Suicidal Georgia Tech Student Shot Dead by Police on Campus

Suicidal Georgia Tech Student Shot Dead by Police on Campus

On Best Gore, we have a bunch of bootlicking degenerates who worship the police state because the programming on the TV tells them to, but I’ve been telling them the whole time that they are worshiping their own doom, for in a police state, the cops don’t care whom they execute. They execute for the thrill of it and because they know they will get away with it each and every time. And specifically because this is the way cops are, nobody, including the bootlickers and the SJWs, are safe from the terror of police.

Turns out, the fact that the cops don’t discriminate and kill everything that moves at the drop of the hat can be useful at times. This is one of those times.

The degenerate freak you see in the pic above is one 21 year old named Scout Schultz, who identified as neither male nor female. The freak was a computer engineering student at Georgia Tech where it was the president of the Georgia Tech Pride Alliance. I mean, you don’t get any more degenerate than that. That thing probably got accepted to the school because a white heterosexual male with superior skills and abilities was turned down to give the freak preferential treatment.

On the evening of Saturday, September 17, 2017, Scout Schultz was shot dead in a parking lot outside the dorms by Georgia Tech police. The incident was caught on video by another GA Tech student. Scout Schultz was reportedly walking around with a knife.

Other GA Tech students said the freak had a history of mental illness – no shit. I mean, on the Pride Alliance website, the freak states in the bio that “I’m bisexual, nonbinary, and intersex“. That’s a textbook example of mental illness right there.

Scout Schultz also reportedly had suicidal thoughts and what better way to make do on your thoughts than by crossing path with police. In a police state, if cops find out you’re suicidal, you’re as good as dead. They won’t let you take the joy of killing you away from them. Things like compassion, encouragement and support for a person with suicidal thoughts are only for sane nations.

For comparison, I’m including a video from the city of Dias D’Ávila, in the metropolitan region of Salvador, Brazil. The CCTV footage shows a somewhat similar confrontation between police and a man brandishing a blade.

The differences are that in America, the thing was brandishing a pinkie sized knife, whereas in Brazil the man was brandishing a full size machete. In America the thing was acting slowly and never made any threatening moves, whereas in Brazil the man got in the policeman’s face very quickly and rapidly, and was ready to strike. The rest of the differences I’ll let you see for yourself:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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295 thoughts on “Suicidal Georgia Tech Student Shot Dead by Police on Campus”

          1. I’m pretty sure the screaming wasn’t the snowflake, but a bystander?

            In my extensive rounds of bestgore I’ve rarely seen someone let out a bloodcurling pigsqueal after being mortally wounded. As fun as dramatic screams are, shock kicks in pretty fast usually preventing them.

      1. What about that Brazilian cop who helped the teen who was going to hang himself and and he hugged the teen and helped him down, shit in the US cop would have had a gun pointed at the kids face.

        Shit one time in Texas my girlfriend was going to sneak out of the house so parked by the neighbors house and was waiting it was 11:30, then all of a sudden I heard a noise and looked left there was a cop with a gun to my head, I was 17! And I din du nuffin, no music on in my car nothing.

        1. Those paramilitary officer’s from Brazil…
          I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re dead by now, killed in the line of duty…
          I can’t believe they didn’t got killed during the video.
          There was plenty of opportunities for favelos to attack them.
          And I think that when officer is backing up from charging machete and lets one out and hits suspect in leg or feet.
          Rendering him immobile.
          That was a lucky shot because officer didn’t got heart to shoot…
          They should learn from Americans and whenever a machete is closing in rapidly on your personal space.. You cripple the blades movement and make it stop by unloading full clip in torso area.

      2. Mark idk shit about physics but if I’m correctly understanding Einstein who was one of the greatest minds to ever exist.
        (He was a Jew by the way)
        His theory of relativity is still applied to the physics sciences of today 2017.
        His theory it is complicated but simple and you don’t have to be 4.0 academically to understand it.
        I feel safe in assuming that if in almost a full century that’s the theory that has been used because is the best model man has created so far that accurately explains with precision the way that the universe works.
        Then that’s the theory of everything in physical existence.
        As I was saying Einstein basically proved with his theory that reality is in the eye of the beholder.
        Or in better words, reality is not the same for everyone experiencing it.
        Everyone will see a different thing even though everyone is looking at the same thing.

        Idk why but I do feel safe believing Einstein’s theory.
        So with that understanding my mind is set free to wander around and entertain other people’s perspectives of the same reality I experience.

        With this comment I can say with certainty that freedom is mental and if you ain’t free in your mind then sure as hell you won’t be free in the physical.
        Or if you ever get captured and imprisoned by anyone you will stay imprisoned cause your mind is/was imprisoned to begin with.
        You condition your mind to one possibility and one possibility only thus imprisoning your mind.
        Freedom starts in the mental
        And freedom is something that our creator gave us.
        There is no man or entity in this physical plane or any other realm of existence that has that power of taking your God-given freedom.
        If you’re not free, you got to think about it…
        Who are you giving your freedom to and why would you give then your freedom.
        That’s all you really got and nothing else.
        Me on the personal I think that there’s no human alive that deserves that I give them my freedom.
        Fuck everybody, fuck em all they got their own freedom and I wouldn’t be interested in anyone’s freedom. I got my freedom and I’m good with that.

