Stepfather Kills 16 Year Old Stepdaughter After Failed Rape Attempt

Stepfather Kills 16 Year Old Stepdaughter After Failed Rape Attempt

In the province of Samut Prakan in central Thailand, a man from Myanmar allegedly attempted to rape his 16 year old step daughter, but she acted hard to get, so he ran a knife through her throat, and left it embedded in there with just the hilt sticking out.

Here’s what the traditionally epic translation from Thai had to say about this:

Myanmar’s brutal killing scene stepfather stepson, 16-year-old girl charged Phli district. Mother fainted Fall and stand The daughter found dead The Wildcats have a knife at the throat. Police estimate that Myanmar’s stepfather abuse but failed.

Prompted the 16-year-old girl was stabbed to death in the room in Samut Prakan. The failure to monitor When you arrive at the scene found the body of Miss. Meters (assumed name), aged 16 years studying in vocational certificate of a school. Lie of blood In its throat was pierced with a sharp knife embroidered outright number two volume while inside the room found traces of fighting and stuff scattered all over the room, the doctor expects Miss. Died for no less than eight hours.

Preliminary police know the cause, then the capitalists stepfather Mr. Burman. It is expected that the capitalists would sneak out to the victims of rape. But the death toll was so persistent struggle. He was armed with a knife stabbed his stepfather to death thereof.

From the interrogation, the mother of Miss. To know that after he returned from work, he found that the room was locked from the outside keys. When called, the room was not open to. Decided to stay back door. When opened, it was found that His daughter died in bed.

While the Checkpoint. Bang Chalong testified that before the incident he had been asked to come to the emergency room as well. When it comes to trying to stay out of the negotiations, it appears that the crime would not come out. The police came to their emergency. But it is silent Until such a scene.

However, the police rushed to the capitalist boss. The prosecution further.

Makes you wonder if the killer married the single mother so he could one day make the move on her daughter…

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85 thoughts on “Stepfather Kills 16 Year Old Stepdaughter After Failed Rape Attempt”

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      2. Born ready…lets just hope this skinny shitbag gets what’s coming to him , shit like this boils my blood and we can only wait for the video of a brush pole being rammed up his arse while he squeals for his mummy .
        Nice slow lingering demise , with a torn up arsehole , thatll do

      1. There’s not much in this world that get’s to me, not even the video with the guy with the skinned face getting his throat cut phased me, but this pic of this young girl with the knife in her throat actually made my eyes water, mostly in anger towards that piece of shit that did it to her. (Your souls going to a better place my little angel, I wish I could take revenge for you) R.I.P sweetheart!

    2. I hope you’re joking, or else you’re a sick idiot. I would rather die than be raped by some disgusting piece of shit and live my life with a trauma like this. So you don’t blame that monster for trying to rape a kid and murdering her? God, I hope one day you’ll get the same bitter treatment and people will blame you for being a stupid cunt.

    3. you guys are fucking horrible, young (quite pretty) girl got murdered because she wouldnt let some asshole fuck her.. he was already banging her mom, no need to kill her.
      i understand alot of you fucks are out here to sound edgy and shit, but have some goddamn respect.

  1. “Preliminary police know the cause, then the capitalists stepfather Mr. Burman. It is expected that the capitalists would sneak out to the victims of rape.(…)However, the police rushed to the capitalist boss. The prosecution further.”

    I knew it… Those fucking capitalists are allways the cause of every shit… 😆

  2. Motherrrrrrrr fuckin cunt asssssshhole if I was the first person to have met the culprit, I would have tortured him to death make him beg for his life, and slowly kill him.
    So sad I hate filth like him damn fuckin ASSHOLE omg my blood is boiling.
    Sorry for my language everyone.

    1. All of us probably understand your anger but, if you’re able to have him, torturing and beating him strongly, that would bargain your soul heavy and also, you would be the same scum as him instantly.
      The proper punishment is prison, one year without any contact with anyone. Not a single word.
      Room with no light and sound one or two week: He will meet his demons and probably goes completely out of his mind by paranoia, fear, voice hearing, etc.

  3. Poor girl.
    She was not one of those girls that wanted to actually do sex with someone.
    Her face reading tells me that she was good shy girl with dignity.
    I always feel sorry when innocent dies.

    Rest in Peace kid.

  4. eyes for eyes…
    kill and be executed…
    thats what i like in china, they still execute the murderer (i think with an ak bullet in the head)

    i guess the motehr will regret to have get that new men, she lost him and her daughter now

  5. Hey everyone. Long time lurker, just registered.

    The stepdad doesn’t look like a typical guy from Myanmar. If I had to make a guess I’d say he was a Rohingya Muslim. They’re a stateless people who have been fleeing Myanmar like rats and stinking up every counrty they end up in, so it would make sense.

  6. Being guilty of such a heinous crime one would think the perpetrator would tremble in his knees and sweat out like a pig with missing heartbeats but here is this murderer who’s been kinda consoled by one of the cop that too while he’s at the Police station as if meaning to gesture that ,” no worries Mister ya’re gonna be let off soon to stab your wife next ” .
    Hilariously all of the pointers here and there got grabbed very well by the camera .

    He should have sat next to the fan to cool his dick off and sliced a piece off it instead …………and why the fuck the lady in the house had no inkling . Incidents like these don’t happen in a day ………. his sexual advances must have been seen by his own bitch and reported on even by the girl to her mother .They let the Beast stay in the house who devoured someone’s daughter .

  7. At first I wondered what the hell I was watching, not because of the gore but rather because of that second thing shoved in her throat which looked very similar to a straw you use in something you drink from.

  8. She was damn cute tho, shame she had to die like this.
    I think a better course of action for her would have been to pretend to go along, like she was going to suck his dick and then when it’s in her mouth bite the shit out of it. I don’t think you can bite it off, or at least that would be very hard to do. But maybe damage it or something. And then make an escape, and report him to the cops. But of course she couldn’t have known that he would kill her…

  9. Not crazy about the phrase “she acted hard to get” – I think “she fought for herself” is more fitting. But I am the resident not a feminist at all but considered feminist by several, so of course, I’d say that.
    I’d also rather die than get raped because there’s a huge possibility, you’ll get murdered anyway. At least take away their satisfaction of violating you first.

  10. Nice award winning translation Google. Sounds like a mute retard attempting to speak for the first time in their life. Might as well have tried to “guess translate” it in my head myself,.. Fuck.

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