Staunch Bootlicker Executed by Cops for Answering Door in Phoenix, Arizona

Staunch Bootlicker Executed by Cops for Answering Door in Phoenix, Arizona

Staunch Bootlicker Executed by Cops for Answering Door in Phoenix, Arizona

Let me play a retard here for a minute and try some of the bootlicker rhetoric:

He should not have resisted. He should have followed orders. He should have licked boots like this guy right here… Wait!

Color me shocked. What we have here is a staunch bootlicker who, like the hoards of fellow brainless NPCs, dedicated a lot of his time on teh interweb and elsewhere to sniffing the police brown eye. Until his heroes in blue came a knocking on his own door. Good riddance!

His name was Ryan Whitaker of Ahwatukee, Arizona. He was executed by Phoenix cops after answering the door with a gun. According to attorney Marc J. Victor of Attorneys for Freedom, answering your door with a gun is legal. But your rights mean fuck all if you live in a police state and lick boots thinking the cops give two shits about your rights.

He complied with the order to open the door, and got on his knees, but the cops still executed him within seconds. The citizen killers then made his woman stand there and watch her man die. No call for medical, nothing. All they cared about was that their asses are covered.

Ryan Whitaker had no known criminal record, mental health issues or DV complaints. His family spent weeks protesting because the cops didn’t want to release the body cam footage. The family used to lick boots as well. Level of justice = poetic!

So to quote myself:

Dear bootlickers, please never stop licking boots like a loser that you are. The world needs to be cleansed of the lowlifes like you, and the surest way to achieve that is by letting cops kill you. The cops don’t discriminate and will get their rocks off on whoever is the nearest. The awake people know that and take appropriate measures. Keep licking boots and there will be disproportionately more bootlickers killed by cops than sane people, which is exactly what the world needs right now.

It’s working. Go bootlickers and go cops. You deserve each other. Just as promoters of leftism deserve their multiculturalism.

The bodycam videos were released heavily censored, but the idea is there.

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167 thoughts on “Staunch Bootlicker Executed by Cops for Answering Door in Phoenix, Arizona”

  1. Hate to be that guy, but he technically ran out of his house with a gun in his hand. Cops often shoot people by accident who are completely unarmed that startle them. I don’t know why he answered the door like that…running out with a gun in his hand and then quickly tried to put it behind his back. (probably realized “oh shit” but it was too late).

    I’m not a bootlicker. I think cops had so many years with complete authority and almost never having to face consequences for their actions and now chickens have come home to roost with all the anti-cop sentiment going on now.

  2. this is heartbreaking 🙁 his sister is on tik tok talking about her brother… although he shouldn’t have come to the door with a gun at the same time, the fucking officer shouldn’t have been so trigger happy! all lives matter!!!

  3. Well, a moron who answers cop visit with a gun behind his back kinda deserves it.
    Maybe he didn’t have intention to shoot, maybe he did. We’ll never know. But if he did, we’d have two dead officers instead of one dead trash. It’s like DT said, police don’t see color. They see threats and swiftly put em down to restore law and order.

  4. OK pigs he fell back toward his apartment retreating, he did not point the gun so yeah they executed him and then tried to justify being an absolute low life piece of shit. Both officers deserve to be beheaded by the cartel.

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