        1. What kind of weed did you smoke today cuz it got you twisted as all get out, your thinking on the 3rd parallel…. lol

          Also he was born in Germany and here are the facts: Einstein was raised by secular Jewish parents, and attended a local Catholic public elementary school in Munich. In his Autobiographical Notes, Einstein wrote that he had gradually lost his faith early in childhood. So he wasn’t really Jewish By faith. He has never been to Israel.

          1. NIN – I agree here a bit, lol. I thought my explanation of how we might really be living in the Matrix was deep but soorenho went all in on this thought(s.)

          1. @FredHawley that is a true fact, he worked at the Bern Federal Office for Intellectual Property (aka patent office). he also failed his entrance exam to Swiss Federal Polytechnic. at least early in his life he was very far from being a genious, so its very suspicious how he elevated to that status to say the least.

        2. Thats why Israel Zionist illegal occupiers should be eliminate. They messing with others freedom and properties and lifes and thoughts and safety and spoil the Palestinian mental since their childhoods.
          Native Palestinians Jew, Christian and Muslim live in harmony and free to practice their own faith before the world sick twisted evil , American and British Zionist fucked up transported ships of Europeans khazarian Jewish and converted Jew to their so promised land.
          If only the so called terrorist Muslims destroyed and sank their ships before the innocent refugees land their dirty feet on Palestine land, our earth will be grateful. Period

      3. UsA police is so pussy imbecile sadistically imbecile they’re worse than Brazil law enforcer , they can just shoot to the leg or arm to cripple or disarm that student, but of course fatal shot need to be done otherwise other citizen killer will call him noob.

      4. USA cops are the best trained on the planet. Brazil cops are corrupt drug lords. If you think the US is bad, then please leave. But, when you try to come back, we don’t want you. People from the USA are pampered idiots, full of fairyland TV drama.

    1. Fucking hell Mark, this was what anybody would do. I agree sometimes the cops are in the wrong but clearly not this time. I don’t suppose they had pepper spray or stun guns, either way this degenerate creature was put to sleep like a sick animal. No harm no foul.

      1. I agree completely. What part of “drop the knife” is she having trouble understanding?

        When somebody (anybody) is pointing a gun right at you and they give you a simple order then you do it immediately. Considering this order was given by the Police, she should not have needed to think twice about following orders.

        She got what she deserved.

          1. so you are saying IT, was deaf? lol so, according to you, IT is a deaf and dumb individual (gotta be dumb too because they can’t comply with 1 simple order) who is brandishing a weapon walking out in public towards an officer? how about if a pregnant woman passed at some point and she was murdered by this creature, what then? what you are accusing police here is beyond ludicrous.

          2. Mark You don’t care much for cops, I take it? Yeah thats not gonna backfire onto the american people is it? This division between cops and the general public, I mean. Don’t some cops receive some of their training in Israel? All this of course is academic at this point anyway, because for all we know, this incident may have just been staged theatre. Its convenient ain’t it though? Creating hatred on both sides is what the jews and their armies of puppets, on the internet, do best. Maybe I’m paranoid but when people on the internet always assume that these incidents are real, then my ‘Jew-bell’ starts to ring.

          3. This is well documented:

            Basically, with cops trained by the Israelis, the reality that the Palestinians have been facing and must contend with every day has also become American, Canadian and wherever else the cops get training form the Israelis. But unlike in the Palestine, in the cucked countries the sheeple are so indoctrinated, they will love being the new Palestinians, because their TV tells them the oppression is good and they are free because of it.

            Not surprisingly, Dear Leader Donald Cuck contracted the Israelis to build the wall, the same Israelis that walled the people of Gaza in the largest outdoor concentration camp in the history of the world. Trump’s wall is not to stop Mexicans from coming in, but to prevent Americans from getting out. It’s a prison wall:


          4. Hah the wall…
            The trump wall physically dividing America and it’s southern neighbor Mexico.
            I heard that Mexican President Pena Nieto announced that Mexico will build a wall themselves along it’s southern border and Guatemala is going to pay for it…

          5. Do they have to go for kill shots? An immobilizing shot to the legs or stomach wouldn’t have stopped the threat? I am in agreement. Fuck these cops. Fuck any cop who is bloodthirsty. To the good cops, keep up the good work. Still guilty by association.

    2. A Mercury is a good car. That’s the car I was driving that day. I’ve had a lot of cars. Different kinds. Lot’s of different kinds of cars. She was standing – this girl – on the side of the street where there was this chicken stand, wasn’t the Colonel but it was a chicken stand nonetheless. I pulled the Mercury up right along side her and rolled down the window, see, by electric power. She had on a leather skirt and had a lot of hair on her arms. I like that a lot. That means a big bush. I like a big bush. She says, “Are you dating?” You know, so I said, “Sure”. She gets in and we pull off to a remote location that was comfortable for both she and I. She says, “How much do you wanna spend?”, I said, “Whatever it will take to see that bush of yours because I know it’s a big one”. She says, “Twenty five dollars”. That’s not chicken feed to a working man so I produce the $25, she puts it in her shoe, pulls up her skirt and there before me lay this thin, crooked, uncircumcised penis.
      [Scoffs] You can imagine how bad I wanted my $25 back, huh?

