Suicide Bomber Eliminated by Syrian Army Before Going Boom

Suicide Bomber Eliminated by Syrian Army Before Going Boom

Syrian army successfully eliminated a suicide bomber before he could harm innocent civilians.

In the video, there appears to be one dead jihadist, and one captured kneeling on the ground next to him. The video also shows what appears to be explosives the suicide bomber(s) carried in their vehicle.

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          1. Even though I’m Canadian I have mad respect for US soldiers and Canadian and British. Fucked up leaders aside they are the ones who do the dirty work everyone else is to chicken shit to do. With the bombs he disabled he saved many lives, and nobody can ever take that away from you or him . You are a trooper ladywicked and let no one tell you different!

          2. You are so sweet..thank you..he’s my baby bro so I’ll always idolize’re a stranger and you appreciate him..thank 9 days it’ll be 4 yrs since i found out he didn’t make it…thank you reality…. <3

        1. @ladywicked666 – i don’t see how you should hate yourself. i don’t believe your brother or anyone else who’ve passed would want to look in on you and see that. it’s a terrible pain to lose people we love yet the grief itself can take on a life of it’s own. after a time (for some) it can become a devotion that nearly excludes the happiness of knowing that person when they were still here. i know it takes time to come back from the pain, still we need to try if for no other reason (on our worst days) out of honour for our departed

      1. @Frodogore – from the mere conceptual reality of that (74 virgins), it shows what this whole thing was set up for: it’s a sick masturbatory fantasy that only their vulnerable younger and more impressionable males would not be able to see past so easily as they’re being guided toward acts of violence and destruction

    1. Maybe instead of when not fulfilling what they wanted to fulfill, to earn the virgins, but rather, when they fail they get an oversized butt plug, no lube, and gay midget porn that they are forced to watch for eternity.

      Guess you wont find that in their religious text.

    1. i’ve seen a dead man in the us who actually appeared to be handcuffed, after he went on a shooting spree with an automatic rifle and was taken down by police – as if weren’t enough to pull it from his immediate vicinity

  1. When someone intends to undertake a suicidal act with the sole purpose of bringing down as many of their ‘enemy’ as possible thus planning to do the exact opposite of ‘die in vain’, but instead get mowed down before they even arrive is just such an epic fail I’m lost for words. There is no doubt that if their Allah really exists he would of slapped his face.

  2. Its hard to understand suicide i could never do it i would suck as a suicide bomber specially if i saw kids n babies arround even old people couldnt do it ..only one way id kill someone like that or walk in a building n blow it up if my mother is hurt or killed or my lil sis only way id do it… but other than that nahhhhh am to lazy to get my ass out of bed strap all that mean ass tape no thanks am cool rite here lazy in my cozy bed…

  3. When are we going to get another good ol’ Mexican cartel beheading or something? Been a long ass time. Have they joined forces and realized there’s more money to working together? Taken a vacation in Cuba? Run out of people to behead and dismember at the border?

    1. Me too i’ve been waiting too maybe wont have to soon imma go to mexico i’ll be sure to have my cell ready all charged n shit and i’ll tell the family about BG and make sure to tell them to send a shout out to all BG rite before they do their thing ;)…

      1. the disturbing thing about the virgins or Houri is that they are described as giant humanoid entities with perfect tear-drop-shaped breasts and WHITE/PALE SKIN. even Mohammed hated his own fucking people. what a cruel joke. almost feel sorry for these brainwashed fools…..almost……
        ok, not at all but still thats like a white supremecist prophet depicting an afterlife filled with ebony-skinned women.

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