Suicide Bombing at Meeting Between US Fags and Manbij Military Council in Syria

Suicide Bombing at Meeting Between US Fags and Manbij Military Council in Syria

Suicide Bombing at Meeting Between US Fags and Manbij Military Council in Syria

Having trained ISIS and raped countless pre-teen boys in the Middle East, the members of the US military, the sworn enemies of the American people and the world held the meeting with the Manbij Military Council in a restaurant in the city of Manbij, in the Aleppo Governorate in Syria. While the meeting was in progress, a suicide bomber set off his suicide vest outside the restaurant, reportedly killing 18 people, including at least 2 Americans.

ISIS took responsibility for the attack, which basically means Jewess Rita Katz said ISIS took responsibility, because ISIS parrots what Rita Katz says, and never says anything unless and until RIta Katz says they said it.

Interestingly enough, 18 days ago an insider said on Reddit that there will be an attack in Manbij in which Americans would die. It all gets even more telling in the fact that the known establishment alt-media gate keeper Joe Rogan randomly has CIA’s Mike Baker on the same day as the attack in Syria happens.

Props to Best Gore member @a-sick-mind for the CCTV video of the attack:

Meanwhile, after calling every sane person a conspiracy theorist for years because of understanding that Israel was arming and aiding the terrorists in Syria, Israel finally admits it has been indeed the case, and the NPCs are silent:

Despite being a rabid female privilege promoter and nigger lover, Abby Martin exposes Dear Leader Trump’s deception of the dumb pretty well. Besides, Dear Leader Trump made it clear that he will retain a military base in Syria, so all the talk about the withdrawal is just the typical “words for the sheeple, actions for the Jew” conduct by Trump:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. @Hoping for Nemesis
          America dragging it’s feet? LOL! Shit man, America started this whole thing. We love never ending WARs here in America. War on drug’s, War on terror. It’s part of our master plan. Wipe out half of the population here on earth. Trump is really Thanos.

  1. You see the guy who stands while he’s embroiled in flames, but falls immediately after the flames clear, almost like “oops, I forgot I need to pretend to be dead now”.

    Doesn’t it seems a bit fake?

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    1. @jadedcunt I agree and i would also like to add everyone else as well. Including me and you and everyone on bg. Only when we revert back to bacteria will there be peace. We had a beautiful bomb which would have taken care of everything. A neutron bomb. The bastards rejected it. It was just too perfect.

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    2. @carly69
      We should probably neutron bomb America too, problem solved, No more shameless vermin to shit talk or to be used as mindless pawns for the juden Military arm, because lets be honest, the largest voice of ignorance comes from the american citizen, the most shameless & prideless country throughout recent history, irony is, most americunts have carrots rammed far up arse in superiority complexs blinding them from even their own misfortunes.
      “Americans / Juden / Wahhabist should be exterminated*”

      1. oh gawd
        these fucking libtard sjw’s will never shut the fuck up about russiagate even when you implicate Hilary for all the shady deals she’s done with russia and saudi arabia, they bitch about some phonecalls or something that never took place when they should be blaming wikileaks, facebook and cambridge analytica. Nooo, noo to them RT is propaganda, the turd bowl on CNN talking about tweets from a dorito is the real news. Stupid ass hats.

        i’d vote for trump if it pissed them off more and i hate that guys enviromental policies!

        1. Oh no brother, Im not suicidal, That’d go against my own coding of principles, its clear to see where the worlds problem stem from, not everything or everyone has to die, only the parasitic beings that live amongst us wearing human masks while they commit their Talmudic Blood libel.

          Juden commit a mass deception & manipulation of those whom are too weak to want to see the harsh truths of reality, those “drones” who hold no pride in themselves tossing aside all self respect and sense of shame, choosing to drag other gentile down with them in ignorance like treacherous vermin, only those kinds of people deserve to join the fate of the jew in all the evil they commit, master & useful idiots.

          Go figure, you’ll find no shortage of people suffering clear signs of the mental illness known as “cognitive dissonance” and those same people in masses have the cheek to direct Mockery & Degradation towards those who have the courage to see reality for what it is.