      1. So? I’m waiting with bated breath for chapter 2! I also spewed coffee reading the last sentence in first paragraph. LOL!

        If I had money tell you what I’d do
        I’d go downtown and buy a Mercury or two
        I’m crazy ’bout a Mercury, I’m crazy ’bout a Mercury
        I’m gonna buy me a Mercury and cruise it up and down the road

        1. I got stuck sitting next to a dude on PERVERT’s ROW
the front seat on the stage next to the pole
who was trying to convince strippers to finger his ass until he busted/ a little prostate massage or milking because he felt like it was “grey area” and legal at the strip club, you know because he knew the law and says no sex, no masturbation, but it doesn’t say anything about prostate

          Needless to say
I changed seats
because when a dude talks that much about his asshole
you know it’s not going to end well for anyone..

        1. Alas, it wasn’t any old bush…She slowly pulled up her leather Versace micro skirt…My eyes darted, my tongue flicked over dry, cracked lips…I could smell it…the sound of her ring brushing her nylons gave me butterflies… then I saw it…a glimpse at first, then in all its moistnificent glory… it stood before me, daring me…then I noticed..
          it was a George W. Bush, the greasiest Texan cunt I ever had lain my own eyes upon…

      2. @The Captain
        That was one the most well acted parts of Sling Blade, which is hands down my favorite movie. Another great part from Sling Blade is;
        “I stand on a hill, not for a thrill,
        But for the breath of a fresh kill.
        And never mind the man who contemplates doing away with license plates.
        He stands alone anyhow, baking the cookies of discontent
        By the heat of the laundr-o-mat vent.


        Parting the waters
        Of the Medulla Oblongata
        Of mankind.”

        And the following scene is absolutely hilarious!

    3. Suicide by cop plain and simple, freak got his wish granted. Here’s a tip for future Darwin Award winners, when you are walking with a weapon toward a cop, and he tells you to stop and drop the weapon, you might want to comply! Fucking dumbshit brought on his own demise.

    4. It’s about time that someone shot “IT”. I thought that the movie was stupid and not scary at all.

      What?????? This freak was not “IT”?
      Who the hell did they shoot? Another “It”?

      Why are there so many “Its” running around?
      Who let the “Its” out? Who, who.

    1. Not all 3rd worlders are stupid, mate. There are some good people down there with common sense.

      But there is also the state that sends to the jail cops who kills suspects. Well, not everyone of them goes to the jail, but whenever a cop kills a suspect, the media brainwash the population to go against the cops and support the dead banditos. They like to defend the scumbags for some reason. Pretty fucked up.

      1. too true. I’m happy to see true scumbags get theirs, whether it be by cops bullets or another criminals methods, scum people deserve a scum death.

        In this instance, I think the dumbass freak actually didn’t expect to get shot. Some kind of fantasy must have been going on in his head where he was protected. When you think about it, the laws of today protect the freak of nature that he proclaimed himself to be, so it must have seemed safe to assume that the law would do whatever it could and bend itself to an unatural angle to accommodate his crazy state of mind. Maybe he never once considered being seen as a regular human and being dealt with like any regular human, wielding a knife and approaching cops with guns drawn who are repeatedly asking you to drop the weapon and comply. Shit, if he/she got taken in, imagine the media shitstorm he/she could have kicked up if any mistreatment happened. I guess it needed more of a dramatic flair?

  1. Kudos to the site owner. It is like he speaks my mind.

    Sheeple are sleeping and worshipping filth and Scum like the prostitutes from heelywood, music industry, etc.

    Hippy scum!

    Traditional and conservatism for life!

    Every seen a white male in Apple ads these days?

      1. Itsplaster you gold digging cunt. Is Tinder down or what made you CUMent here, you sad filth?

        Stop sniffing at Site owners Foreskin.

        He QUADRUPLE CRUSHED you at many topics.

        Have some honor at least.

        I piss against your fat liberal face. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

        1. I see the mention of QUADRUPLE and I swing in to POWER scat hot peanut lava on your chest, you CUM BUCKET.
          Alpha DILF doesn’t stand for you WHOREBAGS. Women evolved mouths for sucking and hands for WANKING, not to communicate with higher species.

          1. Fuck me! LoL. Did you just say, “…hot peanut lava on [my] chest…”? Spot on. You got the Dilf down.
            Uncle Lou has my write-in vote for president of everything in 2024. It’ll take Trump 4 years just to clean all of the short, springy Obama niglet family hairs from under the toaster and from all the shower drains at the White House. Another 4 years to fix what Obama did to domestic policy in the U.S.
            We’ll all be ready for President Lou by then.

