Stiff Syrian Snackbarist Without a Brain

Stiff Syrian Snackbarist Without a Brain

Nice hideout for bats in his head. Since it’s doubtful the snackbarist had any brain in there to begin with, it’s fair to speculate that the bats had lived there before the headshot and flew away when an HP rifle round carved large balcony into their cozy mansion.

The extent of stiffness tells me he’d been there for a while by the time they found him.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Stiff Syrian Snackbarist Without a Brain”

    1. Ah Stench, hopefully you can help me try and set some these fucking noobs on the right path. Instead of thinking they`re hard by picking fights with BG old timers, I`m trying to help them but most of them are too tough fo that.

  1. Ahahaha nice don, nice chair he makes, you guys see how his hands are , I’m sure he had an AK in those hands, he’s in a battle stance.wonder how many shots it took to turn his balcony into a vacant lot..

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