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        It HAS been said to you before, more than once, but if you took the time to really look at the opinions of others on this site – rather than JUST firing blanket insults at all westerners….
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        Unless you are just here for the sake of argument? In which case, not even those who have empathy with your opinions will receive respect from you. Therefore, it would be pointless for anyone to engage with you.

        It is a matter for you, i guess.
        Are you just here to vent and insult – regardless of others opinions and views?
        Or are you here with a view to seriously discussing issues?

        1. @karmen40
          Your replying to a comment from a month back, since you took the time to probe i’ll do the same.
          I appreciate your asking & i’m more than aware that i’ve had what your saying said to me more than once, i just don’t care. Im not here to seek others approval or praise seeking shit like a child, or even empathy for my opinions.
          Respect to me, is somthing thats only found in combat or catastrophic action, not words, so how could i give a shit about what a few drone thinks of me over the internet or if it respects me or not for the words i write? people can engage if they want to or not, i don’t mind, im not holding out for it, im already working under the assumption that most people are not on the same level, mind my arrogance.
          I’m not looking for friends that serve no mutual financial benefit across oceans, nor a pep talking buddy.
          What we write on this site, the people we exchange with, no matter how righteous, has no effect in the world and thus is futile to care anymore than that. About the only thing i could fantasize about that’d be beneficial to play the good guy in everyones eyes is if i were capable of inciting enough people to create an armed miltia that could all come together even worlds apart and set minds / bodies to task in what should be done. But how ideal / delusional does that sound when working with nothing but shit?

          Tho im certain more than 100% of us are here to vent in some manner or another, its either that or your kidding yourself, it all comes down to definition of how that person chooses to vent, it could be through shit talking or the spread of good valid information, even simply an opinion on a current events or a heated debate on a sensitive topic, maybe even baiting some “shit fuck cunts” into a debate for the sake of pulling them out into the open to reveal such “shit fuck cuntery to anyone spectating”.

          If i see a comment written and i don’t like or agree with it, or maybe its just false info that i take into my own hands to correct or to simply set somthing streight, from my own perspective and ideals / principles, replying with my own opinion, maybe even probe for a debate on it, does that in turn clasify me under “commenting purely for the sake of argument” and thus what i write is null? Because if it does, that’s a pretty loose interpretation to toss around towards people that hold a difference in views. (I’m not allowed to talk badly towards people that may agree with some of what i say), You’re welcome to take some of what i say and disagree with the rest, i believe i share some valid information im thoroughly informed on about history and current events, it’d be a waste if you simply tossed it all out for the sake of disliking some of my views. You and I and many others, we don’t need to see eye to eye 100%.

          I mean, take Nemesis for example, I don’t allot of the stuff he writes, i assumed he was shill for awhile, im still wary, but i read most of what he’d write, sometimes very valid information, sometimes garbage, i read it regardless and take what i can from it and guage weather its useful to add to my knowledge or not. He and I to my understanding have quite differnt takes on the world, quite differnt views & beliefs, differnt expierences / occupations / upbringings / environments / age.
          I don’t have to agree with everything he says, only take what i see as useful or informing, something maybe i should research and get my knowledge up on etc, but i don’t close that person off, because im not a pussy, im a man.

          I’de frankly have no problem with “seriously discussing issues”, if it were with someone who i can actually see knows their shit, otherwise if i identify that person for myself as someone who knows nothing, im not even going to bother trying to be civil.

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          The big 3 “pedophile, necrophiliac, homosexual”, thats the only reason i’de dismiss anything from someone from that point when they portray this shit openly.

  2. Excellent work!
    Time to force these US jew puppets out of Syria 😀
    I doubt that it will work on the short term though, these Jews have such a crushing grip on the ballsack of the US…

    Good that you included the video from Abbey Winters in this post.
    She together with Tulsi Gabbard are the voices of reason these days.