  2. US cops/military is trained to kill whether their own or people from other country.
    Just think of how many people US have killed in throughout history. In Japan alone
    when they bomb hiroshima it has killed 60-80,000 people instantly and have reached
    145,000 due to after effects of radiation. US has killed an estimated number reaching to
    20-30 million people including civilians in all its intervention to other countries affairs.

      1. I agree with you soorenho. However I find it funny how notyouraveragegore says : “US has killed an estimated number” As though every single mother, son, father, and daughter decided to grab some weapons to kill everyone in the world. Either this person is a fucking muslim themselves or someone who just doesn’t like America after being someones personal fuckboi.

      1. @Lord Yeah if this incident was even real or just more jewish fuckery. But by all means, keep on, cheering on the cops when they shoot or pretend to shoot people you oppose, or when you see them beating the fucking snot out of those you oppose…. because thats modern democracy for you and it certainly ain’t gonna backfire on you and your side when you decide to protest laws that limit speech or whatever. I believe that new hate speech legislation is about to be brought before those in power, in America, backed by of course, the Jewish ADL.

  3. Fuck the cops/campus police.. I’d think I would be more mad at the peers and other class mates for not trying to reason with the dude/dudette or who the fuck ever it is it’s those assholes who called the police at fault and hey I don’t like cops and what they do.fuck I had a gun pointed at me for no reason once before for minding my own business walking the train tracks exploring told me to hold my hands up and I said no I want to know why you pointing a gun on me police chief showed up and asked me why I was resisting I laughed and said this asshole didn’t identify herself as a cop and pulled a gun out on me. It was dark out so turns out there was a robbery took place and a woman was injured nearby so they apologized and went there way and all I said was fuck you never liked cops since.

    1. Brazilian cops were taking a risk. There are plenty of videos on the internet of people taking shots to the legs (and torso) and they keep walking. I wouldn’t expect a Euro, even one from a war-plagued country like Serbia, to understand the limits of firearms.

  4. It should be obvious that the whole world is moving toward a totalitarian police state, not just the good ol’ us of a. In fact subterfuge is the only way to attack places like America and Europe. Places like Mexicant and the middle fucking east could never attack the first world militarily so they use social infiltration, manipulation and racism within those countries. It is only a matter of time. The plus side is that most of the cops who think they put the police in police state will be destroyed as they will be seen as politically/religiously/racially unreliable just like all of the rest of us. Enjoy the apocalypse!

    1. In my apocalyptic world there will be a global police state that will have The U.S.A. as it’s headquarters.
      The U.S. will conquer the entire world and eye-slam will be the official religion of the entire world.
      The N.W.O. Police State will be the Global Police and will have jurisdiction of every inch of terrain in the world.
      There will be a new type of breed of police that will be nothing in comparison to the worst police behavior seen on Best Gore or anywhere in the internet.
      This hybrid cops will have the heart to kill at will whoever they want to.
      They have already been introduced to most every police department nation wide and they will act on behalf of themselves, in other words they will be so scandalous that there will be cops speaking about it, calling them out and that’s what they want because their mission is to slowly weed out all the good cops from the force.
      Some will be fired some will be forced to quit. What this new type of hybrids want is to have the police force all to themselves so that they become the authority of the land.
      So what would it be like when all this shit happens??
      Let’s just say what Mark’s been saying on all his police brutality pages.
      The police will not help you and you wouldn’t want to have them anywhere near.
      American citizens are/have to be the first nation in the world to fall in the hands of “true evil”
      After America falls then all the other nations will follow.
      For this GPS global police state to happen they must make an example out of America.
      It’s all psychological warfare in the first stages, if America goes with all the freedom and weapons that we have then it will have a psychological effect on other nations where freedom it’s not as cherished and enjoyed. They will all fall down in a domino effect kinda way.
      WW3 will not be fought in the traditional manner.
      Ww3 will be fought by the state (UN) and caliphate/moslem versus We non-moslems and the people citizens of the world.
      It will also include many, many nuclear blasts.
      At first I thought North Korea would be the one to start this doomsday chain of events by dropping a bomb in American soil but now I favour a different perspective with the same result
      It could be that in America we truly are “trumped up”
      *note to reader*
      Look up at the definition of my quoted word above….
      Coincidence??? I don’t think so..
      The first atomic bomb will be dropped somewhere, anywhere in the Pacific rim of fire.
      And if it’s not dropped by N.K. Then it will be dropped by potus. And I don’t know why California is the highlighted location in my mental map.
      It could either be Los Angeles or San Francisco and it has the smell of an “inside job” in other words “dear leader” will nuke an American city and then will blame it on N.K.
      Soon after N.K. as well will suffer massive modern warfare bombardment including nukes and will all be done cause “dear leader” is anxious to feel the massive power at his will and disposal.
      He will show the world he means business and that he’s not fucking around.
      You want to be buddies with me or you want to walk in N.K.’s shoes.
      Most if not all other nations will be forced to comply to his demands. And thus will become part of the biggest empire that will ever exist.
      We truly are fucked but not for long, pretty soon we will see Gore unlike any gore ever, ever posted in these pages.
      And worst of all we will become the content/victims of this gory-gore.
      Actually that is not the worst of the worst…. Ladies and gentlemen mark my words….
      For I believe that one day pretty soon they will ring true to every set of eyes that read them…
      Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide will be a thought in everyone’s head when the times come down on us.
      I will end this fictitious apocalyptic descriptive scriptures with one question…

      Can you imagine a world where there’s one church, one state and one world order that is governed by a 12 year old?!??

