note she had on a ‘calorie counter watch’
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    single mom to a nigger, stripper pole polisher piece of shit
    I’ve known girls like this one
    They paid no attention at school, didn’t go to college/Uni and think it’s funny
    that they ‘know nothing’
    Their whole life is just drinking/drugs/smoking, listening to stupid heavy metal
    music AND ……. playing Crash Bandicoot
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    Now 2o years later at age 27 she is still doing the same childish thing
    NOte she has gained no skills, other than drinking/drugs/smoking, hanging out with
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    Black or white, this type doesn’t care, as long as they get their single Mom pension
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    They know the Govt. doesn’t have the capacity to check on each and every single
    Mom, in fact they probably can’t afford to check on any of them, unless they get
    dobbed in
    Stupid fucking mole!
    Looks like the cops gave her an early Christmas present by ‘taking out’ her useless
    white trash boyfriend
    Why would he answer the door with a handgun?
    Someone chasing him down for payment for the drugs he took?
    Sounds like that movie ‘Wonderland’ with junky piece of shit Jonny ‘Wadd’ Holmes
    Note they lived just a step up from trailer trash?
    In a fucked up ghetto unit complex, with other animals ?
    R.I.P. you piece of shit

    Be good

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  5. **Shots fired!!

    **Shots fired!!

    **Suspect down!!

    **I repeat suspect is down!!

    * *Requesting an ambulance!

    I believe this cops were rookies cause they didn’t followed protocol.

    The gun should be something that is earned by the rookie after a few years of work in the force and not something that is given upon becoming a cop.

  6. Another dead white caveman, lots and lots of these kinds of videos coming out of arizona last few years.

    Everyone was surprisingly calm, girlfriend didn’t seem too worried that no one had called an ambulance in the beginning.

    Cops also very concerned with other imaginary criminals in the house and keeping everyone away from their murder victim as opposed to giving him so help as he chokes and bleeds to death.

  7. Cop hating idiots can whine all they want, but when you open your door with a fucking gun in your hand YOU’RE AN IDIOT.
    There is not one good reason to do that whatsoever. If u are so worried about what might be on the other side of the door, DON’T OPEN IT.

    Dam I’m glad I live in a country where no one is armed on a daily basis. Not even the police. “Weapons for protection” my ass. If people in general want to be safe, remove all firearms and get a government you can trust.

    1. If you had bothered to read it, it’s legal to open his door armed, so fuck your short-sighted cop-wanking cunt for a mouth. You sound like a right fucking pussy.

      Come on and let’s have a meet up too, I’ll smash your fucking head in.

  8. Vegas police.

    Mmm, how should I approach this?

    Option 1. Open door, unarmed. See what they want. Result: 99% chance of survival.

    Option 2. Open door, and walk out with gun in hand. Result: 99% chance of dying.

    Simple logic tells me to choose option 1 and stop blaming police and everyone else for other people’s bad choices.

  9. if you want to counter tyranny and reappropriate your freedom then fight the cops! Dont think about the united nations and their multi trillions $ millitary…..its just the cops and you can defeat them easily! Your a bootlicker if you say anything else…

  10. Clearly, knelt down with left arm extended out with open palm.. IMO submissive and obeying police orders. Could not tell what he was doing with his right (gun) hand but shots rang out while complying with orders.
    BTW, oldest trick in the book for home invasions is for bad guy to ID as a cop then force entry once the homeowner opens the door.
    Sorry, cops fucked up all around in this video.. BAD COP….NO DOUGHNUT FOR YOU!

    1. I found it more reasonable. If someone started banging on my door yelling shit at buttfuck o’ clock i’d pack heat too. He probably missed the word “police” and paid the price. Could’ve been some drunk fuck.

      1. Fair enough, but there just seems to be something wrong with the psyche of Americans. I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with drunks, and the last thing on my mind is to reach for any sort of weapon, as it can be taken and used against me.

      1. These ppl know better on some level. Just being hardasses. Playing the victim of cop oppression doesn’t help here. This is common sense. A man stupid enough to summon the calls of the police with a gun is stupid and shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun in the first place. Oh well. The genetic gene pool is in need of a good clean sweep. I suppose we should thank this idiot for his brazen stupidity.

  11. I know those kind of guys walk around with a gun to feel like their billy bad asses. Thats the end result. You don’t bring a gun to your door if someone knocks on it. Wtf is wrong with that guy. And wahts dumber is he doesn’t open the door slowly to look outside. He just opens the door real fast and walks out like hes gonna have everyone by the nuts with his gun. I am pretty sure this isn’t the first time this dumb ass has done this. sooner or later someone would of shot him.

    1. Spot on this white boy most likely had it coming… I believe that the cops in the video said that they were dispatched because of a domestic violence dispute going on at that address so you can picture that along with the man with a gun…

      Someone commented above that this guy probably didn’t hear the police part when they knocked on his door…
      I do believe such to have been the case this guy probably gets high on drugs/drinks and gets violent with his girlfriend and intimidates her with the gun most of the time…
      White boy might be the type to think he’s a badass with a gun and if you look at me wrong I’ll intimidate you by pulling it out on you or if you try to get involved in me and my girl’s business I’ll pull it out on you type of guy.