    I know you think that Joe Rogan is some sort of deepstate jew shill…
    I have seen most of his podcast of 2018, and i just can’t see any evidence of your claims.
    Specially if you take these 2 podcasts:

    Am I missing something?

  3. Right-On Brother Mark, @happy i knew that *YOU* Would Get The Right Stuff Video, And The Whole Story Instead of the only shit that i could get from CNN. Cause All I Could Find Was Video’s Full Of Station Identification Water Marks. So Bravo, Mon Frere,,, Bravo! 🙂

  4. Like clockwork ,ISIS bombs Americans and Kurds yet ISIS never attacked American or Israelis as a rule all this time.

    So why would ISIS attack America now that it is leaving!!

    Typical Israeli/Saudi /USA Elite tricks to keep the USA in the war. Trump seemingly has no control over his people OR it was an excuse to backtrack so he could stay in Syria after all.
    It was widely expected that Russia would start pounding the headchoppers’arses in Idlib today or tomorrow.
    Stealing the Russian’s Thunder?
    Watch this space.

  5. Joe Rogan? No Fucking Way,lol. That Greasy Cock-Stained-Two-faced-Cunt, has always been Crookeder than A Pretzel to begin with. But there, in small town Syria, Like W.T.F. Was He Doing there, helping the U.S. Catapult their propaganda-machine far, & wide???

    Double Whammy Mark with Netenyahoo feeling the heat, lol. Good For Those Zionists-Cunts! 🙂

    1. Whats it matter? they’ve been leaving 100s of millions dollars worth of equipment while they’ve been there. They’re not leaving, its all a ruse to fool idiots who believe everything they’re told, like sweet words to an idiot.

  6. The reason your site gets shit on so hard is not so much the videos as this type of whacky political commentary (with so so little actual knowledge attached) that you are being mixed-in with other falsehood sites who knowingly spread things they do not actually know about. I love seeing a good stoning or suicide–self-immolation or electrocution. I love seeing bombs blow things and people to bits. But at least back up what you’re saying. This site could EASILY be taken in the direction of “uncensored news” and become more respected, more visitors, more posts, better advertisers, just more money and more good videos in general. But nah—why work towards that when you can be a jew-hating racist for kicks and scare off shit tons of money and credibility?! Its just, right now, you come across as infowars with porn ads and some death videos. how about get a couple actual writers and get this site operating a as proudly as it deserves? nah, youd rather have a place to use words like jewess and nigger and blah blah blah so fuckin boring.

    1. Most of us like this site just the way it is, warts and jews and niggers included 😉

      All the gore you could ever want + a big dose of reality checks on our holocaustic dickslicers, mindless pisslambs and niggers.

    1. Kim Jong Bing Bing Bong Bong was just a nice distraction when Trumpa Loempa needed it.
      Soon his border wall will backfire, and then he can dig up Kimmie Ass Rimmie Un and use North Korea again to deflect and re-direct the narrative of the MSM.

      “It’s like a wheel…. and wheels work”

      1. @terminator_g
        You’ve got a hell of a child-like mind if it easily entertains you to say “Kim Jong Bing Bing Bong Bong”
        that fat boy has larger balls than you’ll ever have, and i guarantee you that he’s interested in only pussy, however you americans always subject your crude comments with mass words of faggotry, its disgusting, keep all that closest homo fantasy shit to yourself

        1. @fuckamericafuckisraelfuckignorance

          First of all,
          I am not an American, and I will never have the desire to be one of those poor chaps. I’m from the Netherlands, and yes we have taken in many Syrian refugees and I am Pro SAA / Russia.

          So get of your high horse, and read my previous comment again.

          And i do have great respect for the stance of North Korea, its in fact the only plausible way to them to stay in the power position that they are.

  7. There’s always going to be a controlling empire of humankind. It could be much worse in the hands of others. I’m definitely not saying it’s right. I am not knowledgeable enough in the slightest. The only way this ends, as I see it, is a complete annihilation of society as we know it. Billions dead. Then who would pick up the pieces, and what would they do with them. The same damn things we did thousands of years ago, and the cycle continues. Humans

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