      Good luck motherfuckers!!!….

      1. The NWO was already here, it has been here for along time.The world is ran by secret societies that still practice the ancient Babylonian/Egyptian arts, an example would be the Jew= Babylonian Talmud or freemasonry=Thelema/Saturn= Luciferian crafts.

    1. @Leslie dont be offended or sad, everyone has an opinion right or wrong and we are here to share it. In this instance I dont agree with the labeling of all police as bad but I do agree with society going towards a police state if anything. either way its no reason not to like someone imo.

  5. You cannot be both bisexual and non-binary at the same time because bi is specific to two whereas non-binary denotes more than two so we can add stupidity to her/his/it’s list of libtarded idiosyncrasies as well.

    You tend to find that a lot of these libtard types despite being against separating people into subgroups and treating them differently spend all their free time separating people into subgroups and treating them differently, including themselves. No wonder they appear to be constantly confused.

    It was definitely some form of preferential treatment then that got it on a computer engineering course to begin with because such a course would require logic and reason to get through and complete and she/he/it doesn’t appear to have it.

    Anyhow, suicide by cop goes on a lot in America. It’s the ideal place for it I suppose given their shoot to kill policy.

    I also find that cops in America wouldn’t have anywhere near as much support if it were not for niggers being responsible for half of all violent crimes despite being only 12% of the population. It is the existence of a looming nigger state then and a white lefty subsection that props up and empowers it that causes others to drop to their knees and unequivocally side with the cops. In other words, they side with the cops because in their minds the alternative is far worse.

    1. I find your view on gender quite interesting. From what I understand, bisexuality is attraction to both men and women where a person may prefer/be distinctly attracted to one sex more over the other while non-binary is a “general” term for people who have multiple gender identities, may be both masculine and feminine or neither, change gender identities from time to time, or have no specific gender/doesn’t want any label.

      You do have a point. There a lot of them who are against gender discrimination or segregation and yet some actually label themselves or identify to be belonging to a certain “gender class”. They even have preference over the pronouns to be used when addressing them. There are a several genders and it honestly is confusing at times on how to identify a person as to where he/she/they belong to. I had friends who got pissed when I asked them if they were gay and they lectured me about gender expression. How the hell was I supposed to know their gender. It’s not like it’s easy to identify like physical traits.

      1. Yeah, bisexuality is the attraction towards both biological sexes as in male/female. Non-binary however means not related to or composed of just two things, it‘s a term used for degrees of being in fact. So by saying that you are both bisexual and non-binary you are in fact saying that you are attracted to both biological sexes whilst simultaneously holding the belief that biological sex does not exist.

        In the above then, a lot of these libtard types aren’t really thinking things through and are just labelling each other and themselves out of competition. It’s trendy you see for modern day liberals to take upon themselves what the majority pay little concern to. They are their very own Jesus Christ in this regard with the difference being that they have nailed themselves up onto a cross of their own making and do so willingly so as to become the centre of attention.

        Yelling at the public to not assume your gender for example is idiotic when 1, making certain assumptions is necessary for day to day discourse and 2, libtards appear to change their “gender” at the drop of an hat anyway. It’s therefore just attention seeking behaviour for the most part.

        At the end of the day consenting adults, so long as they are not hurting anyone, can do whatever they want with each other and do whatever they want with their own bodies as far as I am concerned. Sexual satisfaction after all can be derived from many things and we don’t just have sexual contact for reasons related to procreation, we do it because it is fun, enjoyable and passes the time.

        It is therefore just the labelling part that irritates me and the need to force society into not just tolerating whatever it is you are doing but also promoting and giving preferential treatment to it as well. Sure, touch upon it as a subject to adults and teenagers but don’t go fucking promoting it to small children who don’t need to know that 26 different genders exist and that genitals are just a social construct and therefore not real.

        1. Those are valid points. Claiming to be both bisexual and non-binary, the person honestly made me think about how some people just label themselves without even actually thinking about the very thing they claim to be.

          I didn’t know there are 26 different genders. Now that would be really confusing especially for the kids. What’s your opinion about parents who “support” the gender identity their kids claim to have? Take a 6 year old girl saying that she is a boy and the parents dressing her up as a boy and even telling family and friends about their child’s gender as an example

          1. If a person determines their gender psychologically rather than biologically they could pretty much invent a gender for anything they find themselves sexually attracted to be it porkpies, oven-parts, doorknobs ect, the list would be endless and that is why when you see libtards abbreviating their genders for written purposes it ends up looking like they let Stevie Wonder loose on their keyboard.

            Anyhow, to your question. Small children like in your example should be humoured ever so slightly but not taken seriously when they come out with stuff like “I want to be a boy/girl” because children come out with that sort of stuff because they are inquisitive and creative but tend to always grow out of it in later years.

