Strange Murder of Man on Motorcycle in Dausa, India

Strange Murder of Man on Motorcycle in Dausa, India

A rather strange case of murder was caught on CCTV in Dausa in the state of Rajasthan, India.

Two guys on a motorcycle stop on the road and wait. They are approached by other people on a motorcycle and suddenly one guy gets smacked over the face with something and goes limp.

The victim gets hit a few more times, but that first one thoroughly did him in. The killers then ride away, while the victim’s friend wonders what the hell he’s supposed to do now.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the video:

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        1. They sure do, but no matter if it’s from the US or any other place in the world
          when the videos leak online quality have been destroyed anyway!

          Most people who leak these videos have made a copy of a copy and then when they try to convert to another format or minimize the original video size it gets even worse. Caused mostly because lack of proper knowledge about how to shrink, convert or pack files properly to keep as good quality possible.

          But unfortunately these HD cameras are expensive why most don’t buy them.
          Not even SECURITY CAMERAS made and installed for the purpose of bringing criminals into justice have these quality’s and that is really fkd up because a lot of guilty people get away with their crimes since no one can see who they are of what they did exactly.

    1. A blackjack….that’s a leather strap with a piece of metal at one end. It’s that hilarious little contraption that used to crack me up as a kid whenever they pulled it out in TV shows or movies.

      1. @Cadejito Thanks for clarifying what that is as I must admit I was a bit confused. That definitely appears to be what he got hit with, or so it seems. I must agree with you Mark, that was a very strange hit they pulled off.

        1. Blackjacks come in many varieties. I personally own a silver one that springs out to 18 inches when i press the button on the handle. My friend has a baseball cap that is weighted enough to knock someone out. Love em.

  1. “It’s all because of you
    I’m feeling sad and blue
    You went away
    Now my life is filled with rainy days
    I loved you so
    How much you’ll never know-a hou
    Cause you took your dope away from me
    *sob sob sob*”

    (Lodi Dodi, Snoop Dogg)

    Don’t now why, but that came to my mind watching this video.

  2. Fuckk!! No wonder BG is getting lot of material from India… the sidewalk and the road are one in the same… and the killers start their bike and merge right in traffic almost hitting the other biker…
    I’m actually surpris3d there wasnt an accident caught on this same video..

  3. That looked like an old school beat down to me….Ocknod….Does nice work….In watching the video..I could only imagine the smell….These animals stink….Worst than niggers!…Imagine that!

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