      Earlier before this incident that cost him his life one of the neighbors saw him beating up the blonde or pulling her hair or whatever and try to interfere and get the man to calm down to which he was told to mind his own fucking business so neighbor left and white boy continued arguing with his girl…
      When the police knocked on his door he was so enraged that he totally missed the “Phoenix police” part that came with the knock in he’s mind he’s thinking that it was the nosey neighbor from earlier so he gets his gun and goes out to greet the nosey neighbor and that’s why he opened the door totally unsuspecting of the police and he payed the price.

      Bitch was crying before the police arrived but made it look as if she was crying cause the boyfriend was gunned down.
      White boy must have been a niggerlike-type of person and he had this shit coming totally deserve it.

        1. Well, it’s not quite that simple. The Jewish Bolsheviks killed the Tsar and his family in Russia and took over the country. They created communism and murdered over 60 million white European Christians. There were Jewish Bolsheviks in Germany as well. They were plotting to do the same thing to Germany, install communism like they did in the rest of Eastern Europe. Hitler rose up and stopped them. The camps in Germany were labour camps. Auschwitz even had a pool, and camp money. There were no gas chambers, a complete lie. Now the Jews have taken over the whole planet and are going to create a one world government. Watch and see.

          Read 200 years together by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

          1. This has been centuries in the making. It’s disgusting to see how strong the enemy has got. One day a higher form of justice puts the foot down, and there will be Jew no more. The world will then begin to heal and finally reach its full potential.

  12. If I hear the couple upstairs fighting, I just let them fight. I don’t give a shit about a little noise. Couples fight all the time, then they make up the next day. If they’re just yelling at each other, big deal. They’re safer if you don’t call the cops.

    1. I know, I remember a case out here in California where a couple were fighting and the cops were called.
      Lo and behold the man involved in the disturbance grabbed his gun and shot one of the cops right under his bulletproof vest. He got him good and the cop died on the spot. The Lesson in that story was;
      Mind your Own Business.

  13. The cops were illegal in this, but the cop tried to explain it a way through cop explaining. The cop murdered him. This cop should be shot. This is what cops do. The man did not walk up to them with a gun. He opened the door and stood in the door way. The cop is lying. By law cops can lie, also by law cops do not have to serve and protect, they are not obligated too. So what is the reason for the police?? There isn’t any. All they are are revenue agents. neighbors should never call the cops on their neighbors unless they really know what is happening. This man was killed by a cop because cops are taught to shoot first and ask questions later. What people don’t know is that roofers and garbage collectors have more dangerous jobs then cops do.

  14. Cop guns should be issued to Cop guys with a STUN and KILL setting, seeing as it never occurs to them, with all their marksman training to shoot someone in the leg and spare their life.

    No wait, that wouldn’t work. The pigs would have their weapons on KILL the whole time.

  15. Typical for them to redact the cop’s faces to hide who they are and to redact his story of what happened when the shots were fired to hide his lies to his chief. You can clearly see the man answers the door with a gun and when he sees it’s the cops he actually took 2 steps back before the trigger happy pig shot him. If someone takes steps back, legally it’s considered to be a sign of them trying to back down. These cops said he came at them when they opened fire. It was the standard cold-blooded murder you see from these pieces of shit. Sadly, nothing will happen to them as usual while the victim’s life made a sudden change. How much longer does this need to continue before action is taken against these power-hungry, trigger-happy, pieces of shit?!

  16. But black people say we have to focus on the racial aspect.
    The fuck will that solve anything?
    I would stand right next to you fighting this cause (not by burning down shit mind you), but since you don’t care about whites, why should I care about blacks?
    And to everyone who says don’t answer the door unarmed, keep in mind home protection is an inherent right. I do not care if you agree or not, because that is a completely different conversation. But in the US, you have the right to bare arms. The police should be trained to deal with that, and should not be judge, jurry and executioner.
    And for all I laugh when a nigger gets killed by the police, it is still a travesty that shows the state of JewSA.
    More often than not, the murdering of niggers is more justified for self-defense for the cops. In the case of that cunt who stole the tazor, I would’ve done the same as the cop, which is to say fill him full of lead.
    In this situation however, and in a lot of others, a lot more could’ve been done before having to resort to violance. Answering your door armed is within your rights. I do not care if his gun was in their faces ready to pull the trigger. The police needs training to deal with the constitution.
    Of course, BLM isn’t gonna do shit except get some nigger privileges, and set back the public opinion of apes by a century.
    Ooga Booga to the americoons, as I wave from this communist shithole that’s being slowly invaded by rapugees.
    Might have to move to Asia or something. Anyone who fled from commiland / JewSA got any nice tips for where a white guy tired of niggers and kikes and libtards may settle down?

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