            For example, I remember walking around in my mother’s high heel shoes when I was five and messing around with her makeup. Had she then decided to put me in a dress, stuff me full of hormone treatment and cut off my genitals I would have been extremely angry with her because a few years later I was obsessed with Stallone and Swarzanegger movies and taking up Karate.

            To answer your question then parents who take a child’s natural, sometimes odd and crazy behaviour and apply adult logic to it are guilty of child abuse in my opinion. A four year old boy sitting on the floor messing around with his penis is natural behaviour for example, however we would not conclude that he was looking for a handjob now would we.

          2. Thanks. Bestgore nowadays though tends not to be the best place to have a sensible conversation. Think of it in terms of a pub/bar atmosphere, people tend to come here to relax, forget and blow off steam for the most part which makes sense considering our source material I suppose.

            In the above the last thing the physically tired and mentally weary want to see and digest is heavy, down to Earth, real life subject matter. They instead want a simple premise from which they can let loose on. I therefore tone myself down considerably so as not to irritate and rattle the cages as it were.

            Still, find me when I am sober and I will always partake in sensible conversation regardless of my surroundings.

  6. I hope videos are posted of you guys death. So many tangents on here all the fucking time. He might have been a weirdo but he didn’t deserve that. The difference between me and most of you is a person doesn’t have to share my skin color for me to have compassion. He probably had a fucked up childhood. Reminds me of an even gayer Harry Potter than the original but he didn’t deserve that.

  7. You talk as if someone shoved a bible up your ass. Hate abortion too? Btw ain’t the police supposed to tase him or shoot him in the kneecap or something. Hitler would have fucked them all if they didn’t gang up on him. Hail Hitler!! Fuck USA. Conniving sons of bitches..

  8. that was an odd looking creature, stooped with a hunchback, almost yeti like in appearance. on a brighter note .. i fucking love marks write up’s he puts them together brilliantly, almost like a mini story but he will touch on many issues as he flows.

    1. @haydolf_hittler

      The ability to think outside of oneself is a uniquely human feature and is also the main reason why many psychological dimorphic disorders, including gender/sexuality dysmorphia, exist.

      A rock for example does not think it is a rock. Neither does it know or understand the how and why of its being as a rock. It’s just simply a rock in both form and being.

      A bird for example takes to the sky because it has wings. It does not consider the why and how of it all. Neither does it consider itself to be a land dweller, or sky dweller for that matter. All it knows is that it was born to act how it was born to be and so it is so.

      The human being however can view itself in the third person. It can question the why and how of it’s being. It can even observe itself observing giving rise to philosophical propositions.

      The above can and sometimes does give rise to conflicts of mind and body. “I may have been born a man from a biological perspective but I exist has a woman” for example. Whether one pays any actual acceptance to this line of thinking however depends entirely upon whether one considers biology or psychology the defining factor of ones existence.

      Personally I was born with a cock and balls, I therefore insert my length into pussy. The laws of procreation concerning my species determines my behaviour to be the natural order of things based upon the fact that cock to ass and pussy to pussy produces no such effect.

      I fully appreciate though and accept that emotional fulfilment and sexual satisfaction can come from any combination of gender based coupling, however that does not override the laws of nature as they exist.

      We also have to face other considerations as well when we acknowledge gender/sexuality dysmorphia. What about paedophiles?. What about if they consider themselves to be born attracted to children just as gays state they are attracted to their own gender from birth?. Perhaps they might even consider themselves to be children psychologically speaking and therefore attracted to children as a simple matter of course?. Should we therefore also simply accept them as a matter of course as well?.

      The gay/lesbian/transgender person will of course reference the age of consent and focus on the validity of their claims and behaviour from a socio-political perspective, failing of course to contend with and acknowledge the fact that their own behaviour was once considered to be sinful, evil and a crime worthy of the greatest of punishments.

      To conclude, Pandora’s box has now been truly opened with the advent of modern western society and as such the spewed contents will most definitely have far-reaching consequences.

      1. Oh you better believe it ! The balance that nature provides began to fizzle out when feminism reared its grotesque short haired head. This is the root of all degeneracy in this civilization. This slow rot has now spewed out such creatures as the one in this video and next we will get the pedaphile agenda then the bestiality agenda. Ishtar unleashed is a cesspit of sexual filth, depravity, vanity, selfishness etc all the absolute worst aspects of the feminine. This is what we have unleashed by giving the feminine a ‘there you go now do your worst’ card. Real civilizations know that the feminine is a childlike and petulant energy that needs to be guided and nurtured not flung wildly and left to infest and rot wherever it wants to land it’s filthy disgusting depraved persona. Masculine untamed – war and violence. Feminine untamed – filth and depravity. We are approaching both unleashed and we are definitely approaching the end of this civilisation.

        1. Smartest comment in entire post. Btw, there are still a few of us who call a retard a retard. A faggot is a faggot. Let’s be honest, everyone knows what gender they are by giving a bit of attention to their piss hole. The exception being actual physically deformed he/she beasties.

