Strangled Corpse on the Beach, Wearing a Very Clean Apron

Strangled Corpse on the Beach, Wearing a Very Clean Apron

Although I cannot confirm it, this just screams Thailand. What more could you ask for? A very veiny body laying in the wet sand of a beach who appears to have been strangled with a pair of trousers. Eyes bugging, forehead peeling, arms stretched out like here I am! I’m just amazed at how dirty the corpse is in comparison to that immaculate white apron he’s wearing.

So can anyone come up with a scenario? Let your imaginations run wild.

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    1. Seems he was a cook on some ocean-bound freighter or other such sea-faring vessel. He went up on deck for a smoke under the cover of midnight darkness, and possibly to whack off afterwards to some Thai girly-boy magazine, whereupon he fell overboard in a fit of climax-induced frenzy.

  1. Maybe he was the one who was doing that autopsy outside on that young Asian girl when he decided to go surfing. He took off his pants and tied the board to his left ankle. He was then magnetically drawn to the rough seas towards typhoon Vongfong where his pants got wrapped up around his neck and choked him to death. Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket, case closed! …uh, you’re WELCOME!!!

  2. I think that man used to work for a fishing vessel manufacturing seafoods.. His apron was made of leathery plastic material wash cleanly with the water.. Someone strangled him to death, thrown him out of the boat, floats in the open sea for few days until washed in to the shore..

      1. The tide pulled them off, I’m sure you felt a tide pull ya before.
        He was walking with his shirt thrown around his neck, i think he fell and was to drunk to function his shirt got heavy with water and sand and drowned him. That’s what I think. Do you think he was killed?

  3. He was a Sous Chef working under Head Chef Onion 5 Moo 6. The Head Chef caught him banging Mrs. Onion 5 Moo 6, so he strangled him with his own pants which weren’t on at the time. He still had his apron on because they were role-playing at the time, they called it “the too many cooks in the kitchen naked fun game”, and now he sleeps with the fishes.

  4. Wearing an apron? These starbucks Mexicans are getting out of hand.
    Here was option 2: People rebelling against baristas getting their orders wrong
    Option 3? Sure!: Not the Jose Alfredo I asked for! Next time bring the right guy!

  5. Those pants look to be loaded with sand and rocks so whoever killed him tried to sink his body to dispose of it. Only problem was that the water was only knee deep so the first person that went fishing there discovered the ugly faced, strangled body of our apron wearing friend.

    1. Didn’t even notice that until I read your comment. Maybe they used that piece of dental floss tied around a rock to try to weigh him down in the water so he wouldn’t be found haha

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