        1. i know its difficult to comprehend in this twisted civilization but its all fucked up how it is and its all due to the energies all being distorted. these energies are put there by the universal coding itself and to go against them just leads to erosion, you cant drop a scorpion into the antarctic and expect it to thrive, wasnt meant to be that way, and its the same in this civilization. the real duties of masculine and feminine either work in harmony or they dont work at all, and they dont work at all anymore.

        2. @Soorenho, you’re dead on.
          Example of what happens probably every day on Springer:
          Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
          Springer: Our next guest, Trixie, has a secret she wants to reveal to a john she sucked off the other night at the club. Trixie, what’s going on?

          Guest (who looks like Charlie Murphy with a wig on, smacks huge lips together): Well, Jurry, I’m here to tell him I was born a man and axe him to forgive me. I hope he do coz I think I’m fallin for dis boy……..
          Then flip the channel over to Maury and you see this big ugly bitch on her tenth visit to the show, still trying to find out who da baby daddy is. This time she’s 1000% it’s Marquis. So when Marquis gets cleared of being da baby daddy and is dancing around high-fiving the crowd, the big ugly bitch goes waddling off the stage and dives into a couch, screaming into a pillow like it’s the end of the world, cuz she can’t figure out who’s gonna cough up the child support. Now she be regrettin da gangbang.
          Yet another example of : Land of the freaks and Home of the depraved. Problem is, none if this has been shocking for the last 30 years.

  9. Here in Brazil, the police are afraid to use weapons even for their own defense thanks to human rights policy. They are wanting to disarm the police just as they did with the population. Congratulations to the campus police.

  10. The cops were justified in shooting this student. The cops did nothing wrong. They gave the student ample time to drop the knife. Maybe what citizens ought to do is to listen to what the cops says, and stop fighting with them. I give you the video that you can google by Christopher Rock on, “how not to get your ass kicked by the police.” this is a very good video and says a lot of truth.

    1. Without watching it, let me guess – submit, get on your knees, surrender your humanity, your liberty and your honor, and live like a cuck. If a cop tells you to jump off a cliff, you jump off a cliff, if a cop tells you to suck his clit, you suck his clit. You don’t question cops autoritah. You are a nobody to them so if you want to live, get down on your knees and be a cuck they want you to be or else you get shot.

    1. It’s a faggot. A weak minded faggot who can only get the attention that it craves by claiming to be a degenerate.
      College students now are too smart to focus on their studies in order to master their craft and make a positive impact on their world. No, they need to make a stink about who can be fucking gayer and make up the gayest label for their new brand of gayness.
      “Dear mom and dad. School is good. Please send 2-ply tuition money next semester. Theeenks.”

    2. “Non-binary gender (see also genderqueer) describes any gender identity which does not fit the male and female binary. Those with non-binary genders can feel that they:
      Have an androgynous (both masculine and feminine) gender identity, such as androgyne.
      Have an identity between male and female, such as intergender.
      Have a neutral or unrecognized gender identity, such as agender, neutrois, or most xenogenders.
      Have multiple gender identities, such as bigender or pangender.
      Have a gender identity which varies over time, known as genderfluid.
      Have a weak or partial connection to a gender identity, known as demigender.
      Are intersex and identify as intersex, know as amalgagender
      Have a culturally specific gender identity which exists only within their or their ancestor’s culture.
      Non-binary people may also identify as transgender and/or transsexual. The label genderqueer has a lot of overlap with non-binary. Non-binary is often seen as the preferred term, as “queer” may be used as a transphobic insult. Intersex, in humans and other animals, is a variation in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, or genitals that do not allow an individual to be distinctly identified as male or female. Such variation may involve genital ambiguity, and combinations of chromosomal genotype and sexual phenotype other than XY-male and XX-female.”
      makes perfect sense…

          1. Oh @illegalsmile55.
            Honestly, I need a calculator with a faggot function to calculate how many combinations of fuck freaks that are possible now.
            I remember simpler times when a man stuck his wiener in a woman or a man. A woman sucked a dick or licked a clam. Trisexualsaurus, Quadfuck and Penta-Porker were all skipped and now nobody knows what they’re fucking anymore.

          2. Illegal smiles you’re absolutely right.
            This genderism shit has gotten way out of hand…
            But even so I still keep it simple…
            I’m in the street and I see a woman walking by or whatever and it’s all good as long as my mind registers woman.
            If at any point for whatever reason I question if a woman is really a woman I call it quits.
            I’m not even fucking with that shit mentally.

      1. What @inconel posted is derived from Wikipedia (non-binary). Intersex persons were formerly called hermaphrodites. The “condition” may be caused by several factors such as hormonal imbalance during the development of the fetus, deficiency in aromatase (enzyme that converts male hormones to female hormones) and genetic mutation

    1. Tasers have been found to work in only some cases, and depending how thick his clothing is, how far it is shot from, or by the amount, or even what type of drugs they are on. And sometimes tasers kill the person by it either making stopping their hearts, or by smashing their heads on the pavement. They should instead have a wildlife net ready in their cruisers trunks, that deploy a heavy, and thick roped, and self tangling net for up to 30 feet away when launched. This way these crazy, and extremely violent knife, and machete wielding bastards, who rob, assault, and sometimes even kill hard working store owners, and Workers alike, just trying to earn a living to feed their kids, can be arrested and thrown in A Federal Penitentiary, where they ultimately belong. This is a much better alternative than to just killing them cause it gives them what they wanted to begin with.

  11. That was a dude. I don’t care what fairy tale fantasy that thing thinks it’s from, it’s a dude and will always be a dude, well actually now it’s a dead and rotting dude.

        1. Ouch, Ouch oh God? Is that what that dumb motherfucker said? Cops don’t shoot to wound. They shoot to kill, especially bull dyke bitch cops!
          Sad to say he had it coming. What a selfish jerk. And in the End he wants to drag God into it. Just lay down and die, take your medicine like a man.
          Maybe he thought he was special, was dyeing for a cause? Better to get rid of him now than to deal with his shit down the road.

  12. I know, where are all the White Lives Matter protest!
    I believe that this could have been handled better. The family now has to to have burial arrangements made and the catholics wont bury him.
    The jews wont bury him.
    What will happen.?

  13. the guy was screaming a bit too loud for a headshot victim. I guess the cop doin’ the talk was a ‘good cop’, no intention to kill there. not sure ’bout the silent shooter cop. not sure miss dick is dead either. could be the talker was calling an ambulance after.

  14. the guy was screaming a bit too loud for a headshot victim. I guess those were ‘good cops’, no intention to kill there. not sure miss dick is dead either. who knows, they might have even called an ambulance.

  15. The screams are horrifying… I bet she didn’t expect it to be that bad. People who are suicidal don’t realise what death is actually like, it’s a fantasy that comes with not coping with life. I doubt the cop really feared for his life, I think he just weighed up hers and thought the world is better off without her (in being a danger to herself and others and the entitlement she feels over so many years). I was much like her until I put someone’s life at risk, they brought me to the edge of life & death and now i’m trapped in between. Life is the greatest gift you could ever imagine and it only comes once. If you don’t value life, death will find you much faster than you are prepared.

  16. i swear there’s something in those vaccines, and all that plastic we use that’s fucking up our kid’s hormones, it’s not just about being gay or straight anymore they don’t even know if they’re male or female

  17. 0:05 you can clearly hear the guy say ‘shoot me!’. he was suicidal. cop replied ‘no, drop the knife.’ from then on it’s arguing, cop asking ‘what’s the problem man? drop the knife’ and so on. he was clearly trying to spare him. most cops wouldn’t argue that long, walk behind the barrier as he approaches to avoid shooting him, ask for his name to reason. the female cop had much less of a problem shooting him. but still, she gave him a chance until he decided to get too close to her. doesn’t make me a bootlicker, most cops in america are criminal scum, but I won’t allow hatred to take over my mind. 1st vid I saw here that makes me side with the cops.

  18. ‘It’ was actually quite crazy. Holding a knife is bad enough, but it clearly ignored clear instructions to put down the knife by cops holding a gun.

    If it had been irrational, it may have been alive today, chilling out and watching TV right now.
    It chose death. Hmmmm.

  19. 1. Fuck Him. Good riddance
    2. Should have shot that screaming cunt in the background too.

    This non binary, agender, bisexual, I’m trapped in a man\womans body pisses me off. It pisses me off people call him she or her. Should kill his parents too.

    Rant over.

      1. God yeah, this binary, agender, unsure-of-whatever, don’t-identify-with-anything pisses me off too. There is something so self-obsessed about such people, it’s very snowflakey.

        If it has a penis, it’s a man!

  20. I am probably one of those degenerates. In all of these videos i’ve watched, there is a reason for the shooting. Granted, a lot of the time death was way too extreme like in this case. But still, this idiot had a knife and walked up to armed men who repeatedly asked him to drop.

    I’ve seen similar videos where morons decide to wrestle with police or refuse orders given to them. You gotta learn to do as you’re told when faced with authority, especially if you’ve done something wrong. If you’re innocent, then you’ve got nothing to fear, have you?

    1. So if your innocent and you fear that these cunts will either beat you up or taser you just for the thrill of it, you won’t resist? The problem with police is that they know they will walk away in court 99% of the time without charge so they know in their mind that they can do pretty much whatever they like. How many innocents have died by their hands? Even when it’s caught on camera they get away with it. They extort poor people knowing full well they don’t have the money to take them to court. Shoot first ask questions later, that’s pretty much their way of doing things. A gun versus a knife is very different, perhaps a shot in the leg or even a taser would put a person down who is wielding a knife.. There is no need to kill a person simply because they ‘think’ he is going to kill them or somebody else. If this is the case then we might aswell start shooting every police officer we see cause they have a gun and we ‘think’ they are going to kill somebody with it for no reason because most likely they will. Would it be ok for people to do that? Don’t think so, it is however ok for them to do it to people with knifes, bats, their fists, for running, stealing, driving too fast, resisting arrest, cursing at them. Point is they are all lying dirty killing bastards.. Every police officer murdered is done so because they have done something horrible countless times to others but yet it gets media attention everywhere and e is buried with honor.. The poor people he killed though are forgotten.

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